Twitter Feeds To Amplify Engagement On Your Website

Twitter is one of the most influential and prominent social media platforms. It provides great help to its users as it helps them to reach more audiences and spread their message. However, Twitter users also consist of businesses, and they equally enjoy the benefits mentioned above. And to extract more benefits from the platform, businesses are now actively opting to embed Twitter feed on websites. While this marketing maneuver is getting its well-deserved popularity, many tools are emerging in the market that provides a simplified embedding solution.

As it is beneficial to embed Twitter feed on the website, it is equally important to use it smartly. Twitter has various features to it; hence, you have ample types of feeds that you can add to your website.

Most Amazing Twitter Feed Examples On Website:

Various tools help you to embed Twitter feed on the website. And there are ample examples that you can adopt and embed Twitter feeds accordingly. Some of the most used and effective Twitter feed for a website are:

1. Hashtag Feed

How can it be possible that we talk about Twitter and don’t mention hashtags? Hashtags have revolutionized the marketing scenario, and all credit goes to Twitter. Twitter introduced us to the hashtag concept, and now it is an integral part of the Twitter experience.

Hashtags help users to reach their desired audience as it combines all the posts and tweets under one umbrella as per chosen hashtag.

You can opt to embed Twitter hashtag feeds on websites. You can choose to showcase hashtag feeds on the website and spark an interest in the minds of visitors. You can pick a certain common hashtag that you can relate to your business. Then, you can showcase that feed on your website and engage your visitors for a long time.

2. Profile Feed

You can use various tools like social media aggregators for embedding purposes. And these tools allow you to embed a feed from your profile. That means you can showcase your profile timeline on your website. 

It helps you in majorly two ways. Firstly it makes your website more engaging, and your visitors get to know more about your brand through your tweets and more. Secondly, your visitors get to sneak into your Twitter presence. And as they have the option to follow you there, it helps you strengthen your Twitter presence.

You can tweet about your new product or create hype for your upcoming products. And by showcasing these on the website, you can create awareness about your products. Also, it helps to introduce people to your Twitter account. So, even if people are unaware of your Twitter presence, they can get to know about it through your website.

3. Mention Timelines

People often post tweets about a brand by mentioning them. Similarly, your consumers might also post on Twitter using your name. You can collect all the tweets with your mention and showcase them on your website. These feeds can also work as social proofs.

Also, people use Twitter to provide their reviews or opinions for a brand or product of a brand. By displaying these feeds related to your brand, you can help your visitors to make their purchase decisions. It eventually helps you in building the credibility of your brand.

4. List

Twitter allows you to create a Twitter list that might consist of other Twitter handles. You can prepare a list of handles with similar interests or even create a group of Twitter handles sharing valuable information and content.

By displaying the list, you can keep your visitors up to date with the recent happenings related to your business. Also, you can choose to combine Twitter handles that share news or information. It eventually makes your website more engaging and informative. It also helps to improve the website traffic assisting in boosting brand reputation and improving search engine ranking.

5. Favorites

People often undermine the platform, as they think it only revolves around tweeting, retweeting, and commenting. But, the platform also provides the feature to build a gallery where they can save ‘favorite’ Twitter posts.

You can choose to save tweets as favorites that provide some valuable information or have some entertaining elements. So in simple terms, you can have a diverse range of content. And by displaying them on the website, you can provide variations of content on your website, making it more engaging.

Summing It Up

The strategy to embed Twitter feeds on websites is for an effective marketing manager. You can make this strategy more productive and result-oriented by choosing the appropriate Twitter feed for the website. Above mentioned examples are the most used and effective Twitter feed examples. Tools like social media aggregators help you in smooth interaction with Twitter and provide you services to embed all types of feeds mentioned above and more. So choose an appropriate tool, select desired content, and make your website more engaging and attractive.

Daisy Smith

I’m Daisy and I’m a digital marketer & technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, social media platforms (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Review Widget and etc.), and digital marketing trends.
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