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Omega Ultra Deep

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The 45.5mm diameter and 18mm thick case is in line with the replica rolex stated competitor, the Rolex Deepsea, but Ultra Deep is superior in performance and design refinement. The case is waterproof to helium and features a newly formulated steel.

Tables in hand, at a depth of 6000 meters the pressure is 600 bar or 60 MN / m2. Whatever steel is used,

a standard specimen is still in the elastic phase: 316L and 904L yield around 220 MPa on average,

while O-Megasteel doubles them at a value of 560 MPa. Even replica rolex more interesting is the PREN index, certainly more tangible in common use in which O-Megasteel is, as stated by Omega, far superior to the 316L adopted for example on a classic Planet Ocean. In this context, it is confronted with Ever Brilliant Steel by Seiko,

and 904L adopted by Rolex, the only steel regulated at ISO level.

The hero of the collection is the commercial re-edition of the titanium watch with manta-shaped lugs worn by Victor Vescovo at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The titanium construction ensures the necessary lightness for this maximum weight. Under normal conditions, the steel version exceeds 200 g and becomes an object for the few, whereas Ultra Deep in grade 5 titanium allows almost any wrist to wear one, size permitting. However, the shine of the new steel is a powerful argument for buying, and the options with a rubber strap are an invitation to choose the classic steel.

Ultra Deep Considerations

Chapeau to the brand for a number of reasons: first of all for the courage to have invested in a niche product; O – Megasteel and the patents on the case, glass and gaskets are specific to this collection.

My hero is Ultra Deep in Orange steel because it is the ultimate luxury tool watch and is 100% Omega; On the other hand, the choice of the smoky blue dial is questionable because it exposes itself to easy similarities and is an argument in favor of detractors who stop at the outward appearance. The specifications are all on Omega’s side and the price in the 12,000 Euro area is amply justified.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M green dial

In this case we are talking about pure range extension. The fake rolex Seamaster Diver 300M debuts in green edition, further expanding the already vast range revisited in 2018. The green ceramic bezel has a unique solution for this product category;

the graduated scale is made of enamel with the Grand Feu technique,

an art usually reserved for classic watches. I would be curious to see live the difference between the standard and the current version.

For the rest there are no noteworthy changes compared to the Diver 300M which measures 42 mm in case width and 13.56 mm in thickness. It is the most elegant professional diver on the market,

easily identifiable thanks to the typically Seamaster bracelet, the curved lugs, the ceramic wave dial. The only regret is that it is no longer as accessible as it used to be. At 5,800 euros in the steel variant it still remains among the top-priced Omega watches.

Omega Speedmaster ’57 caliber 9906

If it hadn’t been Ultra Deep to steal the show, the new collection would represent the biggest novelty among Omega 2022 watches also considering the potential sales replica rolex volumes. If the first is the most muscular and largest watch in the catalog today, the dictionary provides in this case completely different adjectives.

With every wish to review a steel re-edition of the legendary CK 2915 with three-counter architecture and 321 caliber (Canopus Gold excluded), Omega has worked considerably on the outgoing two-counter template by reinterpreting the formula deeply.

Game changer: the Omega 9906 movement

The new Speedmaster 57s earn the splendid Omega caliber 9906,

introduced in a no date edition on the Chronoscope and with manual winding. It differs from its brother for the presence of the additional disc of the day but stands out in general for the beauty of the unique bridge entirely decorated with truly valuable Côtes de Arabesque.

The 9906 is, aesthetically, the mix of a vague Saxon caliber (3/4 bridge) and exquisitely Swiss decorations. It is very beautiful,

it fills the case from edge to edge and the thickness of just 6.4 mm makes it an extremely thin chrono movement. The new Omega Speedmaster 57 stops just below the 13 mm thick threshold (precisely 12.99) gaining a not inconsiderable 4% compared to a Moonwatch 3861.

The watchword is refinement

The case has been reduced to 40 millimeters,

the dial preserves the architecture with two registers for immediate reading because the chrono hour and minute counter is grouped in a single register at three o’clock which,

provided that the chronograph is always running ( option that I would define expensive in terms of energy),

allows the measurement of the time in a second time zone. I would have generally expected a higher autonomy at full charge.


Without the date window it would have been perfect, but the totally renewed concept, the proportions,

the caliber make it a very valid alternative to the classic Moonwatch and to the historical references that mount the 321. The reduction from 41.5 to 40.5 mm and the Apollo 11 inspired bracelet create an alternative in many respects more sophisticated.

The superior refinement of the newly developed caliber (and column-wheel) motivates the € 10,000 threshold price and the new colored dials give the opportunity to dare, although none can beat the sandwich dial with vintage Super – Luminova®.

Conversely, I find the step back on water resistance incomprehensible:

the outgoing range reaches 100 meters, the new collection stops at 50m.

Holy Grail: Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Moonshine Gold

Rather than highlighting the Moonwatch’s two new gold options,

the community wasted time dividing itself into factions made up of Omega supporters and Rolex supporters without grasping the sense of novelty and the real absence of overlap. That Omega is a direct competitor of the brand with the crown is not a mystery,

a marketing expert is not needed to understand it,

and it is understandable that the comparison is animated by replica rolex a palpable “sense of challenge”. Yet a Daytona and a Moonwatch are so different in history and technical characteristics that it shows how much the people of social media stop at appearances.

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