What to Include on Your Website for Online Restaurant Reservations

Everyone tries to avoid those dull nights. What is the solution? Restaurant reservations can be made online. Consider throwing a party but receiving no RSVPs. Without a head count, it is hard to prepare an adequate amount of food. Either you make too much and have to eat leftovers for days, or you don’t have enough and your guests are irritated. There is no such thing as a perfect circumstance. A restaurant is run similarly to a party. reservations, like RSVPs, allow you to plan ahead for your visitors. When you know how many customers to expect at your restaurant on any given day, you can more accurately budget goods and people, gratifying both your customers and your bank account. Do you know about the restaurant reservation system?

Why is it critical for businesses to optimize online restaurant reservations system?

Dialing in was the primary means of making restaurant reservations prior to the arrival of digital technologies. But things are changing quickly. According to TouchBistro’s State of Restaurant Report, 81% of full-service restaurant operators will use an online restaurant reservation system by 2023. Because of a restaurant’s online presence, including its website and social media accounts, clients now have multiple alternatives for arranging reservations. As a result, you have more opportunities to maximize the number of reservations and tables you fill each day. Why is it critical for your restaurant to maximize internet reservations? The following are the top five explanations:

Effortless Use

The more reservations your restaurant receives, the easier it is for people to find a reservation link on your website. And more reservations equals more clients.

Suggestion Effectiveness

The more options you have for customers to book on your website, the more likely they are to do so. In sales, a deal must be closed three to five times. Because reservations and sales are inextricably linked, you should place reservation links in front of clients as frequently as possible to increase sales. 

Inventory and Staffing Requirements

Remember the story from the preceding paragraphs regarding party planning? When you have reservations, you can more properly estimate how many personnel and items you’ll need. You may improve the client experience by employing the right quantity of people without spending on labor that you don’t need. Having enough stock assists you to avoid overspending on food and calling suppliers for new supplies.

Waitlist Management

When you book online, you can better manage your queue. When you know how many parties to expect on any given night, you can more accurately predict wait times for walk-in customers. Digital waitlists might also help to reduce crowding in your bar or waiting area.

Additional Guest Information

Online reservations allow you to collect client data that you can use to build a long-lasting loyalty program and give customers a great dining experience. When you choose a reservation system that allows you to create guest profiles, you may learn about each visitor’s table preferences, dietary restrictions, and special dates. Who among your guests wouldn’t appreciate it if you remembered their birthday or favorite table? Making the most of your online reservations allows you to better plan your inventory and staff needs, learn more about your customers, manage your waitlist with ease, and regulate capacity.

Important website characteristics for an online restaurant reservation platform

Customers/Diners Benefits

The restaurant search toolbox should be shown on the first fold section of the webpage so that visitors may begin their search right away. The search box should provide the following options and input fields:

  • Number of guests
  • Time
  • Date
  • Locality
  • Cuisine
  • Restaurant’s name (optional)

Quick Tip: To make your website’s homepage more intriguing, including some of the greatest eateries and customer reviews.

Search Results for Restaurants

When a consumer does a customized restaurant search, a comprehensive search result page should appear. Please provide the following information and options in the restaurant search result:

  • Filtering options such as by specific locality, cuisine, price, timing, and restaurants that award 1000 reward points on each reservation.
  • Sorting options based on rating, popularity, and alphabetical order
  • Viewing options – list, grid, and map view
  • Restaurant rating, the cuisine offered, pricing range
  • Available timings

Making a reservation

A user login is required to make a reservation. To make the process easier, use Facebook or Google+ registration capabilities in addition to email addresses. Registered diners should be able to finish their reservations by simply selecting a time window from the reservation chart. The next stage may be a pop-up form that asks diners for basic information such as their name, contact information, special requests, whether this is their first visit, and so on.

Dining in Privacy

In addition to table reservation, your restaurant reservation website script should have a module for private dining so that clients may schedule private gatherings at their favorite restaurants. A similar toolbox might be used for restaurant searches for private dining. Here are a few input and filter fields to keep in mind:

  • Event size
  • Preferred neighborhood
  • Cuisine
  • Price
  • Seating capacity
  • Number of guests
  • Event type
  • Is the event’s date flexible? (so that restaurants can tell diners right away whether a reservation is possible or not)

These features boost the value of your website to users and keep them on it for a longer period of time. Include these features in the script you use to develop your restaurant reservation website clone.

Easy-To-Use Backend

The effectiveness of a restaurant reservation system platform is the main allure for many restaurant and bar operators. However, if the system’s backend becomes too difficult for your operations staff to operate, it may actually work against you by wasting valuable man-hours on troubleshooting. The creation of a practical platform that is simple enough for any restaurant operations staff to use involves UI/UX as well. Particularly during peak hours, when time is of the essence, your selected restaurant reservation software should enable rapid access to crucial information like guest information, floorplans, and a number of covers.

Engaging UX design for a better customer experience

It is impossible to overstate the significance of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) in web design. While the UX is focused on the user experience and functioning of a website, the UI is focused on the visual aspects of a page (think buttons, text fields, and checkboxes). A solid UI/UX design will encourage the consumer to convert as your bookings page may very well be their first encounter with your business. When selecting a restaurant reservation platform, you may wish to start by making reservations with businesses that have already used the service. Keep track of the length of time it takes to complete a booking; the smoother the experience, the greater the likelihood of a successful conversion.

To summarise

Many company owners have recently been interested in the restaurant reservation system sector. Several enterprises have established themselves in various areas, and the vast majority of them are doing well. If you want to grow quickly, you must be prepared to build a comprehensive restaurant reservation management software, similar to OpenTable and SeatMe. You can reach your goals with the help of it and the feature enhancements we’ve advised.

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