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The red light is on but the Samsung TV won’t turn on

Samsung TVs include a mechanism that enables a red light to remain on even after your TV is turned off. Power problems or a more serious malfunction could be the blame for this. I’ll be demonstrating how to troubleshoot a TV in this article if it exhibits these symptoms.

For a variety of reasons, your Samsung TV might not turn on. The electrical socket itself, the surge protector, or even the remote control could be at fault. The red standby light may be on or blinking while this is happening.

Your red standby indicator frequently illuminates even when the television is off. As long as your Samsung TV is still connected in and getting power, this will continue to occur. However, if you attempted turning on the TV, it might still not turn on, therefore you should check the remote’s operation.

Nevertheless, by troubleshooting your TV, many issues can be quickly resolved. It might occasionally be on but simply display a dark screen. Be aware that the TV is powered on once the red standby light is on. Now that we know why your TV won’t turn on, let’s look at some troubleshooting to see how to fix it.

How to fix the Samsung TV I couldn’t get to turn on

When your television won’t turn on, the first thing you should do is manually reset it. To accomplish this, unplug the power cord from the outlet. Next, hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds while you wait for a while. The TV may now be plugged back in and turned on using the power button.
The TV controls themselves can be used to complete this operation, thus the remote control is not required. Depending on the state, you can use these methods to troubleshoot your TV if you need a more specific fix.

Still on is the red standby light

Your red standby indicator frequently illuminates even when the television is off. As long as your Samsung TV is still connected in and getting power, this will continue to occur. However, if you attempted turning on the TV, it might still not turn on, therefore you should check the remote’s operation.

Samsung TV

You should try turning on the TV without the remote, in my opinion. If you are having trouble finding the power button, you can consult the user handbook.

You can do the following things depending on how things turn out.

Investigate the remote if your TV turns on without your help

If your TV still won’t turn on, visit the Samsung Support Center to make a service request.

A blinking red standby light is present.
Your red standby light could flicker on other instances rather than being fully on. Do not panic because it may also fixed. Therefore, if your Samsung TV won’t turn on but the red standby light is glowing, two issues are at play.

It’s possible that the surge protector has worn out and is no longer supplying the voltage needed by your TV. Before delving further into the red standby light that is blinking, you might attempt buying another one or completely rule it out.

If the surge isn’t the issue, the faults can be more serious than you realize. Simply go to the verified Support Center to resolve this.

Red Standby Light is not on

The red standby light on a Samsung TV should be on, blinking, or off as these are typical signs of a malfunction. So, two factors could be at play if your standby light is off. Either the television not plugged into a power source or it is off and the screen is black.

I’d suggest you try some of the following solutions to fix this:

Step 1: Other than the power button, press any other button on the TV

If anything appears while you’re doing this without the use of a remote, the TV is already on. You can use the Samsung guide for TV has no picture or a black screen to troubleshoot this issue.

Additionally, examine the remote if using the TV causes anything to flash up on the screen. You can continue to the Samsung manual for instructions on how to troubleshoot your remote.

Step 2: Unplug the TV for 30 seconds before plugging it back in

The power supply is the final thing to think about. It is necessary to unplug the power cable for at least 30 seconds. Once the allotted time has passed, you can reconnect it to a power outlet that you know will work. Using a charger or electric blender as an additional gadget, you can test out different outlets.

There are just a handful possible outcomes after this completed:

When the red standby light illuminates completely without flickering or flashing, the power to your TV has correctly connected. This suggests that while your TV may not be the problem, the original power supply or surge protector may be.

Samsung TV

Additionally, try troubleshooting if the TV still won’t turn on despite the red standby indicator being on. When the TV won’t switch on and the red standby light is on, you can do this by looking at the handbook.

Visit the Samsung Support Center, nevertheless, if the red standby light flickers, blinks, or doesn’t illuminate at all.

Red light is on but Samsung TV won’t turn on? Nearly all Samsung TV owners experience it occasionally. You can use this tutorial to identify the issue, determine what’s wrong with your Samsung TV, and learn how to fix it.

It may be an issue with the set’s power line or power source if your TV’s screen starts to malfunction all of a sudden. Check to see if the problem still exists after making sure the cord correctly connected to both the TV and the power outlet. If it occurs, there might be a problem with the system boards of the gadgets.

TV from Samsung Won’t Turn On Troubleshoot and diagnose with the red light on

If your Samsung TV isn’t turning on and there are no other signs that it’s working, power cycling it can be helpful: Hold the “Power On” button on the TV for 15 seconds after unplugging it from the wall. Reconnect the television to the wall outlet after that, and then turn it on by pressing and holding the “Power On” button.

You can reset your TV to its factory default settings if the operating system is giving you problems. This will reset it to its default settings and remove any previously created customized settings.


There are a number of Samsung TV models that feature a red standby light. Your TV is receiving electricity, as shown by the red light.
Therefore, if your Samsung TV screen won’t turn on even though the light is on, the voltage passing through may not be enough. Another possibility is a black screen, which may fixed with basic troubleshooting.

The steps I have highlighted will make it simple for you to quickly start your TV. You could, however, take the TV to a nearby Samsung service center if the issue continues.

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