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Will Blockchain technology be the Future of Cloud Computing?

The term ‘Blockchain’ came into existence with ‘Cryptocurrency.’ However, due to its secure way of recording transactions, it has become the latest financial technology that completely transforms the economic models of businesses. The digitization of companies has made blockchain and cloud computing very necessary for recording financial transactions securely.

Businesses are turning towards technologies like blockchain and cloud computing. This is happening due to their desire to record secure transactions without any involvement of third parties. Different organizations use these technologies. But, when both of them use it in a mix, real innovation brings a revolutionary change in the financial systems of industries.

So, without waiting anymore, let’s dive into the facts of blockchain and cloud computing. We will also cover this along with a better understanding of the introduction of blockchain in cloud computing.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology came forward initially to manage the transactions of bitcoin, which was the first digital currency. But now, the use ranges from managing and distributing digital information securely. It is an online technology that provides the convenience of maintaining an online ledger and recording financial transactions securely. The technology is a digital ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets of a business network. It does that with utmost security without the involvement of a third party. Blockchain eliminates manual errors and the participation of frauds in business transactions. Blockchain technology allows complete real-time access and transparency that builds the trust of the customers.

To conclude, blockchain is a promising technology that reduces the risk of manual errors, eliminates fraud, and brings transparency. Verification of each transaction, also known as ‘blocks,’ occurs by all the parties present in the transaction process. After which, no changes can be made to the transactions. This practice helps in making the transactions safe and maintaining their authenticity. 

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing offers the delivery of different services. It includes storage, networking, databases, and data processing over the internet networks, rather than on personal computers. Cloud computing also helps in eliminating the data management issues faced by different businesses. It offers faster innovation and flexible resources with lowering operational costs.

Cloud computing is the traditional database where the data is present on the systems of all the participants. It makes it easier for IT professionals to manage their resources effectively.

Cloud computing offers to strengthen the security of data and infrastructure from potential threats. It boosts scaling productivity to achieve business goals more efficiently and effectively.

Loopholes in Cloud Computing Mechanism

Along with all the benefits cloud computing management provides, it is also vulnerable to different risks. Some of those risks are mentioned below:

  • The complexities of cloud computing systems allow cyber attackers to find sensitive information.
  • Cloud computing may experience technical errors like reboots, network outages, and downtime that affect businesses to a great extent.
  • The cloud service provides the customer a limited control over the cloud infrastructure.

The Switch from Cloud Computing to Blockchain

Different industries are showing their interest in adopting blockchain due to the numerous benefits provided by it. The blockchain approach is not only to financial management; it also helps keep records of the organizational data with a better security system.

Industries are adopting blockchain to store their data safely as the cloud computing system has experienced information leakage and is likely prone to many types of cyberattacks. The data secured on the blockchain database is immutable, and hence it helps in safeguarding the security of assets and informational data secured on the clouds. So it can be concluded that it has solved some of the significant issues consequential in cloud computing.

The data stored in a cloud can be public or private; it can be visible to all users or hidden from others. On the other hand, blockchain technology offers complete transparency to all users while eliminating the risk of cyber threats.

Cloud computing has a centralized approach to data fetching. At the same time, blockchain runs on the principle of decentralization. It doesn’t use a single space to store information, enhancing sensitive and confidential data secure.

Is Blockchain going to take over Cloud Computing?

Blockchain ensures the security of the data available on its database. With proper knowledge and blockchain certifications of the blockchain technology and its mechanism, it becomes easy to help in managing the infrastructure and meeting the business goals instantly. 

The data is secured on nodes worldwide that do not leave even a single access point to the vulnerability and risk. According to blockchain developer, blockchain technology helps resolve data leakage in many unexpected scenarios. The files stored on the blockchain database can only be controlled by those parties who have the key to access those encrypted files.

With so many benefits provided by blockchain technology, there is a high possibility of blockchain taking over the cloud computing mechanism. The growing popularity of blockchain indicates that it has a scope of better career opportunities in the coming future. Blockchain career aspirants can opt for Blockchain Council – an online platform for gaining certified blockchain training programs.


No doubt that cloud computing has provided exposure to convenience while working. It has eliminated the wastage of time and human effort for transferring the files while changing the devices. But the complexities associated with the cloud computing system need a more innovative approach to protect the sensitive organizational data.

Researchers have been continuously trying to resolve these data protection issues, and they have concluded that blockchain will prove to be beneficial in solving these emerging problems. With so many advantages offered by the blockchain, it has become apparent for organizations to adopt this technology for the better functioning of their businesses.

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