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Mobile App Development Process in 2022 – 7 Stages of App Development

What are the process stages of mobile application development? If you are thinking about developing a mobile app for your business, these are the basic questions you are probably asking yourself right now. This article is a guide for current and future mobile app owners who want to know step-by-step how their application will be created. mobile application development in San Diego

What are the stages of the mobile application development process?

The mobile application development process consists of the following stages:

Step 1 – Select a company to design and develop your application

First, Decide if you want to build your mobile application in-house or outsource its development. If you decide to outsource your application creation, then you need to know how to choose a proper mobile application development in San Diego for your project. How to verify if a company you want to choose is right or trustworthy? 

  • Use or other platforms  for B2B buying
  • Analyze pre-selected companies
  • Analyze the estimations you receive
  • Make sure the code will be written in English
  • Make sure the code will be hosted on Code Repositories Hosts
  • Verify the Independent Contract Agreement
  1. Confidentiality
  2. Intellectual property
  3. Choice of Law
  4. Advance payment
  5. Payment deadline
  6. Conditions for terminating the contract

Step 2 – Define what you want to create, for who and why

Before you start your mobile application development process and it is necessary to clarify your mobile application vision – we call this phase product discovery. This is the key to your mobile application success. the foundation of this step is an idea, solution, and constant testing as well as learning how to adapt them to the user’s needs. Ensures that your development team knows your goals and is able to deliver your ideas in your product.

Here is the following point  you should consider during Product Discovery:

  • Establishing a strategy
  • Targeting potential users and their problem
  • Ideating solutions
  • Prototyping
  • Reviewing ideas
  • Narrowing down the solutions
  • Prioritization
  • Planning

Step 3 – Determine how your app will work and look

What do UX and UI mean? UX for how an app works and UI for how it looks. A well-designed UX and UI are very important from your business point of view. If the application user’s experience is flawless and the design of the application will create a positive impression for its users to use it.

Stage of the mobile app development process

  • User Journey Map
  • Wireframes
  • Design

Step 4 – Last preparations before the start of mobile app development

Now, it is time to define your role as an owner and to also clarify other team member roles. time to set the rules you want to follow & plan the next steps. 

How do the developers set up your project?

  •  Web-based hosting service
  •  Continuous Integration setup
  •  Setup of the beta distribution tool on the CI platform
  •  Choosing a code architecture, libraries & SDKs
  •  Setup project in IDE
  •  Register the app in Google Play Console, Firebase API Console, and other services if needed. 

Step 5-  App development with Quality Assurance

where developers start to write the code and make your product. how do they do that? Sprints or scrum. It means you break up all development work into small milestones and develop your app in a cycle process. Each cycle has many points including refinement, planning, development, testing, review, and retrospective. 

How Quality Assurance can be integrated into the mobile app development process:

  • Coding
  • Pull Request
  • Execution of automated tests 
  • Code Review
  • Deployment
  • Manual Tests
  • The feature is done

Step 6 – Preparation and publishing of the app on Google Play Store and Apple Store

When your first version of your mobile application is ready, it is time to publish it in an app store. Your Partner should assist you to upload your android application on the google play store, and your iOS application on the Apple store. It is also a part of the application development process. Mobile application development companies should guide you through the app setup on the stores regarding the add all the detail in-app store.

Steps 7 – App maintenance & further development

During mobile application maintenance, the development team implements mobile application monitoring tools using Crashlytics, Google Analytics, Firebase to your product. 


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