It's time to get away from the office and do something exciting! Redbridge is a popular location for many due to its diverse culture as well as its lively nightlife and many things to do.

Top 7 Things to Do in Redbridge!

It’s time to get away from the office and do something exciting! Redbridge is a popular location for many due to its diverse culture as well as its lively nightlife and many things to do. It is a thriving city that has a rich background. The story of Manchester dates far back into Roman times and has been a leading force in the textile industry from the beginning. The city is alive with vitality!

There are numerous activities to enjoy in and around Redbridge. Redbridge Cab such as visiting a museum, going for a shopping spree in one of the many shops, or checking out the events in one of the numerous theaters. It’s not easy to choose where to start!

In this regard, this is why we’ve made this guideline on activities you can enjoy in Redbridge. Be it museums or simply walking through the city’s center there are plenty of choices available for all types of visitors. Let’s start by completing our list!


If you’re only given one day to explore, but would like to explore places outside the city’s center We recommend these locations:


The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) is one of the biggest museum collections in Europe.

Redbridge Town Hall – this gothic-inspired building is as amazing from the inside as it does from the outside!

Walking around Piccadilly Gardens is always a great way to pass an hour or so in the fresh air.

The Imperial War Museum North will provide a full insight into the conditions of life during the conflict.

The Lowry theater is a fantastic spot to catch live entertainment when you’re on the town!

While strolling around the city’s center, make sure you stop at Redbridge Cathedral and have a tour inside. You won’t regret it!

For a day trip within and around Redbridge We suggest hiring taxi services for transport to these destinations. Redbridge Taxi Services has earned a well-known reputation for offering high-quality taxi services in and around Redbridge. It is also possible to hire our trusted Airport taxi to transport you to destinations such as Knutsford, Altrincham, or Hale Barns on day excursions. To save your time waiting for a taxi at the airport or the curbside, you can book your taxi ahead of your travel through our website www.tiklacars.com airport taxi service.com, or call our customer service at +442089253849.

If you’re visiting Redbridge to enjoy a brief break or long weekend, we would advise that you visit the following sites.


Top Attractions:

It is the Peak District National Park – This national park is among England’s most visited places to visit. In this park, you will see gorgeous hills, lakes and participate in various outdoor activities.

Bolton Castle- if you want to enjoy a fun family day trip, you’re in the right place! The castle is a must-see that will make for an unforgettable trip, where you can go for some hiking or go to one of the numerous picturesque villages.

Windermere Lake- this is the perfect spot for all nature lovers. A stroll along the lake’s edge is sure to be awe-inspiring!

Blue John Cavern in Castleton For those who are fascinated by caves! It is possible to go caving in this cave. It is an exciting adventure that few can have. their lives.

If you’re a soccer fan then you could also go on an excursion to the stadiums that are famous around Redbridge like Redbridge Etihad Stadium Old Trafford and Emirates. Redbridge Taxi Services provides tour packages for football enthusiasts who wish to see some of the venues associated with their favorite teams. You can book your taxi trip ahead of time through our website www.tiklacars.co.uk or call us at +442089253849 for more details!


If you’re visiting Redbridge for special occasions or seasons, you may benefit from these deals:


Top Attractions:

The Christmas season is upon us and you should not be averse to seeing one of the pantomimes in your area that are held every year at this season! You can also make reservations for the Redbridge Taxi service which can transport you to the venues conveniently.

Redbridge Chinese New Year Parade and Fireworks will be an occasion that you are not going to want to miss if you’re visiting Redbridge at this time of the year.

If you’re in Redbridge during the summer make sure to visit Canal Street for some fun in their street events! There is also the option of taking a cruise on the canal while sipping a beverage or two!

In Redbridge, there is also the possibility to take part in one of the numerous events that will be held throughout the year, including:


Redbridge Jazz Festival – This jazz festival has been going on for more than 100 years!

Redbridge Beer & Cider FestivalThis is among the most well-known events for beer in England. Every year, it takes place and brings hundreds of crowds to Manchester for the event.

Make sure to reserve your taxi through Minicabs Service before your trip during the festival season since taxis are typically packed during these festivals.

There are numerous other activities you can do within and around Redbridge however, this list is only a list of popular places that are open at any time of the day, or after dark. If you’re looking for something to do with your family or to spend time with your partner we hope this list has been of some inspiration!

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