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Which are the best Magento 2 admin payment methods?

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A flexible payment option is essential for Magento store owners to make an order in the admin dashboard. For admin usage, Magento 2 does not currently accept any payment methods by default. In this situation, we must act independently by developing a new payment method or integrating one from a third party. Therefore, one requires a payment method that is intended solely for administrative purposes. In order to assist in solving the issue, the Magento development company created a Magento 2 Admin Payment Method. With their help, the admin can quickly place multiple orders for their clients from the backend. And the extension gives you the payment method for admin users only.

Additionally, the admin payment option is hidden on the frontend checkout page and only displayed in the backend. So, in our blog post today, we’ll provide a brief overview of Magento 2 admin payment method extensions and assist you in selecting the best one for your company.

What is Magento 2 Admin Payment Method Extension?

It’s time to provide a conclusive response to this query. The Magento 2 Admin Payment Method is just what you need if you’ve ever struggled with how to create orders for your clients directly from the back-end with a new payment method. To put it simply, the Magento 2 Admin Payment Method is a third-party extension that enables you to create orders using the admin-only payment method.

It is not accessible to users from the front page, thus we can classify it as an admin power. By doing this, the extension lightens the load of challenging tasks and streamlines and automates your workflow. In fact, there are many different Magento 2 Admin Payment Method extensions available. One can always hire Magento developer to install the third-party extension in the Magento store.

Top Magento 2 Admin Payment Method Extensions

Above, we have discussed what Magento 2 Admin Payment method extension is. Let us now discuss the best payment method extension of Magento for Admin.

Magento 2 Admin Payment Method- LandofCoder

The product from Landofcoder has demonstrated that it is a feature-rich addition with many excellent qualities. Also, the auto-creation feature for invoices and shipments is what distinguishes this module. Additionally, you can select from different admin payment methods that are available in the back-end. Additionally, it makes it simple for store owners to keep track of customer payments. It has never been so simple to track your business! That isn’t a complete list of this extension’s features. Below, we have discussed the features of this extension:

  • Assistance to set a new order status on the back end
  • Creation of orders without a laborious process
  • Support for automatic invoice generation
  • Support for auto-sending invoices
  • Nine admin payments support
  • Select an appropriate admin payment fee
  • Simple invoice payment fee printing
  • View the admin payment cost upfront.
  • Support for automatic shipping creation
  • Notification of the admin payment area
  • Support for pre-selected admin orders
  • Also, it supports grid table order tracking
  • Simple to use and comparable usage
  • A user-friendly layout

Magento 2 Admin Payment Method by Codecanyon

Although, we recommend using this Magento 2 admin payment method to increase sales at your online business. For consumers who prefer an offline payment method, it enables a universal payment method that can only be utilized by the admin from the backend to create orders. Additionally, after an order is created by the admin only, this Codecanyon Magento 2 extension permits choosing a new order status and automatically creating shipments and invoices. In fact, you can get your own extension by hiring a Magento development company with your unique functionalities.

 Magezon’s Magento 2 Admin Payment Method 

The Magento 2 Admin Payment Method is a helpful tool for managing orders from the admin dashboard of your online business. The limitations of conventional payment methods in Magento 2 will be lessened with this module. And it will be simple to maintain track of your business. Moreover, you have the authority to make an endless number of orders using any name you want for the payment method. Incredible for a no-cost extension, no? Here is a quick look at its feature list:

  • Give admin access to the Admin Payment Method to create orders.
  • Order status can be selected directly from the backend.
  • In fact, you can put certain nations in charge of your payment mechanism.
  • Simple name changes for your payment methods
  • The function of pre-selection for new orders
  • Visible on the admin dashboard only
  • Supported sort order fields
  • User-friendly interface

BSScommerce’s Magento 2 admin payment method

We must admit, this addition is fantastic. Its clear and user-friendly interface is a feature worth highlighting. In addition, Magento 2 Admin Payment Method offers store owners all essential features that an extension must-have, like the ability to create an unlimited number of orders, change the name of the payment method, provide pre-select functionality, and pick the applicable countries. View this module’s complete features below:

  1. Utilizing the Admin Payment Method, create an order in the backend.
  2. Create invoices and shipments automatically
  3. When the admin sets orders, choose in advance
  4. You can also select the appropriate nations for the admin payment type.

Admin Payment Method – MageIce

The filtering feature of MageIce’s Admin Payment Method allows admins to track orders utilizing this payment method in addition to its main functions. It also provides client notifications for the payment method on their account and order pages in the frontend, which distinguishes this module from its rivals. Here is a list of this module’s standout features:

  • Utilizing the exclusive Admin Payment Method for admin users, create an order in the Magento backend.
  • Gives the admin the option to decide whether to generate invoices and shipments when orders are finished.
  • Supports the choice to automatically select the admin payment method when creating new orders in the backend.
  • Using the filter on the Order grid page, the admin can see all orders using their payment method.
  • Even you can set your own name for every store view in the payment method.
  • Also, it supports the customer notification for payment and order pages in the front.

Final Words

On the whole, we discuss the best Magento 2 admin payment method extensions above. We hope you found the most suitable extension for your eCommerce store. If you are wondering to create or looking for Magento 2 extensions, contact the Magento development company, which provides you with complete assistance.

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