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Why Self care is important?

Here’s a list of things which you do to take better care of yourself-

Self care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve our own health and wellbeing. Regular wellness checkups and healthy habits like exercise, proper diet, mental stimulation through reading, meditation, or socialising are examples.

Taking care of yourself is good for you. And it’s also good for your loved ones, friends, and coworkers. We want to help people make informed decisions about their self-care practises to be healthy and happy – now and in the future. It’s important to think about your overall health when balancing your academic, social, and personal lives. These everyday self-care habits can make a big difference in your health. also can use Indian Social Media App

Our busy lives, often filled with work and family responsibilities, can make taking care of ourselves seem like the least of our priorities. And then there are other distractions – media, literature, advertisements, etc. – that tell us we need to take better care of ourselves. What if self-care were easier? Easy self-care steps include eating right, getting plenty of sleep, exercising regularly and practising stress management all basics to good health. I’ve put together a collection of items that will help you practice self-care in ways that fit your special needs or interests. You will find tools that focus on nutrition, physical fitness and health awareness/prevention. And I’ve also made sure there are lots of fun and unique items for you to enjoy as well!

Here’s a list of things which you do to take better care of yourself-

1.Read : 

Reading daily for at least 30 minutes is important. It helps in sharpening memory, vocabulary, increases knowledge, strengths writing skills and helps in fostering concentration.

  1. Learn something new everyday :

Learning something new everyday will help you with your creativity and improving your knowledge. and also can get Renewable Energy Management Courses

  1. Keep work and self care spaces separate :

As all of us are working from home it is tempting to work from bed and stay in bed all day. Have a ritual to start your work from the desk and keep it separate from your personal space.

  1. Journal : 

Due to our busy life and stressed minds it is difficult for us to remember everything and declutter our mind too. That’s when journaling helps. 

  1. Workout or move :

Move your body for at least 30 minutes daily, which helps in keeping you heart beating and blood flowing.increasing blood flow will help in nourishing blood cells and keep them vital. 

These are some of the things which I think are important if you are starting your self care journey. Will come up with more things for selfcare. 


Self care is a key part of good mental health. It means looking after yourself through healthy eating, regular exercise, rest, and other healthy habits. To do something nice for yourself, give yourself a little love. Whether it’s treating yourself to a leisurely bath with your favorite foaming bath bomb, or finding a self-care routine that’s right for you – this section is devoted to helping you find ways to improve your health and overall wellbeing.

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