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What to look in SSL before buying it?


If you own a website or thinking to own one than you must have heard about SSL certificate. SSL a lock padlock that appears on the URL bar of a website.

SSL certificates have become an important part for a website. SSL stands for secure socket layer that provides an extra layer of security to your website.

The website is than protected from various malware and other cyber crimes.

You can check a website is secured by SSL or not by viewing a green padlock before the domain name.

Moreover, you can also notice it by viewing HTTP changed from HTTPS. Owning an SSL has become important as security is the top most priority for every online presence creature.

Also popular search engines like Google has obligated for every type of website whether small or high traffic or blogging websites to own an SSL certificate.

In addition, if a website is not owning an SSL certificate within it than popular web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox alert the visitors about the website as Not Secure or Not Safe.

This warning sign by the web browser can affect your website traffic to a great extent that is not good your website.

Therefore without an SSL certificate you would defiantly face challenges to rank your web site well on a search engine.

In this blog we will discuss about what this you need to look before you buy an SSL certificate. Let’s Dig in:-


Know the core of SSL

The first and the foremost thing that comes into the mind when you are a beginner is to grab the maximum amount of knowledge about the SSL certificate.


A Secure Socket Layer or SSL is a protective layer of security that protects your confidential data that is shared between Client and Server.

This channel of transmission is end to end encrypted so that no one can read or manipulate the information for unexpected circumstances.


Moreover, Find the answers like:-

  • What is an SSL certificate?
  • What are the types of SSL?
  • How does an SSL Works?
  • Why I need to own an SSL certificate? Etc.

Read blogs and watch different videos of how you can get the benefits of owning an SSL.

SSL certificate

Choosing the right type of SSL

There are mostly 3 types of main domain that you can prefer. Let’s get more deep into the types of SSL and why which you can choose.

Domain Validation

These type of SSL certificate is the preference of small to medium size businesses as they are the cost effective security solution.

These type of certificates can be installed within minutes and this authenticates the websites by showing the green padlock and HTTPS indicators on the web browser.

Moreover, you should give preference to this type of SSL if you are an ecommerce site or the site that deals with confidential data like the data of credit or debit cards.

This is because these types of SSL are not that legitimate and are only preferred as a symbol of authenticity.

Organization Validation

These types of SSL are similar to Domain Validation SSL’s but it goes to one step further that means the issuing organization confirms the registry of domain name.

These type of SSL are best for Public Facing websites that represents some companies or organization.

Extended Validation

Extended Validation certificates provides high level of security to your website. Notifying the visitors that the website is fully trusted.

These are the choice of ecommerce sites that deals in confidential data. It shows the green padlock which includes the name of the company that owns a domain name and the name of issuing authority.

Number of Domain

The other factor that comes into role is number of domains. There are mostly three types of security.

A single domain SSL certificate will require a single domain security. Whereas multiple domain will require multi-level domain SSL Certificate.

On contrary wildcard SSL Certificate is the need of unlimited subdomain.


Certificate Authority and Issuance Time

Firstly, the most important thing before you buy an SSL certificate for your website is to check the authenticity of certificate authority.

Check it by how many current users are associated by the organization, check the history and about their reputation in the market.

Secondly, the time taken by the authority to validate your SSL onto your website is highly important. Domain validation is uploaded to the site within minutes.

On the other hand Organization and extended validation can take up to 5 day in issuance. Look after the SSL providers that does not delay the SSL issuance process.

Cost of SSL Certificate

The price of an SSL certificate depends largely on the type of SSL, their security, number of years purchased etc.

Different SSL providers offers different types of SSL at different prices.

Generally, Single domains are cost effective as compared to multi domain SSL. The choice of SSL wholly depends on the decision of website holder.

Technical Support


An SSL certificate installation requires technical skills. Hence, always choose an SSL service provider that guarantees all time technical support services.


This will help you to easily install the SSL certificate also you can take help whenever you find any time of issues regarding SSL.


Many SSL providers are available 24*7 for their clients via Phone call, emails, and live chats and even on Whats App.


In conclusion, we hope you are now clear with what things you need to look before buying an SSL for your site.

The above listed things will help you to make a sound decision. SSL certificates are the mandatory things that one website should own.

Moreover, it protects you from cyber threats and provides authenticity to your website.



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