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Would you know how to identify the best coffee?

Cafe Adelaide is the most consumed beverage after water and the second most traded product after oil. It can be said that we are best coffee growers by nature.

Surely, throughout your life, you have had hundreds and hundreds of coffees. And surely more than one has not been the best coffee you have tasted. If that’s the case… we’ll take what they throw at us!

We are very uncurious consumers. We are not interested in its origin, aroma, or cup or glass in which it is served. Only if it is decaffeinated or not, if we prefer it from a machine or a sachet, or if we add saccharin instead of sugar. The only thing we expect when we drink a coffee is for it to have this attribute.

That is why we want to dedicate this post so that you take note of the keys to identify a good coffee.

  • Color

The color of coffee depends largely on how it has been roasted. If the coffee is almost black, the roasting level has been high, while if the color is lighter, it has been roasted less. We must choose a coffee with a medium roast degree without being burnt.

  • Scent

The aroma is another great identifier of quality coffee. The aromas of good quality coffees are usually the smells of wood, earth, charcoal, rubber, straw or ash.

  • Flavor

It is the main identifier of a good coffee. Normally, coffee is considered a bitter-tasting drink, but it is quite the opposite. A quality coffee has a balance between acidity and sweetness. And that is why no sugar is added to good coffee since it comes from fruit with its sugars. Although…whether it is sweet or bitter depends largely on the roasting process.

  • Roasting date

As important as the expiration date. When purchasing this product, we must look at it; this way, we can know the degree of freshness of the coffee.

  • Container type

The type of cup in which the coffee is served also influences. The ideal container is the conical cup – narrower at the base than the top – since the drink slides along its walls.

Now is the time to not get ripped off with coffee.

The best coffee, with an Italian coffee maker

The revolution came with Nespresso. Who would tell us that a brand that sells coffee and coffee machines would appear to revolutionize the market and the world, selling us elegance, delicacy, exclusivity and a unique experience, all within a mini capsule?

I am one of those who think that, yes, the capsules are very convenient but that they are far from having the aroma and flavor of a good freshly brewed coffee.

A few days ago, I found a video on the El Comidista blog as a guide on ‘how to make the best coffee in an Italian coffee maker.’ Until that moment, I thought I knew how to make good coffee in my coffee maker. It was nothing more than pouring the water, adding the coffee and letting it boil, waiting a few minutes… and that’s it! To my surprise, I make coffee, but the truth is that I have no idea how to do it right.

Therefore, today, I dedicate this post to those coffee growers, lovers of the traditional. From the coffee of a lifetime. The one with the Italian coffee maker. It’s a classic that I’m sure you all have at home.


  1. Choose the best raw material. A good coffee depends on its quality. Use freshly ground coffee and never roasted.
  2. Make sure the rubber on the coffee maker is white. Neither yellow, nor green, nor brown. White.
  3. The importance of water. Finding the balance point seems simple, but it is not always done well. If your coffee maker does not have a mark indicating the level of the amount of water, use the Italian trick. Fill it halfway to the valve. No less, no more.
  4. Coffee, level and without pressure. The coffee must be dropped gently.
  5. Over low and constant heat with the lid open. The coffee should always be made at the same temperature. No sudden changes, as that could affect its flavor. And close the lid when you notice that it begins to rise.
  6. Stir well before serving. Few know that before serving coffee, you have to stir it with a spoon in the coffee maker itself.

And after these keys, it is time to make the best coffee. But one last detail: wash the coffee maker with hot water and never use soap. The coffee will taste better in the following preparations.

Six-second uses you can give to coffee.

Do you throw away leftover coffee after brewing it? Grounds can have uses beyond your morning coffee. Note:

  1. You can use it as an anti-cellulite. Mix the coffee residue with oil, apply it to the skin and let it act. You can also wrap the areas with plastic so the mixture penetrates more into the skin.
  2. Use it as a body scrub. You can use it alone, mix it with your gel, make some bars of soap, or mix it with brown sugar and honey and apply it in circles with a horsehair glove to achieve an optimal effect.
  3. You can also use it as a facial scrub, but ensure it is well-ground to avoid damaging the skin.
  4. Provides softness and shine to your hair. Rub the coffee into damp hair and wash it afterward. You will notice your hair shinier; if you are brunette, it will add light to your color.
  5. Coffee as a flavoring. Coffee is excellent for eliminating bad odors: you can pour it into the pipes and wash your hands with it… You can also place a bag of coffee in the refrigerator to avoid bad odors. And if you are a true coffee lover… put a coffee bag in your cupboard!
  6. In the garden, you can use it as fertilizer. If you grow plants in acidic soil, coffee will be perfect!

Coffee to improve memory

We have always drunk coffee to study, but we have never known if it helped us concentrate, kept us awake… or helped us memorize.

According to restaurant rundle street caffeine consumption would be associated with improving long-term content retention. Of course, when it is consumed after learning. A test was done with several people, and a group was shown cards with everyday objects. Then, some of them were given coffee and others a placebo. The next day, those who had consumed caffeine demonstrated better retention of information. if you want to read more blog about then.

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