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What Vital Questions Should New Buyers Ask About White Truffles?

Although several expensive ingredients worldwide, white truffles come on the top. They are so expensive because they are only grown in specific regions of Italy and can’t be cultivated in other countries.

Questions About White Truffles New Buyers Should Ask

Many individuals don’t buy white truffles because they are expensive, but others avoid buying them as they do not know much about them. If you are going to buy white truffles for the first time, then you have to ask the following questions to know about them in a better way.

What to Know About White Truffles?

White truffles are most famously known as the diamonds of the kitchen. There are several reasons for culinary chefs calling them that will be mentioned in the below questions. The truffles are a species of fungus called Tuber Magnatum.

Can White Truffle be Considered Mushrooms?

White truffles are a kind of fungus that grows in forests, but they can’t be considered the same as mushrooms. Both mushrooms and truffles are species of fungus, but the main difference between the two is that truffles are found under the ground, and mushrooms grow above.

Where are These Truffles Found?

White truffles are found in specific regions of Italy, including Emilio Romagna, Tuscany, and Abruzzo. White truffle cultivators train dogs and pigs to find these tubers. These truffle types are mostly found underneath the ground, soil near tree roots, and under barks.

In Which Season They are Harvested?

Rainy, humid, and Dewey weather is ideal for these truffles to grow. The hot and dry climate is not appropriate for them. September and December are the months to grow truffle, but the peak is only a month.

Can Cultivation of White Truffles Be Possible?

A unique thing about white truffles is that they only grow in the regions of Italy mentioned in the above points. Many people have tried to cultivate them in other countries, but they have failed to harvest the perfect white truffles.

What is the Taste and Aroma of White Truffles?

The white truffles are yellowish-white in color and can also have a marbling effect on the outside. They are grown under the ground; the flavor and aroma are earthy, intense, and pungent.

Can You Order Truffles Online?

Yes, you can find many stores online like Tartuflanghe that sell truffles and other products made from them. If you are ordering fresh truffles, you must understand that then order between September and December.

What Makes This Truffle so Expensive?

The main reason for white truffles being so expensive is that they are only found in specific regions and can’t be cultivated anywhere else. So, they are available only for a few months.

Do White Truffles Have Health Benefits?

White truffles contain minerals, vitamins, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and nutrients. They help fight chronic illnesses like cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes. The antioxidants are also effective for cancer cells, strengthening the immune system.

What Other Types There Are Beside White Truffle?

Many people think that truffles only come in two varieties, white and black, but you will find other types as well. These species of truffles include summer, winter, Chinese, Himalayan, and autumn truffles.

Are There Any Differences Between White and Black Truffles?

Besides the color difference, white and black truffles have other distinct features. They are grown in different months and seasons. Black truffles can easily be cultivated in other regions of the world. Comparatively, black truffles are less costly than white ones.

What Products Can Be Made From White Truffle?

You will find several products made from truffles. These include white truffle salt, truffle butter, truffle-infused honey, truffle oil, truffle sauce, and truffle powder.

How to Know if White Truffles are Fresh?

The white truffles should have a pungent and earthy smell. They should feel firm when squeezed gently. A heavy truffle is an indication of freshness.

What is the Consumption Period of White Truffles?

Fresh truffles should be consumed within ten days of their harvest. Some online stores have truffles that have preservatives added to them. You can buy them if you plan to use them throughout the year.

These are some important questions that new white truffles buyers should ask when planning to purchase them.

Below are a few more questions that will further enhance the understanding of truffle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are truffles vegan friendly?

White truffles are a species of fungus that grow in forests, but they don’t acquire food from other dead animals. This characteristic makes them vegan-friendly. Many individuals think that dogs and pigs touch them when they find them, becoming non-vegan. But the reality is that the pigs and dogs only sniff the white truffle; the digging is don’t by the hunters.

Are truffles illegal?

You should not be confused with the magic truffle that are mushrooms that have drug-like effects on the person consuming them. This kind of thing is illegal in many countries, but the white truffle is an edible fungus, an Italian delicacy.

What type of trees do truffles grow under?

Mainly, white truffle can be found under the ground, under barks, and near roots of trees, including hazelnut and oak trees.

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