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The health benefits of swimming

If you are looking for a sport that will help you lose weight, improve your endurance and “build” your muscles, then you should seriously consider the choice of swimming.

Above all, swimming is a workout for the whole body with minimal risk of injury, which makes it excellent for combined exercise with lifeguard training.

It will improve your cardiovascular health

Swimming will make you healthier, especially if you swim often and perfect your technique.

It is true that the better your technique, the more you will benefit from swimming in terms of fitness, but the benefits are huge, no matter what level you are at with lifeguard training.

Builds muscles throughout the body

We have all admired the bodies of Olympic swimmers. Although a few hours of swimming each week is unlikely to lead to corresponding changes in your torso, swimming will make the muscles throughout your body stronger.

Some people have body types that build muscle faster than others, but you have to swim many miles to significantly change your body.

However, swimming strengthens the muscles from top to bottom quite quickly, especially compared to other sports.

Injuries are extremely rare

With water backing up your weight, swimming is a great way for anyone to exercise without putting pressure on their joints.

It’s the only sport that does not matter your weight, so it’s really hard to get injured in the pool.

You may get tendonitis in the shoulder area, but this is really rare and the injury will be minor.

It will help you lose weight

Due to the buoyancy, swimming serves as an excellent way of training for overweight people without straining their body. It may not burn calories fast, like some other, more intense, workouts, but it will still do a good job of losing weight.

If your goal is to lose weight, then swimming will help you because it increases your heart rate. It is not the sport that will burn the most calories, but when you know how to work out in the pool and your technique gets better, you can push yourself harder.

It will improve your psychology

The pool is the ideal place to disconnect from the rest of the world and relax.

Even when you go for a run, you always come across cars, as well as cycling. The pool is a really safe place. Not just because no one is going to step on you, but because you do not have to worry about anything – you can take a break and have fun in peace.

Improves your flexibility

While swimming will not “stretch” your body as effectively as yoga or Pilates, the range of motion required by swimming lengthens muscles in a way that makes your joints more flexible and helps with recovery.

In swimming you have the ability to be in a straight line, to straighten your whole body. This has a therapeutic effect in terms of body alignment.

It will make you better in other sports

If you are a runner, cyclist or any other type of athlete, adding swimming to your routine will make your performance better.

As a low impact exercise that develops endurance and strength, while also helping to rehabilitate, swimming could have

  • It’s more fun when you vary the workout, especially if you do it together with others
  • You can train several different skills, e.g. having to concentrate to hit exactly as one should in biathlon
  • You can train your body in a versatile and healthy way
  • You can reap the benefits of training in water and on land
  • Your technique can be improved in a fun and challenging way, where you get feedback through the “game”

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