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Quick & Easy Ways to Convert MBOX File to Adobe PDF Format

“Hi, all my Mozilla Thunderbird emails are converted from MBOX file to PDF format. There are many attachments in that MBOX file email and all of them are very important to me. Due to some professional reasons. I need to export MBOX emails to PDF file format along with attachments. Can someone please guide me on how to convert an MBOX file to a PDF? Without any data loss.”

PDF file, how many benefits do it have? Documents for legal purposes, files that don’t change on any platform, standards for documentation, and whatnot? PDF files are so popular that there are questions about converting almost every file format to PDF format. So, in this article, we will take a look at one such query i.e., how to convert MBOX to PDF format? It provides both manual as well professional methods to help you in exporting multiple MBOX files to PDF along with attachments.

However, if we talk about the MBOX file, then it is the easiest file format to store multiple emails. More than 20 email clients use it to store email messages. So, when someone asks about ways to convert an MBOX file to a PDF, it essentially means exporting every email message inside an MBOX file to a PDF document.

Two Techniques to Export MBOX Files to Adobe PDF

In this blog, we have demonstrated different ways to tell you to convert MBOX to PDF. The user only needs to follow the method that seems appropriate:-

  1. Manual Method for Exporting
  2. Automated MBOX to PDF Converter Solution

Now, in the below section, we know the complete working steps for these two methods which make your conversion process easy & simple. Let us move towards the manual method first!

Converting MBOX File to PDF Format – Using Manual Method

In this section, we are going to perform the manual method using Mozilla Thunderbird. Through this users have to install Mozilla Thunderbird and download the ImportExportTools NGm add-on in it. Only after these things are taken care of can a user use the free method as defined below:-

  • To initiate this manual process, just right-click on Local Folders.
  • Select ImportExportTools NG and click on the Import MBOX file option
  • Choose Import one or more MBOX files and click OK
  • Now, select the MBOX file from your Mac system and Hit to Open
  • All this point, the file will appear within the Local Folder section
  • Choose all the email messages present within this imported file
  • Right-click on any of the selected messages and choose Save Selected message >> PDF format
  • Choose the location to save the file on the Mac machine
  • Eventually, the tool will generate a PDF file for each email message in the designated location.

Now, after knowing the manual method, we understand that users are facing several issues to complete their tasks on time. But, don’t worry, we suggest an automated solution to convert MBOX files to PDF format along with attachments. Let’s take a look at the same!

Professional Guide to Export MBOX Files to PDF Format

In this section, we discussed the tool where attachments are an important part of email messages. Mostly, users who wish for email conversion also require the attachments to be converted alongside the emails. But, the free manual method fails to deliver the result for converting MBOX files. Therefore, there is a requirement for a professional tool that can not only process MBOX file conversion at once but also convert MBOX files to PDF files with all attachments.

The Export MBOX Files into PDF Format Tool is not confined to only PST files. Moreover, it also offers the PDF option alongside other file formats such as EMLX, EML, MSG, CSV, HTML, and TXT. It provides a multitude of features to export MBOX files to PDF and makes it easy for users to obtain a seamless conversion experience. Therefore, it also allows you all to view MBOX files in the MS Outlook application easily.

Now, follow the working steps using professional solutions which are easy & simple for both technical and non-technical users.

Working Process Explained of the Tool!

Following are the steps to complete the entire process of converting multiple MBOX files to PDF format with attachments. Let us start the conversion using the tool:-

  1. Download and run the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Now, get multiple Preview Mode for MBOX file Analysis
  3. Click on “Search” to find Any Emails from the MBOX file
  4. Finally, click on the “Export” button for the MBOX file to PDF conversion.

So, you can easily use this automated tool without facing any trouble during the conversion process of exporting MBOX files into PDF along with attachments.

Sticking Point

In the above article, we have discussed how to convert MBOX files to PDF format along with attachments. So, don’t need to worry, in the above post you learn the amazing solution to export an MBOX file as a PDF format without losing any data file. There are two methods which are manual and automated solutions. These two methods help you for converting single or multiple MBOX to PDF format conversion. An automated solution is an easy way to complete the task in multiple MBOX files to PDF format along with attachments. On the other hand, the manual method is easy but it’s a time taking process to perform the process of converting the MBOX file to PDF format without attachments. So, you can choose as per your requirements to export multiple MBOX files into PDF format hassle-free!

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