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Review of The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma

The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma

Review of The 5 AM Club

Robin Sharma’s rearmost work “ The 5 A.M Club ” (” the book”) presents itself as a redoubtable contender for “ The Worst Book of 2018” award. Extraordinarily insipid, extremely uninspiring, and inexplicably long-winded, the book is well served remaining unlettered! Replete with espoused quotations, reverberating with inapplicable analogies, and riding on a now-familiar gospel, Robin Sharma perceptibly and futilely attempts to package old wine in a new bottle. Unfortunately, the damaged quality of the bottle deteriorates the veritable substance of the wine. 

So what exactly is the “5.00A.M Club?” 

the 5am club
the 5 am club
  1. A simple, ordinary communication stretched to an unimaginably devilish degree  

The communication being blabbed out by Mr. Sharma is neither innovative nor new. The introductory idea is to jump out of one’s bed at 5.00 AM in the morning and perform a set of conditioning involving the exercise of both internal and physical faculties. THIS IS IT both in a nutshell as well as in the gospel’s entire expansion. Still, what could have been ensconced within a precise tract or indeed a leaflet is extended, stretched, and developed in a most painful manner that makes an anthology plow through 314 excruciating pages. The fact that in a book named “ The 5.00 AM Club”, it takes 51 pages for a character to actually wake up at 5.00 AM speaks volumes about the supplemental impertinence that masks the core matter. 

2. A story that’s completely inapplicable 

In order to convey a purely simplistic communication, Mr. Sharma bizarrely elects to employ a storytelling system that exasperates and enervates the anthology to an infuriating degree. Yes, you really come tired of reading (or at least trying to) the book. It’s an unenviable chore trudging through a morass of runners that has at its centerpiece three characters. An entrepreneur who comes perilously close to taking her own life, courtesy of an attempted investor achievement before a forum transforms her. Wearing irons with inspirational quotations etched on them, she signs on to become a member of the 5.00 AM Club. She’s joined in this bid by an artist who keeps wriggling with his dreadlocks when not constantly mouthing “def” for “definitely”.

The tutor for both the entrepreneur and the artist is a quirky billionaire who when not mouthing quotations picked from Gibran to Seneca or doing dervish whirls and hand daisies, spends time taking his two scholars on footloose tenures to Mauritius, India, Italy, and South Africa, conducting the tenets of the 5.00 AM club. To help him in this bid he keeps addressing his scholars as “pussycats” while himself using cybersurfer shoptalk similar as “gnarly” to such a liberal extent that the anthology feels like taking a passage boat over the book! 

3. Pareto Principle in Action with Corny Passages

80% of the book is an astonishing exercise in futility. Communication that could have been accommodated within 20-30 pages takes up a whopping 314 runners. Pages that are packed with passages so stinking with impertinence that they’re enough to make the anthology tear her hair out in sheer white frustration! Sample this:

“The artist laughed as a baby gecko jaywalked across a broad plank. He took off his black shirt in the glowing sun, exposing a Buddha-sized belly and man guts the size of fleshy mangoes.” 

 “ …. she admitted as the skin on her forepart scrunched together like a rose constricting in the deep freeze.” 

 “. the artist intruded with all the energy of a pup seeing its proprietor after a long day alone.”

4. Invest in a book of quotations rather

In addition to beginning every chapter with a notorious quotation, the book strings together aphorisms at a speed that would put indeed the reproductive capabilities of rabbits to total shame! Quotations by the famed and the reviled cover at you from all angles making both deviation and assimilation inversely insolvable. One would do well rather invest in a book of quotations and read the same strictly. 

5. Read these Indispensable Books 

The 5.00 AM club borrows freely from the doctrines of luminaries similar to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and also pop psychologists similar to Malcolm Gladwell. In the event one manages to get through the boredom and torture of the “5.00 A.M Club”, the following books may serve as the perfect cure 

  • “ Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi; 
  • “ The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg; 
  • “ Eat, Move, Sleep” by Tom Rath; 
  • “ The 7 Habits of Largely Effective People” by Stephen Covey; 
  • “ Suppose and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill; 
  • “ The Conglomerates of the Mind” by Dennis Waitley 
  • Read these Indispensable Books 

6. The George Orwell Rule 

Mr. Sharma, while strictly putting together the important aphorisms of numerous greats who have trod on this Earth, seems to have missed out on a set of most important rules – the immortal Six Rules laid down by George Orwell. One of the rules presupposes, “ If it’s possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.”. 

If only this rule was followed the “5.00 A.M club” would have been an eminently readable book. 

The “5.00 A.M Club” – meritorious of a pass. 

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