Startup Business Advertising Ideas 101: The Advantages of Hoarding Advertising

While the proliferation of social media may make you want to put your marketing budget entirely in the digital aspect of your plan, site hoarding panels is an extremely efficient type of traditional advertising that could deliver impressive outcomes.

Why is Hoarding Advertising a Good Option for Small Businesses?

For many small-scale companies, the need for lead generation is crucial. One of the main benefits of adopting a Hoarding advertising strategy is the amount of visibility it offers.

They are strategically placed to ensure the highest number of views during the entire day which makes it more probable that the message will reach your target audience.

Furthermore, a lot of people are habitual and take the same route each day. Meaning they will come across your advertisements frequently. This can negatively influence their perception of your message and brand.

Hoarding Advertising Has Excellent Sales Potential

They are strategically placed to attract the maximum attention thus this type of traditional advertising has the ability to create significant numbers of sales and leads.

Large enough to be unavoidable and can be excellent ways to remind customers that investing in the products or services that you offer will improve their lives in the way they want to.

They appeal to the impulsive buyer who is in all of us. People are more likely to buy the latest product. When they’ve just witnessed a huge advertisement for it while they were traveling just minutes prior.

Hoarding Advertising Is An Easy And Effective Marketing Choice

Another advantage of site hoarding panels is the ability to maximize exposure while taking minimal effort on part of the customer as well as the advertiser.

The consumer doesn’t have to buy magazines or newspapers in order to see your message. And they do not even have to switch on the radio or TV or even open their browser. In the same way, there aren’t specific preparations needed by the advertiser. In order to send their messages to their intended viewers.

Hoarding Marketing Is A Solid Small Business Advertising Investment

Contrary to television advertisements that only air a few times each day, your Hoarding advertising will be working for your company all day long. In addition, site hoarding panels are a good investment however; the combination of a stunning layout and simple, engaging messages can result in better results than radio, TV, or printing.

However, it is vital to keep in mind that consistency is vital to this type of advertisement. One month is too short to produce an acceptable amount of tangible outcomes. If this plan is spread over a number of months, the advantages for your small-sized firm are bound to be huge.

In Any Case, Hoarding Advertising Is Clearly Still Significantly Effective, Even In Today’s Digital Era. Why Is That?

1.  The Impulse Purchase And The Proximity

Outdoor media advertising, specifically hoarding signage and large-format posters are one of the most effective methods of enticing consumers to take action. If you come across ads on

Hoardings for a new restaurant opening in town, for instance, it is more likely to take the time to look it out than if you happened to see it while browsing the internet. The idea of proximity with the humorous words and appealing images of many hoardings makes it an ideal physical call to take action.

Consider this for example: compare this with the same advertisement you see on the feed of your social media: you’d likely be less likely to jump up immediately and head to the nearest restaurant.

2.  Trust

The unobtrusive, non-imposing appearance of Hoardings makes it a lot easier to trust and rely on them as a substitute for online ads. People are generally concerned about the chance of running across scams and fake information on the internet.

The risk is much smaller with local advertisements for instance since they are considered to be more credible which makes them less likely the result of a sophisticated scheme.

3.  Ad-Blocking

The common desire many of us have to stay clear of ads while browsing is one reason that many would rather spend the money buying the best version of the product. In some instances, users may also choose to install programs that block advertisements.

Online ads and pop-ups that are automatically playing and interrupt users’ browsing experiences are decreasing ineffectiveness by the day. Being frequent Internet users, we understand that the majority of people ignore ads out of habit. They frequently become frustrated by the annoying nature of ads on the internet.


This is why Hoardings differ. In the first place, they aren’t forceful. The majority of people do not shift their daily route to work because Hoarding causes them to feel uncomfortable. A majority of people do not intend to ignore Hoardings unless they’re offensive or vulgar however, this is rarely the case.

4.  Repetition

In general, it is a highly effective tool to promote your business. This is due to the fact that it aids in building awareness of the brand. Which keeps the brand at the top of people’s and customers’ minds.

But, certain new digital strategies employed in repeated advertisements on the internet give users very little or any control over what they see. This means that they’re likely to feel that they are constantly being pressure to purchase products or join an online service. This is likely to result in potential customers becoming frustrated and resorting to strategies like ad-blocking.

The public seems to be more tolerant of the Hoardings they continue to cross because they are not as imposing. This gives the user the impression of having more choice in the products they buy. And thus lets the process of repetition work in influencing advertisements on the internet.

Mixing both digital and “classic” methods of marketing this way is often much more effective than employing either strategy in isolation. As the possibilities of hoarding advertising, expand and advancements in technology for digital take off it is crucial for marketers to make use of the ever-changing landscape of possibilities they have the ability to tap into to impact their intended audience.


James Hannay

James Hannay, marketing manager at Hoarding Printing Company in London, is well-known in the business and marketing communities for his diverse business and marketing abilities. A brand strategist, he is an expert in user engagement who is open to new challenges that provide value to the organisation. He regularly contributes to the most prominent blogging platforms, which enables him to share his decades of experience with a larger audience.
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