Ways To Make A Successful Brand Identity For New Business

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Every new business has lots of things to learn and master. Assuming that you are a new one, along with lots of things, you must be looking for ways to make a successful brand identity for your new business. 

Brand identity is probably the first thing that catches attention. It includes brands logo, values, company name, mission, and much more. What your brand means, your products and services, and how you serve people, all work together to build a successful and strong brand identity. 

Here are 10 best ways to make a strong and successful brand identity for your new business- 

1. Choose a Business Name

Choosing a name for your business is probably one of the first things that need to be done. It helps to decide a particular direction to work in and will definitely be a major component of the brand identity. It can be the element to make your business fail or thrive. 

Create a business name that is clear and memorable. Do not use words that are tacky, difficult to remember, or offensive. In addition to this, choosing a powerful name can create a powerful brand in the future. For instance, look at brands like Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, etc. They have spent time carefully selecting the name of the brand. 

2. Design a Stunning Logo

A logo is not the only thing that creates brand identity but it is a vital element of the branding process. It is the face of the brand that represents your business in front of people. 

Your custom logo design is going to be everywhere like website, products, social media, business cards, promotional products, and whatnot. Thus, the custom logo design must be eye-catching and attractive for your target audience. In addition to this, it should be memorable and easily recognizable. The custom logo must portray the values of the brand and communicate with your target audience readily. 

You can make your own logo without spending thousands of dollars on professional designers using the online logo makers. 

3. Find Target Audience

When you are done with choosing the name of your company, it is time to find your target audience. It might a be little difficult task than you think it is. Here are a few ways to find your target audience and make them your customers- 

Find the type of people that would use your business. 

  • For instance, if you paint homes, market your business to homeowners in your area. You can even do it online to increase your marketing opportunities. 
  • Determine the needs of your audience. 
  • If you have clients figure out what is important to them. 
  • Tell them how your business can serve their needs. 
  • How can your business fulfill the demands of your customers? How can you provide personalized customer service? 

4. Value Proposition and Competition

Find out what makes your business unique as compared to your competitors. Figure out those things that only you can provide your customers. It is crucial to find out the difference between you and your competitors in order to develop a successful brand. If you fail to be different, there is no reason for people to come to you. Keeping an eye on your opponents will help you understand the business better and learn branding techniques. 

5. Apply Brand Identity Over All Business Channels 

All your business channels like website, online advertising, social media presence, customer service, and print or packaging should be in alignment with your brand looks and values to build a brand identity. 

To do so the look and the message portrayed through these elements must be the same. The same design and colors from the brand palette should be used in websites, business cards, brochures, flyers, labels, custom t-shirts, custom logos, social media, etc. 

6. Define Your Brand Mission

Most people build a brand to make a difference. To find out, what drives your business or the mission behind it, answer these. 

Define what your business is all about? What do you do to serve customers? What is your goal? How do you plan to achieve it? 

Identify the core values that help your business stand out in the competition. You can be passionate about serving people, creating jobs, making world a better place to live, solving problems, offering quality work at affordable rates. 

7. Build Personality of Your Brand

Even if you are not dealing with a particular individual that does not mean you cannot build a personality of a brand. You can be personable for your business while building the brand image or brand identity. Use consistent colors, typography, imagery to tell what your brand is all about. 

Then you can enhance the visual representation with your tone of voice. Find if you are a confident business with a sass like Nike or classy and professional like Apple. 

8. Know What To Avoid 

Follow these steps to create a strong brand identity. 

Do not send mixed messages to customers. 

Know exactly what you need to say and use appropriate words and visuals to do so. 

Do not copy your competitors.

This will only risk your brand. People might confuse your brand with competitors and you can lose customers. 

Do not lose consistency between offline and online. 

Print material might be different from online but the theme, colors, vibe, message, fonts, etc must remain consistent. 

9. Advertise 

At this point, you must have understood how to build a strong identity. But none of this is going to work if people do not know about you. So, it is important you advertise as much as you can. You can use websites, social media like Facebook or Instagram, emails, and other means of online advertising to let people know that you exist and have something great to offer. 

10. Build Trust

Every business is based on trust. Offer best and tailored customer service with top-notch products and services. This will portray your brand as trustworthy and reliable in front of the audience. Thus, you can build a trusted brand identity and get customer loyalty. 

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