What do you mean by the Great Migration?

Annually, close to two million Wildebeest and 20 000 plains game migrate out of Tanzania’s Serengeti to the south of Kenya’s Masai Mara, looking for flourished grazing grounds and life-preserving water.

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This treacherous adventure is determined by the seasons, and wildebeests are never far behind from the places where the rains are. 

This historical trip from north to the south covers close to 3000 kilometres and is practically unending.

This amazing presentation of nature is an exemplary safari adventure for enthusiastic travellers, nature lovers and people who need a little more out of their African experience.

Instead of having a start or endpoint, the Great Migration moves beautifully in a clockwise direction, making herd tracking unforeseeable.

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Below, you’ll discover some very useful resources with detail about when to reach, where to stay and what to look forward to along this memorable journey.

Many highly experienced safari guides and affiliate camps and guides on the groundwork together to supply you with up to the minute details on where the herds are and the predators that follow them.

Fascinating Facts about the Great Migration

  1. The Serengeti, accompanying Egypt’s Nile River, the Sahara Desert (which stretches across 11 countries), along Botswana’s Okavango Delta, was suitably called one of Africa’s seven natural wonders.
  2. Besides being among the very precious animal habitations in the world, the land is also exceptionally meaningful as it’s on the Maa people’s ancestral land. 

The Maasai are an African tribe that still plays many of the ancient rites, which is very significant to the region.

  1. Serengeti National Park’s biodiversity is the oldest in the world. It is home to a wide range of species of animals and plants that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth.
  2. Apart from having a wide range of variety of species, the Serengeti also has a diverse assortment of lodging options. 

You may think you’ll need to rough it, but that is not the case; there numerous bush lodges and campgrounds to match even the most selective traveller’s tastes.

  1. In the Mara River, you will get to see crocodiles awaiting the herds drown their victim by grasping them in their strong jaws and yanking them under the water, crumpling them to smash them into itty-bitty pieces. 

A crocodile uses its tail as a secondary weapon and also can jump more than half the body length out of the water to grab a potential victim.

Know more facts

  1. Around 1.5 million Wildebeest, 200,000 zebra, and a lot of different antelope migrate through the nation throughout the Great Migration.
  2. The Serengeti National Park is also home to close to 3,000 lions that go along with the migrating herds throughout the reserve.
  3. Tanzania is famous because of its Swahili civilization. 

This implies that while going through the exquisite Serengeti, make certain that you taste a number of the local Swahili dishes and inquire about how it is possible to accomplish at your lodge.

  1. While nighttime drives are prohibited within the Serengeti national park, a number of the premium lodges in and around the region.
  2. They provide night game drives on the exterior, and the Serengeti’s lack of fencing signifies that there’s a chance of seeing great game during nighttime drives as well.
  3. Since they eat diverse sections of the same species of plant, zebra and Wildebeest will exist side-by-side peacefully.

Best Time to Go to the Masai Mara

Deciding when to for a Masai Mara safari is something that you should consider carefully for the experience to satisfy your expectations. 

For overall game sighting, there’s not an exact ‘best time’ to go. Thanks to its plentiful resident fauna and mild climate, the Masai Mara is well-known as an amazing year-round safari destination.

Its broad and open plains mean there’s almost always something to watch regardless of the time of year you visit.

Many people visit for the Wildebeest Migration each year. The best time to stop by the Masai Mara for this prominent scene is from approximately August to November. 

Albeit, because of shifting rainfall patterns, the exact timing differs from one year to another. Sometimes, the rains may come early, and the herds will arrive and leave sooner. 

Other times, the late rains imply they will arrive later, and you will still find ‘stragglers’ (the last of those migrating Wildebeest) hanging outside with all the Mara’s ‘inhabitants.

November’s brief summer rains activate the Migration final leg when Wildebeest moves south to their Serengeti calving grounds.

Calving season for Mara’s inhabitant creatures happens between December and January. 

It’s a period in which surface water is abundant, and Wildebeest, zebra. And antelope give birth to their calves, foals and fawns.

With a lot of simple victims around, it is a fantastic time for predators to boost their cubs and pups. It make wonderful photographic opportunities.

If you are planning to visit Kenya for sighting this incredible journey in 2021, test yourself by getting an antigen test done at Nairobi airport and enjoy the safari experience.

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