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Why We Should Study in Italy?

Study in Italy

If you are thinking about studying in a country where you can have everything you need just right around the corner then choosing to study in Italy will be the right choice. Here are some reasons why we should in Italy. If you are not just thinking to talk in English then Italy might be the place where you can go further with your language skills if you’d like to experiment.

Choose Study in Italy

have managed to gather some of the best reasons to choose Italy as your international study location.

Italy has plenty of top public and private universities

Italy is a remarkable historical place in Europe is filled with an impressive number of international universities both private and public. The University of Bologne is one of the most prestigious institutions that set the bar high for the current western higher study system in Europe. The University of Bologne is also enlisted in the top European cities that welcome the largest number of Erasmus students. However, there are so many other quality public universities accessible in Italy. If you are serious about having a life in Italy then doesn’t forget to check out the top-ranked universities. Here we have mentioned a few top-ranked universities for study in Italy:

  • Politechnico di Torino
  • Politechnicoof Pavia
  • Also Politechnico di Milano
  • Politechnico of Siena
  • Politechnico of Padua

Italy is a budget-friendly destination for International learners

Italy being one of the most affordable countries in Europe has a decent structure where students can study abroad easily with a cheap budget. Moreover, the tuition fees and the cost of living are cheap reasonable as well. However, Rome, Milan, and Bologne are comparatively expensive than Pisa, Turin, and Padua. Additionally, there are so many scholarships that can help you financially while studying there. You can also check out the scholarship portals to get some help.

Italy has the most accessible transport system in the country

Italy has the most accessible and cheapest allowance when it comes to the transport system. Anyone can hop into a bus or train for just a few euros to travel around the country. Besides, every big city in Europe is interconnected with both European and non-European countries with 87 airports. Bigger Italian cities are connected with 77 major railway stations so that escaping from one city to another can be easily accessible for the students.

Italy has too many English-taught degrees to count

From Arts to Science students can easily find a suitable study program as per their comfort. Italy has many popular courses which are English taught. Regardless, popular universities in Italy offer students the best education consultant in any course they would want to pursue. Students would have to pass around almost 20 exams to complete each degree.

Know More About Study in Italy

One student has to appear in 8 exams in each academic year. Although most of these tests are oral tests. But there are also some specialized fields like medicine or engineering that require you to pass 40-50 exams to complete the degree.

As we all know oral examinations are easier to do except if you are shy or uncomfortable. But adjusting to this type of test is good training that might help you to improve your communicating abilities. To find out the most popular ones which are English taught check out our list depending on your chosen university:

Universities For Study in Italy

  • MBA’s in Italy
  • Computer Science courses in Italy
  • Electrical Engineering in Italy
  • International Relations in Italy

To settle down in Italy, you might need to appear in the IELTS test as the IELTS certificate helps you to get the visa. And in the process of preparing yourself for the IELTS examination, you can engage yourself in IELTS coaching centers. We’d like to mention that the IELTS coaching in Jaipur is helping out so many aspiring students who want to go abroad. With the help of a friendly environment, systematic mock tests, and an experienced education consultant, IELTS coaching in Jaipur has become one of the most popular cities to prepare you for the IELTS examination.

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