Transfer Entire Email Files From Entourage EML to PST

Transfer Entourage EML Files to PST Outlook


Moving email documents between stages can be troublesome, particularly while moving from more established applications like Escort to additional broadly utilized ones like Standpoint. In this blog entry, we will take a gander at how to move full email records from Escort EML (Company Mail) configuration to Microsoft Viewpoint viable PST (Individual Capacity Table) design. This nitty-gritty aide will assist you with easily relocating your messages, giving smooth progress, and proceeding with admittance to your indispensable information, whether you are a singular client or an association.


Understanding Entourage EML and PST Formats:

Entourage EML Format:

The EML (Electronic Mail) design is a record design that is utilized to store individual email messages. Each EML record addresses a solitary email and incorporates the whole message, including connections, headers, and metadata. This organization is generally upheld and might be opened by email applications like Microsoft Viewpoint, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail. EML documents are frequently coordinated into envelopes, simplifying it to sort out and look for individual messages.

PST Format:

The PST (Individual Capacity Table) design, then again, is a restrictive document design utilized by Microsoft Standpoint to store email information. Rather than EML documents, which hold individual messages, PST records act as a compartment for the majority of email messages, contacts, schedule passages, and other Standpoint information. PST records are coordinated in envelopes and can be secret phrases safeguarded to safeguard the information held inside them. They’re for the most part utilized for disconnected capacity and reinforcement, permitting clients to get to their email information in any event, when they’re not associated with the email server.

Why Migrate from Entourage EML to PST?

Migrating from Entourage EML to PST format is often done for several reasons. Here are a few key reasons why someone might choose to migrate their email data from Entourage EML to PST:

  • Compatibility: Entourage EML files are exclusive to the Microsoft Entourage email software, which was formerly only available for Mac OS. PST files, on the other hand, are associated with Microsoft Outlook, which is widely utilized across several operating systems including Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms. Migrating to PST format assures compatibility and enables users to access their emails across multiple devices and email programs.
  • Advanced capabilities: Microsoft Outlook includes several advanced capabilities, including calendar management, task tracking, and connection with other Microsoft Office apps. Users can make use of these advantages and improve their productivity and organization by moving to PST format and using Outlook.
  • Unified Email Management: Consolidating all of your email data into a single file makes it easier to manage and back up your emails. You can simply search, archive, and perform bulk actions on your emails using a single PST file, avoiding the burden of handling many EML files.
  • Migration to a New System: If you are switching from Entourage to Outlook or going to a different email platform entirely, converting to PST format ensures that your email data can be transferred to the new system easily. PST files are extensively supported by email clients and may be simply imported into numerous email programs.
  • Data Preservation: Converting EML files to PST format helps preserve the integrity and structure of your email data during the migration process. PST files retain important metadata, such as email headers, attachments, and folder hierarchy, ensuring that no data is lost or modified during the migration.

Preparing for the Migration:

Before beginning the migration process, the following actions must be taken to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Make a backup of your Entourage EML files: Make a backup of your Entourage EML files to protect against data loss during the transfer process.
  • Install and set up Microsoft Outlook on the PC to which you want to migrate your emails. Ascertain that you have the relevant administrative rights and permissions.

Manual Conversion using Outlook:

This method involves manually importing the EML files into Outlook. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Log on to your computer and launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Navigate to the folder holding the emails to be converted. It could be your Inbox, Sent Items, or another folder.
  • Choose which emails to convert by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on each one. If you wish to convert all of the emails in a folder, hit Ctrl+A.
  • After you’ve selected the emails, right-click on one of them and pick “Save As” or “Save Selected Items” from the context menu. The actual language may differ based on your Outlook version.
  • In the “Save As” dialogue box, specify a location on your computer to save the converted emails.
  • Select the desired format for conversion. Outlook provides various file formats to choose from, such as MSG (Outlook format), HTML, TXT (plain text), or RTF (Rich Text Format).
  • Specify a file name for the converted emails and click on the “Save” button.

Outlook will then save the selected emails in the chosen format at the specified location on your computer. Repeat these steps for each batch of emails you want to convert.

Using Third-Party Conversion Tools:

If you have a big number of EML files or a complex folder structure, third-party conversion programs can make the migrating process easier. There are various trustworthy tools on the market, such as “Fixvare EML to PST Converter,” that include extensive capabilities such as batch conversion, folder hierarchy preservation, and attachment management.

  • Install and run the selected software. Choose the source EML files and the PST file location.
  • Set any other settings supplied by the utility, such as preserving folder structure or applying filters.
  • Begin the conversion process and keep track of its progress. The EML files will be converted to PST format by the utility.

Best Practices for a Successful Migration:

  • Before converting the full email collection, test the migration procedure on a small group of emails.
  • Throughout the migration procedure, keep a backup of your original Entourage EML files.
  • Make sure the target PST file is saved in a safe place with suitable permissions.
  • Check the emails, attachments, and folder structure in Outlook to ensure the integrity of the moved data.
  • Inform your contacts about the migration and provide any instructions or updates that are required.


Transfer entire email files from Entourage EML to PST is an important step toward creating a more efficient and compatible email management solution. Whether you use the manual technique or third-party solutions, make sure you follow the best practices and take the appropriate safeguards to protect your data. You may successfully move your complete email files from Entourage EML to PST by following the steps indicated in this detailed guide, assuring a flawless transition and continued access to your critical information.

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