QuickBooks Error 12009: The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

Resolving QuickBooks Error 12009 with the best solutions

QuickBooks Error 12009 is a common issue that users may encounter while attempting to update QuickBooks or download payroll updates. This error is typically associated with network connectivity problems or issues with the internet settings on the computer running QuickBooks. The error 12009 can disrupt the update process and hinder the smooth operation of QuickBooks software. 

Resolving this error promptly is essential to ensure the uninterrupted functionality of QuickBooks and to stay up to date with the latest payroll and software updates. In this guide, we will explore the possible causes of QuickBooks Error Code 12009 and provide troubleshooting steps to help you resolve the issue and get back to using QuickBooks smoothly.

What is the Reason that Triggers QuickBooks Error 12009?

By understanding the possible triggers, you can narrow down the troubleshooting steps and find the appropriate solution. Here are some points that you might get to see while being bugged with this error.

  • One of the primary causes of this error is poor or unstable internet connectivity. If your internet connection is weak, experiencing interruptions, or if there are issues with your network configuration, it can trigger this error.
  • Sometimes, the firewall or security software installed on your computer may block QuickBooks from accessing the internet. If the necessary exceptions or permissions are not granted to QuickBooks.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that ensures secure communication between the QuickBooks application and the server. If the SSL settings on your computer are misconfigured or outdated.
  • If the QuickBooks settings related to internet connectivity are outdated or incorrect. This can include settings such as the default browser, proxy settings, or internet connection preferences within QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks relies on Internet Explorer for certain functions and connectivity. If there are problems with your Internet Explorer settings, outdated versions, or corrupted files, it can trigger the error.
  • Also, QuickBooks requires accurate system date and time settings to establish a secure connection with the server. If the date and time on your computer are incorrect.
  • Certain third-party applications or software installed on your computer may conflict with QuickBooks and interfere with its internet connectivity, leading to the occurrence of the error.


How can you determine error 12009 is bugging your desktop?


If you observe any of these signs or encounter error messages associated with error 12009 in QuickBooks, it is important to address the issue promptly to ensure the smooth operation of QuickBooks and avoid any disruptions in updating the software or processing payroll.

  • When attempting to download and install updates, you may receive an error message related to Error 12009.
  • If you use QuickBooks for payroll processing, you may notice that downloading and installing payroll updates fails consistently.
  • It can cause instability in the QuickBooks software, leading to frequent crashes or sudden shutdowns while working on the program.
  • Another sign of QuickBooks error 12009 is sluggish performance of QuickBooks, where the program responds slowly to commands or takes an extended time to load data or perform tasks.
  • Since this error is often related to network connectivity problems, you may experience difficulties accessing the internet or encounter intermittent connection disruptions while using QuickBooks.


Solution: Make the Internet Explorer as your default browser


Keep in mind that modern versions of Windows often come with Microsoft Edge as the default browser. If you prefer to use a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can typically set your preferred browser as the default by accessing the browser’s settings and following the instructions provided by that specific browser. Here is how you can make your IE as the default browser.

  • Open the Control Panel on your computer. You can do this by typing “Control Panel” in the search bar or by pressing the Windows key, searching for “Control Panel,” and selecting it from the search results.
  • In the Control Panel, locate and click on “Default Programs.”
  • And then, in the Default Programs window, click on “Set your default programs.”
  • A list of installed programs will appear. Scroll down and find “Internet Explorer” in the list.
  • Click on “Internet Explorer” to select it, and then click on the “Set this program as default” button.
  • After clicking the button, Internet Explorer will be set as the default browser on your computer.
  • Close the Control Panel.

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Solution 2: Altering the settings on your Internet Explorer


By altering the settings in Internet Explorer, you can customize your browsing experience and configure various aspects of the browser to suit your needs.

  • Open Internet Explorer on your computer.
  • Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the Internet Explorer window. This will open the Tools menu.
  • From the Tools menu, select “Internet options.” A new window titled “Internet Options” will appear.
  • In the “Internet Options” window, you’ll find several tabs with different settings. Here are some important tabs and settings you can modify:
    • General: This tab allows you to change the home page, manage browsing history, and configure tab settings.
    • Security: In this tab, you can adjust the security level for different zones (Internet, Local Intranet, Trusted Sites, Restricted Sites), add or remove websites from the trusted sites list, and customize advanced security settings.
    • Privacy: This tab controls the cookie settings and website tracking preferences. You can adjust the privacy level and manage exceptions for specific websites.
    • Content: Here, you can manage settings related to content filtering, certificates, and autocomplete forms.
    • Connections: This tab allows you to configure proxy settings, set up VPN connections, and manage dial-up and virtual private network (VPN) settings.
    • Programs: In this tab, you can set Internet Explorer as the default browser, manage add-ons, and configure HTML and email settings.
    • Advanced: The Advanced tab provides access to a wide range of advanced settings, including browsing, security, multimedia, and accessibility options.
  • Click on the desired tab to access the settings you want to alter.
  • Make the necessary changes to the settings according to your preferences or requirements.
  • Once you have made the desired changes, click the “Apply” button to save the changes, and then click “OK” to close the “Internet Options” window.
  • Restart Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect.



This error can hinder the update process, cause payroll update failures, program crashes, slow response time, and network connectivity problems within QuickBooks. To resolve Error 12009, it is important to troubleshoot the specific cause by checking internet connectivity, adjusting firewall and security settings, ensuring correct SSL configurations, and verifying QuickBooks and Internet Explorer settings.

If the two solutions that we have mentioned above don’t give you relief from QuickBooks Error 12009, then you must contact our experts on +1-(855)-955-1942. They will help you with all the issues and give you immediate assistance on the solution.

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