Shopify Plus Benefits: Let’s Have A Look At Some Points

Shopify Plus Benefits

Shopify Plus Benefits: Shopify Plus has many advantages over both legacy systems and the standalone Shopify service. This is why many successful enterprise brands such as Deliveroo, Red Bull, and Huel have moved their offerings to the platform.

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Focus Your Time on Things That Matter

Shopify Plus is an easy-to-use platform for less basic tasks. Certain activities no longer require specialized staff, and therefore resources can be more productively concentrated elsewhere in the business. What’s more, since it’s completely hosted online on Shopify’s servers, merchants no longer have to worry about maintaining their online store and the financial burden of conventional IT infrastructure investments.

Reliable and Secure

Shopify Plus servers are reliable with a 99.98% average uptime and high security with PCI DSS and SOC2 Tier 1 certification. Merchants can take advantage of unlimited bandwidth, processing 10,978 peak orders every minute, meaning high-traffic events like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday can be completed with ease. Combined with apps like Launchpad, salespeople can prepare and plan for product launches or rush sales without worrying about crashing their website and losing important profits.

Cheaper And Better

Shopify Plus is less expensive to run than older platforms such as Adobe Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or Hybris. Customers who use Shopify Plus spend up to 80% less on their online stores and benefit from a substantially shorter setup duration of 90 days or less, compared to 180 days on standard systems.

These legacy solutions are more difficult to deploy, utilize, and scale. And they are not future-proof, so merchants will need to keep up with technological developments and changing customer expectations.

Shopify Plus is a completely configurable platform with advanced code capabilities and API access that can cater to even the most niche requirements and create a one-of-a-kind online presence. Especially when combined with Shopify Plus agencies that can assist with complex web design. And development for online stores that want to stand out.

Easy Migration

Large retail stores or merchants with a large number of products can easily migrate all their data to Shopify Plus with the help of industry experts through the Merchant Success Program. Dedicated account managers and solution launch engineers ensure a smooth setup and transition to the platform, including all client, internal and third-party systems.

From consultation on integrations and customer use cases to new payment gateways, checkout setups, and SSL certificates. These engineers will ensure that all the technical components work perfectly with Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus Pricing

Shopify Plus costs $2,000 per month for merchants who make less than $800k per month. The subscription plan uses a rolling model that is 0.25% of monthly revenue. So a merchant who gets $1 million in monthly sales will be asked to pay $2,500 that month. The subscription starts with an annual agreement and rolls over from month to month after the first year.

If you use a third-party payment gateway instead of Shopify Plus, there is an additional 0.15% fee. Shopify Plus merchants benefit from Shopify Payment’s preferred rates over other subscription packages: internal rates are 2.15% + $0.30. Amex + International: 3.15% + $0.30.

Hire Shopify Experts From Tech Coders:

Shopify Plus is Worth it or not

Thus, Shopify Plus can be considered a very profitable investment for large companies looking to offer an exceptional online presence and customer experience. Combined with the financial savings and increased revenue opportunities that the platform provides over other legacy systems. The benefits are largely paying off!

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