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Seo Interview Questions for Freshers and Experienced Candidates

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Seo means Search engine optimization is becoming a prominent part of digital marketing strategies. Similarly, people looking forward to joining the digital marketing domain by learning different digital marketing tools like SEO. In this article, we will discuss some latest SEO interview questions for freshers and experienced candidates.

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List of Seo Interview Questions for freshers and Experienced candidates

Q What are the latest trendy SEO Tools?

Ans: There are numerous SEO Tools like

  • ahref
  • kwfinder
  • semrush
  • SEO quack
  • Moz.
  • Uber Suggest

Q What is link building and why does it matter?

Ans: Google exists to serve the searcher. That implies Google is continually attempting to figure out which results are generally pertinent to some random searcher and some random time. In addition to relevance, Google considers validity as well. So the search engine tool hopes to check whether different sites have linked to yours. Assuming this is the case, that implies your substance merits linking to and is, hence, more believable when contrasted with a site not connected to remotely. Basically, external link establishment is how SEO experts attempt and set links to their sites up to further improve search results

Q What is page speed and why does it matter?

Ans: Page speed alludes to how quick your webpage loads for a client, something Google considers while positioning websites since a quicker stacking page straightforwardly means a better user experience. If the interviewer asks how you would speed up, portray how you’ve accomplished this in the past with models, for example, diminishing picture sizes, empowering pressure, lessening diverts, eliminating render-impeding JavaScript, utilizing program reserving, further developing server reaction time, utilizing a substance appropriation organization to pack documents, improving the code, and so on.

Q What method do you use to redirect a page?


301, 302, and Meta Refresh are the three most widely used redirects.

Meta Refresh,

301, “Moved Permanently”—recommended for SEO

302, “Found” or “Moved Temporarily.”

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Q What is on-page vs off-page SEO?

Ans: This returns to the inquiry regarding the variables that are unchangeable as far as you might be concerned. On-page SEO incorporates the variables you have some control over, for example, keywords, content, page structure, inner connecting, load time, and so forth. Off-page SEO incorporates those variables you have zero control over, for example, backlinks.

Q What is keyword stemming and why does it matter?

Ans: Keyword stemming is adding to the stem of a word. For instance, assuming that the word interview was your stem, varieties could be interviewing, interviewer, interviews. Utilizing catchphrase stemming assists you with utilizing more significant keywords on a webpage without watchword stuffing or winding up with content that peruses ineffectively.

Q What is a canonical issue?

Ans: Canonical issues are most regular when a webpage/site has numerous URLs that contain something very similar or practically identical data. An absence of right diverts habitually causes them, yet they can likewise be made by internet business search measures and partnering or circulating material on a few destinations. For instance, http://www.exampleURL.com and http://exampleURL.com.

Q What are rich snippets?

Ans: Rich snippets are the included text that shows up at the highest point of the natural indexed lists, in a case, and once in a while with a picture. Webmasters can utilize organized information to increase content so that web crawlers can without much of a stretch recognize the kind of satisfaction and convey it as a rich bit. Rich snippets are not pieces of SEO, but rather whenever utilized, they can convey improved outcomes on the SERPs.

Q How has the Hummingbird changed the landscape of search?

Ans: Delivered in 2013, Hummingbird has assisted with making search logical, moving us from the severe adherence to keywords toward figuring out a searcher’s goal.

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