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Design Better Together with Canva

Move more quickly and collaborate on designs in real-time. You can form a team with Canva and collaborate on presentations, Instagram posts, and more from any device, anywhere in the world. Forget about time-consuming registration and approval procedures. Invite your team, set their access permissions, and get started in seconds.

Straighten Photos to Keep Snapshots Looking Sharp with Canva

Keep an eye on the margins, kerning, and even the straightness of your photographs in our design. Canva makes it simple to rotate photographs such that the surfaces and horizon lines are squared up. We’ll help you keep your images straight and your designs elegant, whether you’re a timid paparazzi or a sass-talking fashion photographer.

Say It Loud with a Drag and Drop Speech Bubble with Canva

Comics are a generally understood language, from the Sunday newspaper to the exploits of costumed heroes. Inside starbursts, Canva has seen speech bubbles, caption boxes, and loud sound effects. You can now incorporate these elements of storytelling into your designs. It allows you to rapidly add your own dialogue by dragging and dropping speech bubbles into your designs with Canva. You can always update the dialogue, change the colors, or move and resize your speech bubbles with digital speech bubbles.

Crop Your Images for Trim, Precise Compositions with Canva

Canva’s cropping tool can help you modify your images so they look great with your next project and are cut to the perfect size after you’ve taken a large number of them. Our picture cropper will ensure that all of your designs seem clean, trim, and beautiful, whether you’re putting together an exciting photo collage or adding photos to an invitation or brochure.

Blur Your Photos in Canva with Our Blur Slider with Canva

Our picture editor makes it simple to blur or sharpen your photos, whether you’re on the web or on the move. Canva also allowed you to see the outcomes immediately in the layout view, eliminating the need for guesswork or tinkering with complex controls. In canva, there’s a lot you can do with blur, whether you’re using it for ambiance or photo correction.

Thousands of free icons to enhance your designs like a pro

Canva includes a collection of symbols and abstractions that are ready to use in any design, and because they are vector pictures, they will look beautiful at any scale. In canva the icons are free to use as-is, or you can mix and match them with your own creative work to create fantastic logos, branding, and more.

Enhance your images with a brilliant vignette

To acquire fantastic retro photo effects, don’t spend a lot of money on eBay for a vintage camera. With canva’s vignette filter, you can add a picture vignette to any image! You can also use your phone or tablet to create vignette effects. Simply download Canva for free on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone.

Create Soft, Dreamy Designs with Transparent Images

Great designers understand that a well-crafted backdrop enhances the foreground’s brilliance. Transparency provides an attractive backdrop for your creations. Transparency can be adjusted for each element in a Canva design. To expose the transparency slider, pick an element and then click the down arrow.

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