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Why Elderly People Need Healthcare And Nursing Services At Home India?

In India, we have a large population comprising of senior citizens. However, the healthcare at home and the services at geriatric facilities. They receive in old age is pretty appalling compared to countries in the West. 

India’s healthcare system is already burdened, especially after Covid. Our country also lacks doctors and medical institutions that specialize in geriatric healthcare education.  

Other than the systemic problems, senior citizens also face challenges at the household level when it comes to availing proper geriatric healthcare at home in India. 

Familial caregivers have a busy schedule as they are juggling with work. They have to take out time to offer caregiving to the elderly person at home. In case of emergencies, they might also not be available to take the elderly person to the doctor. 

The elderly person is also dependent on the family members and familial caregivers to take them to the hospital and manage their health. 

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To mitigate all these problems, healthcare at home must be availed in India for the elderly for their own comfort. 

At Anvayaa, we ensure that our proficient senior caregivers and Nursing provide holistic and efficient healthcare at home to elderly patient so that they can age in dignity. 

Let us look at why healthcare at home in India is needed for elderly people: 


To prevent contracting covid 

There is a rise in the number of Covid cases, and even with vaccinations, elderly people are susceptible to contract infections. Hence, they need to maintain as much social distancing as possible.  

It is better to avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital for checkups; hence, having a nurse to offer and monitor healthcare at home is better.  

Reducing the dependence on the familial caregiver 

Many elderly patients are depended on their familial caregiver to provide healthcare at home.  

Often, this does not happen in an organized way as the familial caregiver can be hesitant to take care of the hygiene conditions of the elderly person or be busy with their hectic work schedules. 

Having a nurse providing healthcare services at home reduces the burden and dependency of the elderly person and the familial caregiver.  

Also, this avoids any form of negligence towards the healthcare of the elderly care receiver. 

Special care needs to be fulfilled  

Many homes and families in India have elderly family members who have special healthcare needs as they can be paralysed or have cognitive impairments. Such elderly patients need twenty-four hours of healthcare at home by proficient Nursing personnel.  

This might be difficult if such elderly patients receive healthcare at hospitals or any geriatric care institution as they require special attention.  

Suitable for NRI family members 

Sometimes elderly people have family members who stay abroad. Even though they might be healthy, they need healthcare assistance at home during any emergency situation.  

At Anvayaa, nurses who provide geriatric healthcare at home for NRI family members are proficient and well-equipped. They are in constant touch with family members and notify them about the physical well-being of the elderly family members.  

The NRI family members can be assured and not constantly worry about the wellbeing of their elderly parents who stay alone.

Healthcare provided in a disciplined manner 

Elderly patients need the care to be provided in a disciplined manner. They require proper sleeping and eating schedules that must adhere efficiently. Often family members or domestic helpers cannot keep up with them.  

Sometimes, the family member might come late from the office, or the domestic helper might be on leave, thereby causing a disruption in the schedule of the elderly person.  

If the elderly patient is recovering from any illness, doctors strictly prescribe to employ Nursing service to provide healthcare at home in a disciplined way

This includes taking care of the healthcare appointments and checkups with a doctor for the elderly patient. 

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Providing nutritional meals and administering medicines in a timely manner.  It is also required to maintain the elderly patient’s healthcare routine as prescribed by the doctor.  

If healthcare services at home are provided in a disciplined manner, the elderly patient can recover from any illness. 

The nurses should also be updating the doctors and Nursing the healthcare providers about the healthcare progress. If there is any change in time for providing meals or giving medicines. They are suggested by the doctors, the caregivers and nurses should also execute it properly.

Anvayaa provides healthcare services at home in an affordable and efficient manner. Our nurses and senior caregivers are proficient at ensuring that the physical. 

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