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Selling Your House: The 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

Nowadays, the advice of a commercial real estate appraiser near me is becoming increasingly important given the complexity of the Selling Your House sales process and the many rules to follow to make a quick and winning transaction.

The best real estate agent is often the one who takes the trouble to explain his sales strategy to you, he is also the one who knows your sector well, but he is more of an adviser who clearly describes his approach to you and who does not expose you to unpleasant surprises. A real estate agent is above all an expert in his field who will be able to answer all your questions.

Maxime and David of Aipraiser do not do things by halves and talk to you here about the pitfalls to avoid when the time comes to sell your property.


The 5 pitfalls to avoid!

First red flag

If your real estate agent offers to raise the sale price when listing your property to include his commission, this is not a good strategy, and it simply does not work. Indeed, people have already seen your property and a price strategy by revising the listing price upwards will give you bad results. You will hardly sell with a higher listing price. It would be better to start afresh with a winning strategy for the sale of your home.


Second red flag

Real estate brokers who list many properties home appraisers near me on MLS, including those for sale by sellers to inflate their inventory, often have poor results to show their clients. This strategy is bad because it is not focused on conclusive results. The broker who acts in this way throws smoke in the eyes of his future clients and is not a broker who can display his sales prowess over a long period of time.


Third red flag

If your real estate broker lists your property and tells you that if you sell your house yourself, he will lower his commission. This approach is to be avoided, since in the end you will not have a great experience and you will not have obtained all the advice from your real estate broker. It is also counter- productive. The sales process will be skipped, and the necessary framework will be lacking. The results will not be there!


Fourth red flag

It would be wise to be wary of the real estate broker who talks to you about selling your property to foreign buyers. In Montreal, this type of buyer represents only 1 to 2% of all potential buyers. It’s not critical mass and it would be wise to educate yourself on how it will go about closing your sale. On the other hand, a seasoned broker will have a real estate agent who specializes in selling to foreign buyers.


Fifth red flag

Before you jump headfirst into the search for a real estate broker, take the time to look at reviews on Google and Facebook, for example, their credibility in the field and their involvement in the community.


Recognizing the right real estate broker:

It’s not just these 5 pitfalls that need to get your attention. You will recognize a good real estate broker by his actions in the field, his sales made over the last few months, his knowledge of the sector in which you live, and the results obtained. Do not hesitate to get information, go on social networks to know the credibility of your broker with nationwide property and appraisal services, etc.

It is with this in mind that the Tardif Team works for you in complete transparency. His inventory of properties for sale is not inflates on MLS, he knows how to give good advice to his clients and invites you to see his results and his performance over the past weeks, months, and years. Team Tardif, good all the way, period! Contact a dynamic team and its business now to Selling Your House quickly at the best price on the market. Team Aipraiser, the number one choice in Kent.

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