Morganite Promise Ring: How to Choose the Perfect Promise Ring for Your Paramour

Your Perfect Guide for Choosing the Promise Ring of Your Dreams!

Is your partner dropping playful little hints about popping the question? Or are you sure they are the one, but it’s too early to pop the question for you? – Then this is the solution to all your worries.

A promise ring is a ring you give to someone as a token of loyalty and a gesture of commitment. A promise ring is a meaningful little token of love before the engagement.

That is why – we are here to help you sweep her off her feet with these exquisite promise ring designs of 2023! So keep reading this blog to find your perfect promise ring today.

We will answer important questions and explore the shimmering world of promise rings and all you need to know while choosing the perfect one for your perfect one! 😉

Morganite Promise Ring

What Is a Promise Ring?

Promise rings signify a long-term commitment and a promised marriage. So in simpler words, you can surprise your lover with a promise ring to prove the solidity of your feelings for them.

It is usually called a pre-engagement ring or can be a sweet little hint that you are planning a proposal soon. Sometimes, they are also referred to as purity rings that signify abstinence.

In simpler words, promise rings signify monogamy, and couples promise each other that they will get married in the future.

When Is It a Good Time to Buy a Promise Ring?

Anytime is a good time to buy a ring as beautiful as this flower promise ring by David’s House of Diamonds. But most couples choose promise rings as the next step to dating. Promise rings come into the picture before the engagement ring, sometimes a few months before the proposal.

They are not mandatory, as many couples find them out of style. But if you ask us, they are a grand gesture of chivalry. You can buy a promise ring as a sweet and playful gesture of love.

On Which Finger Does a Promise Ring Go?

Any. You can wear a promise ring on any finger or hand you’d like. The most popular ways of fashioning a promise ring are wearing it on the ring finger if you are yet to be married and on the right hand if you’re married. Otherwise, you can rock one on your middle, ring, or index finger. 

Where to Buy a Promise Ring From?

There are a variety of famous vendors available online as well as offline. One store based in Fullerton, California, is David’s House of Diamonds. They provide an in-store experience as well as online services and fast delivery.

Apart from this, many options are available from where you can buy the promise ring of your dreams. Meanwhile, check out DHD’s latest promise rings collection.

Where Did the Tradition of Exchanging Promise Rings Start?

Promise rings were first introduced in England by the name “Posy Rings.” These posy rings had poetry and love messages engraved on them. 

Followed by posy rings, acrostic rings came into the picture. Acrostic rings had engraved gemstones arranged to spell words signifying love and commitment.

Promise rings gained more popularity in the last decade. Today, not only men but also women present their lovers with beautiful promises and engagement rings.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Promise Ring for Your Paramour

Pick A Finger

The most important and first step to choosing a promise ring design is to select the finger. Ring styles often differ from finger to finger. Some ring designs are meant to be worn on the ring finger, while some may look better on the middle finger.

For example, a thinner and more delicate ring design may look better on stubby or wider fingers. In contrast, slender fingers may look better with broad and bold ring designs.

Once you have a clear idea of what finger the ring will be worn on, it becomes easier to figure out the ring size.

Get an Idea of The Ring Size

Figuring out the ring size without spoiling the surprise might be tricky. If you want to go down the traditional route, sit down for a talk and present the idea of buying a promise ring.

But if you want to be sneaky about the purchase, you could borrow one of their rings or ask a friend to help you out with it.

The other way of asking for their finger size sneakily is to tell them you are buying a ring for your mother, father, or sister. 

Pick A Setting and The Metal

Another essential detail while choosing a ring design is to pick a metal. The type of metal your partner may prefer depends on their personality and personal aesthetic.  

While a classic yellow gold ring will always be timeless, rose gold is trending nowadays. So before you choose a metal for the ring, observe what type of jewelry they usually wear. 

Ultimately, go with the metal tint they would most likely choose to match with their existing jewelry. You can select the ring setting according to the metal you like.

Pick A Center Stone

The center stone or main stone brings together the whole look of the ring. The center stone you choose will convey how you feel about your partner.

There are various ways to choose the center stone that suits your partner the best. One such option is to select their birthstone (zodiac stone). Not only will this give you a variety of color and design options, but it will also be personal and memorable to them.

3 Exquisite Promise Ring Designs of 2023

14K Gold Diamond Halo with 2.5 Carats Pear Morganite Engagement Ring

2.5 Carats Pear Morganite Engagement Ring

While this ring may suffice as an engagement ring, morganite is an affordable stone that can be worn in a promise ring. This majestic morganite promise ring is perfect for any modern gal or guy out there! Available in yellow, rose, and white gold, this ring will indeed sweep them off their feet!

The mystical, captivating pear-cut center stone is enough to melt anyone’s heart. The center stone is encircled with a delicate halo of alternating white and morganite side stones. 

The ring’s shank is also halfway covered with alternating white and morganite side stones. The unique setting and design of this ring make it an irresistible choice.

14K Gold Diamond Flower Promise Ring

Gold Diamond Flower Promise Ring

They say flowers always bring a smile to a lady’s face, and so will this stunning flower promise ring by David’s House of Diamonds. The best part is this ring is available in yellow, rose, and white gold, so a good fit for any personality.

Four stunning oval-cut diamonds come together to make the butterfly. Additionally, the ring shank is halfway covered with delicate round-cut diamonds. This ring is perfect for those out there who love to explore the nuances of life like a butterfly. 

14K Gold Natural Diamond Baguette Halo Engagement Promise Ring

Diamond Baguette Halo Engagement Promise Ring

This beautiful halo diamond promise ring is an excellent choice for a lady with some sass and a lot of class. This stunner will captivate anyone’s heart with its beautiful baguette center stone and delicate ring setting.

A halo of round-cut side stones encircles the center stone beautifully. With this ring on your fingers, you will surely make heads turn.

So what are your thoughts on these? In the comments below, let us know which one you would love to buy the most.


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