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Things to do in Bhandardara Camping


Bhandardara is a holiday resort township near Igatpuri situated in western Ghats India. The town is situated in the Akole Tehsil in the Ahmednagar neighborhood in the State of Maharashtra located 185 kilometers (115 miles) away from Mumbai and 155 km (96 miles) away from Ahmednagar.

Bhandardara lodestones comprise Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake. The most recent magnet located in this area is Fireflies camp located in the Purushwadi area.

Variety of attraction

There are a variety of important and natural attractions close to the levee. From Bhandardara visitors can go up to look up at and admire the Ratangad as well as Harishchandragad castles. They can also follow the paths that lead towards Ajoba and Ghanchakkar summits. The highest point located in Maharashtra, Mount Kalsubai is 1646m high.

Base of journey

The base of the journey lies in Bari Village, located 12 kilometers to the south of Bhandardara. There’s a tiny tabernacle at the top which offers panoramic views across Sahyadris as well as Bhandardara. The most challenging triad: castles are Sahyadri videlicet Alang Fort, Mandangad stronghold Kulang gad ( sometimes referred to as A-M-K) situated on the southern end of the levee. A narrow and slender Sandhan vale lies on the Western side of the levee.

Bhandardara is the home of Mount Kalsubai which is the highest mountain ( feet (or m) located in Maharashtra.

panoramic views across Bhandardara

It is located on the Kalsubai side, near the end of the 22-kilometer thruway that runs through timbers and townships with ethical values located is Konkankada from where you can enjoy panoramic views across the plains. Harishchandragad is another mountain hiker’s spot, with old tabernacles on the top.

Bhandardara offers a variety of trekking and hiking trails that include a short trip to Ratangad stronghold. It is accessible by boat across a small lake close to Ratanwadi village. Ratanwadi.

Ratangad Fort

Ratanwadi is famous as a place to lift boats.Also called Bhandardara Dam, it’s the largest earthen levee in India and draws its drinking water from Pravara River. It provides amazing views of the architecture and is among the most fashionable places to go in Bhandardara.

Things you can do in Bhandardara

Bhandardara is a beautiful hill station that is perfect for those who is looking for a tranquil flight. Although it’s a location for trekking There are a lot of places to visit in Bhandardara. Its Arthur Lake, Wilson Dam, Umbrella Falls, and Randha Falls are a many locations that one should visit.

The season runs from October through February. the season of low-levels is the most appropriate timing to go to Bhandardara. The temperatures drop to a minimum of 10 , C. This warm, refreshing rain attracts tourists from nearby metropolises (Mumbai or Pune) to spend one or two days in the lush greenery and tranquil surrounding.

  1. Umbrella Falls

Umbrella Falls Umbrella Falls are the cascade created under Wilson Dam. Wilson Dam and the force that the falls exert on the jewels that naturally occur creates a print of the marquee.

2.Kalsubai Peak

Mt. Kalsubai is the highest peak of the Sahyadri Mountains. Because it is Maharashtra’s tallest peak, it is often referred to as the Maharashtra Everest

3.Randha Falls

Another attraction for cascades within Bhandardara is Randha Falls of the Pravara Swash. However, the cascade is most attractive in the showers

4.Ratanwadi Village

Ratanwadi is a house located near Bhandardara in Bhandardara, which is located on the Kalsubai summit in Maharashtra which houses the famous Ratangad stronghold as well as the famous Shiva tabernacle known as Amruteshwar.


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