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Unique Things to Do in Montreal

Unique Things to Do in Montreal: Are you planning a trip to Montreal? Not sure where to go and what places to visit? We know that Montreal is a popular city and there are lots of interesting things to do here. There’s a mix of historic buildings, modern architecture, fun museums, and more to learn about Montreal’s cultural evolution.

We’ve looked at all the popular attractions to make sure you choose the best ones to experience on your next trip to this Canadian city.

List of Unique Things to Do in Montreal:-

Enjoy a Scenic Cruise

What better way to explore a city that covers the majority of an island? View the St. Lawrence River on a cruise at Le Bateau-Mouche. You’ll find major attractions like the Olympic Stadium, the Clock Tower, and the Biosphere.

Arrive early for unparalleled views of Montreal so you can choose a seat on the terrace, main deck, or upper deck. Or you may want to enjoy an extended 3.5-hour cruise that includes a romantic dinner.

You will be served a 4-course meal made from authentic local products. During the night, there will be a live music band as well as a unique sound and light show at the end of the cruise.

Botanic Garden

It’s time to surround yourself with the beauty of nature at the Botanical Garden. Explore the biodiversity of over 22,000 plant species as they are displayed in 10 exhibit greenhouses.
In addition, it has 30 uniquely themed gardens – all spread over 75 hectares of land.

Montreal Attraction is one of the most important botanical gardens in the world. In particular, this is due to the impressive features and the vastness of its plant collection.
If you’re visiting Montreal with the kids in search of fun, they’ll love the life-like garden sculptures.

Explore Montreal’s Old Port

Get ready to experience the hustle and bustle of Montreal’s Old Port. More importantly, it is the center of the city’s maritime trade in the 17th century. After being neglected during the 1970s, it has since grown into a dynamic waterfront district, frequented by locals and tourists. Here, you’ll have plenty of entertainment options, such as the Old Montreal Ferris Wheel, Montreal, and the Science Center. In addition, in the summer there is an urban beach (Place de l’Horlog).

On the other hand, there is a huge outdoor skating rink, a Montreal clock tower, and an IMAX cinema during the winter. In addition to walking, you can also explore the area in other equally interesting ways, such as bicycling, Segway, onboard a riverboat, or using a paddleboat.

Voiles en Voiles

Located in Montreal’s Old Port, Voiles en Voiles is a family-oriented adventure park that you should definitely add to your “must-see” list in Montreal. The park has 10 aerial courses set on two spectacular life-sized pirate ships. The course is as low as 2 feet above the ground, which is perfect for young children and is 35 feet above the ground.

It’s a lot of fun and you get to see some amazing views from Old Montreal, one of the most beautiful areas in the city. The park was designed with kids in mind, but adults will also have a lot of fun boarding those giant ships overseas.

In Voiles en Voiles, there is also a 5D movie theater, climbing walls, merry-go-rounds, inflatable games, and a completely secure archery tag area, among many other activities, among others.

For the holiday season in December and January, Voiles en Voiles offers a winter park with many winter activities such as tube sliding, snow scooters, aerial courses, and our archery tag game with bow and arrow in foam.

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Art Gallery

Montreal is famous for its art scene. In fact, this is evident in the number of art galleries, street art, and murals in the various neighborhoods. Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene by visiting some of Montreal’s art galleries.

Likewise, the Phi Center is where you’ll see art in almost every imaginable form. See the site’s art gallery, performance space, theatre, production facilities, and cinema. Don’t forget to visit the DHC/Art Foundation.

It has two magnificent buildings in Old Montreal and holds two to three long-running exhibitions annually. In addition, it also organizes special collaborative projects, public events, and an innovative education program.

Learn more about the world of street art at Fresh paint Gallery. In addition, it comes with art and temporary installations in some of the city’s empty spaces. See the works of more well-known international names as well as up-and-coming Canadian artists at the Galerie de Bellefeuille.

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