Ricoma MT-1501 Common Errors & Solutions With Easy Steps To Maintain

Ricoma MT-1501 Common Errors & Solutions With Easy Steps To Maintain

The Ricoma MT-1501 is a state-of-the-art embroidery machine that has gained popularity for its high precision, efficiency, and versatility. Whether you are a hobbyist, a small business owner, or part of a large-scale production facility, the Ricoma MT-1501 Common Errors & Solutions can cater to your embroidery needs with ease. However, like any sophisticated piece of machinery, the MT-1501 may encounter occasional errors during operation.

In this blog, we will explore some common errors that users may face with the Ricoma MT-1501 embroidery machine and provide easy-to-follow solutions to troubleshoot these issues effectively. Additionally, we will discuss essential maintenance steps to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the MT-1501.

Section 1: Overview of Ricoma MT-1501 Embroidery Machine

1.1 Introduction to Ricoma MT-1501

The Ricoma MT-1501 is a multi-needle embroidery machine designed for both commercial and personal use. It is equipped with 15 needles, allowing for the simultaneous use of multiple thread colors without the need for frequent thread changes. The MT-1501 boasts a user-friendly interface, robust build quality, and a large embroidery area, making it a reliable and efficient tool for creating intricate and high-quality embroidery designs.

1.2 Key Features of Ricoma MT-1501

  • 15-Needle Configuration: The MT-1501’s 15-needle setup allows for efficient multi-color embroidery digitizing without frequent thread changes, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Large Embroidery Area: The machine offers a substantial embroidery area, accommodating sizable designs and reducing the need for design splitting.
  • Color Touchscreen Display: The intuitive color touchscreen display simplifies design selection, editing, and machine settings, enhancing user experience and control.
  • Built-in Designs and USB Compatibility: The MT-1501 comes with a library of built-in embroidery designs, and users can also import custom designs through a USB port.
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer: The automatic thread trimmer cuts jump threads and excess thread tails automatically, streamlining the embroidery process.
  • Thread Break Detection: The MT-1501 is equipped with sensors that detect thread breaks, reducing the chances of incomplete embroidery designs.

Section 2: Common Errors and Troubleshooting Solutions

Error 1: Thread Breakage

Thread breakage is a common issue that can disrupt the embroidery process and lead to incomplete designs.

Possible Causes:

  • Incorrect Thread Tension: Improper thread tension is one of the primary causes of thread breakage. The tension may be too tight or too loose, causing the thread to snap during stitching in zdigitizing.
  • Poor Thread Quality: Using low-quality or old embroidery threads may increase the likelihood of thread breakage. It is essential to use high-quality threads that are compatible with the MT-1501 machine.
  • Needle Problems: A damaged or incorrect needle can cause thread breakage. Ensure that the needles are sharp, compatible with the thread and fabric, and changed regularly.
Troubleshooting Solutions:
  • Re-thread the Machine: Start by re-threading the machine, ensuring the thread path is correct and the tension discs are properly engaged. Adjust the thread tension as needed to achieve the correct balance.
  • Use High-Quality Threads: Invest in high-quality embroidery threads that are specifically designed for the MT-1501 embroidery machine.
  • Inspect and Replace Needles: Regularly inspect and replace the needles to avoid using dull or damaged ones. Use the correct needle size and type for the thread and fabric being used.

Error 2: Bird’s Nesting (Thread Tangling)

Bird’s nesting occurs when the upper and lower threads become tangled, leading to jamming and interruption of the embroidery process.

Possible Causes:

  • Incorrect Thread Tension: Incorrect thread tension can cause the threads to tangle and result in bird’s nesting. Adjust the thread tension as needed.
  • Bobbin Issues: A poorly wound bobbin or incorrect bobbin insertion can contribute to thread tangling.
Troubleshooting Solutions:
  • Check Thread Tension: Re-thread the machine, ensuring proper thread tension for both the upper and lower threads.
  • Bobbin Winding: Wind the bobbins evenly and correctly to prevent thread tangling during embroidery.

Error 3: Misaligned Designs

Misaligned designs can result in distorted and uneven stitching, affecting the overall quality of the embroidery.

Possible Causes:

  • Hooping Errors: Improper hooping of the fabric can cause it to shift during embroidery, leading to misaligned designs.
  • Incorrect Design Placement: If the design is not centered correctly in the machine’s software or if the fabric is not positioned accurately in the hoop, misalignment can occur.
Troubleshooting Solutions:
  • Proper Hooping Technique: Ensure that the fabric is hooped securely and centered to avoid design misalignment and shifting during embroidery.
  • Check Design Placement: Double-check the design placement in the embroidery machine’s software before starting the embroidery process.

Error 4: Thread Trimming Issues

Thread trimming problems can result in uneven or excessive thread tails, affecting the overall appearance of the embroidery.

Possible Causes:

  • Incorrect Thread Trimming Settings: Incorrect thread trimming settings in the machine’s software can cause thread trimming issues.
  • Thread Tension Imbalance: Uneven thread tension can lead to excessive thread tails after trimming.
Troubleshooting Solutions:
  • Adjust Thread Trimming Settings: Review the machine’s manual to ensure that the thread trimming settings are correctly configured in the embroidery software.
  • Balance Thread Tension: Check and adjust the thread tension as needed to achieve a balanced stitch.

Section 3: Easy Maintenance Steps for Ricoma MT-1501

Regular Cleaning

Regularly clean the embroidery machine to remove dust, lint, and debris that may accumulate during operation. Use a soft brush or lint-free cloth to clean the bobbin area, thread path, and other parts of the machine.


Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for lubricating the machine’s moving parts. Proper lubrication ensures smooth operation and reduces friction that can lead to wear and tear.

Needle Replacement

Replace the needles regularly, especially if they become dull or bent. Using damaged needles can result in poor embroidery quality and thread breakage.

Bobbin Winding

Pay attention to the bobbin winding process and ensure that bobbins are wound evenly and correctly. Properly wound bobbins prevent thread tangling during embroidery.

Software Updates

If the MT-1501 has software updates available, make sure to install them. Software updates may include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features that improve the machine’s functionality.


The Ricoma MT-1501 embroidery machine is a powerful and reliable tool for creating intricate and stunning embroidery designs. By understanding common errors and their solutions, users can troubleshoot issues effectively, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted embroidery process.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping the MT-1501 in optimal condition and prolonging its lifespan. With proper care, the MT-1501 can continue to deliver high-quality embroidery results, inspiring creativity and productivity for years to come.

Embrace the versatility and efficiency of the Ricoma MT-1501 embroidery machine, and let your imagination run wild as you embark on a journey of endless embroidery possibilities. With its user-friendly interface, automatic features, and robust build, the MT-1501 empowers users to bring their embroidery visions to life with precision and ease. Let the MT-1501 be your creative partner in turning fabrics into works of art that leave a lasting impression on all who behold your handcrafted masterpieces.

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