Top snowshoeing trails in British Columbia

You may still go outside and take in the scenery even though it’s chilly and raining in the city. You may stay active during the chilly months by taking one of the many fantastic winter walks that are available below the snowline. However, snowshoeing enables you to ascend into the mountains and take part in an entirely different kind of activity. We’ve compiled a list of the top snowshoeing trails close to Vancouver to assist you in getting started. We’ve noted snowshoe routes that require a fee for access as the majority of these are free. Best snowshoes have different types and sizes. Also, there are men’s snowshoes and women’s snowshoes. Snowshoes Canada is one of the most popular activities among locals. So the snowshoes are on top.

We refer to these as snowshoe trails, but because they are well-traveled paths, the snow is frequently compacted, making trekking with trail crampons simpler than with snowshoes. Our favored crampon manufacturer is the local company Hillsound, however, Kahtoola MicroSpikes is also good. However, using appropriate snowshoes will be the greatest option if you’re in deep, fresh snow. And ALWAYS wear the appropriate footwear, such as snowshoes or crampons; to do otherwise is to invite calamity.

Snowshoe rentals are available at Mountain Equipment Co-op and all three of the nearby resorts (Grouse, Cypress, and Seymour) during regular business hours. If you plan to go snowshoeing in Manning Park or Whistler, you may also rent snowshoes there.

This is a selection of our top snowshoeing trails near Vancouver, not a comprehensive list of all of them. They range from straightforward snowshoe paths to strenuous all-day excursions.

Whistler Train Wreck.

A well-liked hike at a low height in Whistler is the Whistler Train Wreck. The short, barely noticeable elevation-changing walk leads to a charming suspension bridge across the Cheakamus River. The location of the train wreckage—seven train carriages covered in vibrant graffiti—is just across the bridge. This wreckage has a very different atmosphere in the winter when the woodland is blanketed in snow.

Nairn Falls.

A quick stroll in Pemberton leads to Nairn Falls, a beautiful waterfall. You can trek the falls’ trail all year round. Winter cold snaps cause the falls to partially freeze and the water flow to be reduced. However, the icicles and snow-covered rocks in a manner heighten the beauty of the falls.

Alexander Falls.

Alexander Falls, which can usually be seen from the viewing area off Callaghan Road, is stunning when it is frozen later in the winter. You can really take a beautiful and delightful snowshoe right down to the base of the waterfall rather than just observing it from the pullout. Two trails lead to the waterfall’s base, and you need a day pass from Callaghan Country to access them.

Elfin Lakes / Red Heather Hut

The Red Heather Hut in Garibaldi Park is an excellent excursion for people searching for a pleasant half-day expedition with a modest degree of difficulty. Locals recommend carrying on to Elfin Lakes for those seeking something longer and with more rewarding vistas. Although Elfin Lakes can be hiked in one very long day, most people stay overnight in the Elfin Lakes Hut (permit required). One of the more well-known snowshoeing trails in the Squamish region, this hike is more difficult but worthwhile for anyone with a sense of adventure.

Sea to Sky Gondola and the Panorama Trail.

The Panorama Trail is one of the simpler and more well-known snowshoeing routes that can be found near the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola. The gondola ride costs money, but it has the advantages of bringing you to altitude quickly and the chance to have a beverage at the restaurant after your hike.

Look out at Bowen.

A pleasant and short snowshoe trek that offers a great vantage point for Howe Sound at sunset is Cypress Mountain’s Bowen Lookout. Although a snowshoe access card from Cypress Mountain Resort is necessary, entry to the Bowen Lookout snowshoe route is free.

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