Most Productive Tools for your Business in 2021 using employee monitoring software.

Businesses and employers have learned the importance of being resourceful during this COVID-19 pandemic. Surprisingly, most of their employees have shown their resilience and flexibility to deal with the challenges. Especially employee monitoring software is playing its part in this situation.

employee monitoring software

Many fundamental changes take place in times of crisis. Typically, organizations and employers have been wary of the concept of working from home in a world where a fully remote-controlled workforce could not have been imagined. Such organizations have been able to move to home working without a major impact on productivity. The hiring managers have played an important role in helping employees overcome their worries and focus on the challenges.

How can employers’ concerns be overcome?

As mentioned earlier, all of the machinery is focused on worker concerns and the productivity of work, leaving employers’ concerns by the wayside. Let’s look at some of the issues discussed earlier and find some consolation for employers.

Over the counter solutions


The key to solving most of the above problems lies in a system that enables people to be tracked and monitored in the workplace. This system would be able to identify people and their position in the workplace.

Typically these systems are referred to as RTLS systems. The Internet of Things offers a technology that enables solutions with all of the features mentioned above. This technology is mature and there are many examples of IoT solutions today. IoT is also a promise when it comes to these Covid-19 challenges. A single solution that covers all of these basic needs is possible with IoT.

To learn about the best productivity apps for designers, scroll down for information on the affordability of the tools and the features that suit the needs of design work:

  • Facilitating cooperation
  • Invoicing for design projects
  • Communication options
  • Functions for project management.

EMS (Employee Monitoring System): 

Productivity is not about maximizing hours. It’s about doing meaningful work and eliminating the decision-making fatigue that too many administrative tasks can create. With employee activity monitoring software you can achieve it easily.

To build a routine that enables designers to forget about calculations, minimize mundane tasks of little value, and synchronize the allocation and consumption of their time with precision, there is EMS.

How Employee Monitoring Softwares Makes Us Productive: 

It allows you to create an easy-to-follow schedule, group tasks, estimate project budgets, and block distractions. It also saves design teams from missing, conflicting, or confusing information about time metrics because its functionality includes options for:

  • Live Monitoring
  • Automation of working time calculation
  • Marking of idle hours
  • Project Management
  • Alarm Trigger.
  • How much does it cost: 

employee monitoring software

The EMS employee monitoring software is free for design teams of up to members of any choice. To add the advanced features to the designer workflow, the cost per user is $ 10 per month. Monitoring computer activities has never been this affordable.

What you get: 

Time savings on administrative tasks and additional time recording functions including billing and integrations at an affordable price with this productivity monitoring software.


The risk of a design detail being overlooked can lead to chaos, putting the issue of communication in the spotlight, especially when hybrid working becomes a likely scenario in the post-pandemic.

Discord is a leading communication tool. Although it is widely known as a chat app for gamers, it is now a tool that is loved by all types of teams.

How it makes us productive:

Discord has many servers for graphic designers, 3D artists, and illustrators who form a highly dynamic community of professionals (for example, the DesignDrop server has over 21,000 participants).

How much does it cost:

Discord is a free app. In case you want to unlock the extra features, Discord Nitro Classic is available for just $ 5 a month.


Figma is one of the most dynamic tools when it comes to improving the user experience and it doesn’t need to be introduced. It has become a digital hub for designers as it gives members of the design team the opportunity to collaborate on a project in real-time.

How It Makes Us Productive

With the ability to automate layouts, it promises less manual labor with resizing. In addition to full access to design libraries, it offers an efficient design system, file storage, and versioning options. It doesn’t require a learning curve, and as a beginner, you won’t have any difficulty understanding its features.

How much does it cost: 

There is a free starter plan that you can complete for 1 team project. The Professional plan starts at $ 12 per editor per month.

What you get: 

Designers get a tool that allows them to immerse themselves in the seamless design process and plan their projects from start to finish in one place.


Canva is an example of a design tool that can be used to create impeccable designs and stimulate the creativity of the design team without overwhelming yourself. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to carry out all tasks and projects. In addition to layouts, business cards, and presentations, it also offers functions for creating logos.

How It Makes Us Productive 

With Canva templates, users can customize any component by editing it or removing it from the canvas. The template is an ideal starting point for creating a logo.

How much it costs: 

There are free templates for logo creation (for initials, podcasts, milestone announcements, etc.). In addition, a large number of logos are available on the professional plan, which starts at $ 1.99 per user per month.

What you get: 

Access to an unobtrusive online graphic design tool that, in addition to various offers for project management, also helps with the smooth creation of a logo.

Font Share: 

Fontshare is a free font app from the ITF (Indian Type Foundry). It’s a great collection of fonts for professional designers that unlocks all possibilities of typographic pleasure and encourages creativity. The service licensed is available for commercial and personal use.

How it makes us productive: 

There are 50 fonts to choose from on the website. Although the Fontshare app has fewer fonts than e.g. B. Google Fonts, provides excellent font quality and creates an amazing user experience in design work.

How much does it cost? 

What you get: It offers several options for searching and creating texts, a list of views, an example for editing your text. There is also a layout tester.

Building a portfolio around top projects is not only an effective strategy for presentation but also for defining the principles a designer pursues in his career and collaboration. A designer portfolio made with Notion can be the best recommendation. It enables a minimalist yet professional approach to self-expression.

How it makes us productive: 

It helps create a neat and applicable portfolio with a focus on services relevant to the design industry. Aside from the embedded forms and directing viewers to accounts on social networks, designers are given several options for showcasing their best projects.

What it costs: 

From $ 9 per template, which will be available to Notion users regardless of their free or pro plan user status.

What You Get: 

Create a portfolio that is easy to navigate and that introduces you to the viewer in a professional manner.


Is there a solution that is “out of the box”? The answer is yes and no. The not-so-unconventional answer, of course, lies in technology, without which a continuous monitoring mechanism would not be feasible. The “out of the box” part is the choice of technology. The solution needed should be able to identify where a person is in the workplace and also be able to track people’s movements in real-time as they move from one place to another. It is easily Possible with good employee monitoring software.

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