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Membrane Bioreactor(MBR) For Sewage Treatment Plant | WOG Group

WOG Technologies contributes to the world’s growing urbanization by incorporating wastewater services into each city’s water cycle. Specifically, we will dedicate our work to environmental sustainability and offer complete water resource protection solutions. Since WOG Technologies is in charge of facilities that can treat more complex effluents while conforming to ever-stricter discharge rules.

Sewage treatment methods currently come in a range of shapes and sizes. One such sewage treatment technique that will be considered is the Sewage Treatment Plant that uses MBR technology.

The Membrane Bioreactor Sewage Treatment Plant, often known as the MBR Sewage Treatment Plant, is a ground-breaking wastewater treatment technique. It integrates two processes: membrane filtration and biological treatment.

Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment Plant

Technology for wastewater treatment

WOG Technology, is committed to providing our loyal clients with high-quality Membrane Bioreactor. Our specialists have a vast knowledge of MBR, large-scale RO units, and UF units. These membrane bio-reactors enable us to give the best service to our clients while also gaining a competitive advantage.

An “MBR System” is considered as an integrated membrane unit (sub-systems). It contains all of the components for the process to function. A Membrane Bioreactor system, which comprises ten or eleven sub-systems, includes fine screening, the Membrane Zone, and, in most cases, some type of post-disinfection operation.

Wastewater treatment procedures

WOG Technologies has an active research and development programme, allowing our employees to continue striving to improve water filtration. As an innovator, we devote our entire hearts and soul to fulfilling our clients’ objectives. WOG Technologies is well-known for providing high-quality industrial wastewater treatment. Water purification is now achievable because of implementing an effective treatment technique.

This method has several advantages, including low maintenance and efficient power plants.

Municipal wastewater treatment plants have the biggest volume of wastewater to treat, which causes a more diverse combination and more effective technique. The processes employed by the type of wastewater treatment plant will be specifically designing.


We utilise membrane bioreactor and filter techniques in the fourth and final cleaning stage. They integrated this stage of purification with the chemical processes of precipitation and flocculation in part. This results in, for example, the flocculation filtration process. It adds precipitants and flocculants in the wastewater, causing the compounds to be separated to flocculate. Something filtered the flocculated wastewater using a cloth or sand filter. Nanofiltration operates similarly. In contrast to traditional filtration, it forced the water across a membrane that traps even the smallest dissolved particles, such as molecules or heavy metal ions. Similarly, it is the same for reverse osmosis, which uses even higher operating pressures and finer membranes.

Pollutants kept during filtering, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis is filtered into the sludge treatment via the primary wastewater treatment tank as filter sludge. The water has now reached the wastewater treatment plant’s last location, the treated water storage tank. We find water samples again here, and we evaluate the water quality. When the required conditions meet, it will return clean water to the water cycle.

Features of a Membrane Bioreactor Sewage Treatment Plant

Some of the highlights of our MBR Sewage Treatment Plant are as follows:

  • It featured an automated sludge system in our product to assure proper operation and no disturbances.
  • It is capable of producing high-quality treated water.
  • Its goal is to reduce associated costs and chemical usage.
  • A separate settler, clarifier, or polisher is not required.
  • It is adaptable in that they can use it both below and above ground.
  • It is good for the environment.

The Benefits of Membrane Bio-Reactor

  • Demonstrate a high level of waste reduction efficiency.
  • Effluent quality has improved.
  • Capability to remove a wide range of contaminants from the air, including bacteria, nitrogen, and other solid wastes.
  • Generally, take less space and so have a smaller footprint.
  • It produces a smaller amount of sludge.

The standards for wastewater treatment processes are as follows:

Water treatment is extremely important in a wide range of industries. It eliminates all hazardous substances from the water and uses various techniques to repair them. Wastewater Treatment Plants are classified into chemical treatment, biological treatment, chemical and biological treatment combined, and lastly heat treatment. Our experts have the knowledge and experience required to provide dependable water purification solutions. The buyer has the option of transporting the pilot and demonstrator units to their location. We have enough wastewater and debris to take to the testing facilities of WOG Technologies. WOG Technologies is well-known for producing high-quality industrial wastewater treatment plants.

industrial effluent
industrial effluent

Water purification system effectiveness

We saw water as necessary for the majority of manufacturing plants around the world. We employed it as a solvent as well as a coolant. When chemical processes occur in the industry, it creates water as a byproduct. It contains both dangerous and non-toxic compounds. At the time, we constructed an Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant. Altogether, this is a straightforward method for cleaning industrial wastewater to recycle, reuse, or dispose of it. Compact and portable water filtration systems Various firms’ wastewater components necessitate a variety of Industrial effluent treatment systems.

Similarly, Textile, petroleum, and chemical companies. for example, we have established an onsite facility for treating their wastewaters utilizing industrial effluent treatment plants. Special separators, filtering methods, chemicals, and RO systems were formed specifically for the wastewater sector. Likewise, WOG Technologies is a company that specializes in serving the demands of numerous industries in the area. Our technical personnel inspect the system’s installation or design at the site, location, or industry.

The Diverse selection of the finest services

Customers recognise the company as one of the leading manufacturers of sophisticated industrial wastewater treatment systems. Our wastewater treatment process uses fewer chemicals, consumes less energy, and produces high-quality water. Meanwhile, industries have made major modifications to their manufacturing systems to produce less wastewater. As a result, proper production research techniques works.

WOG Technology has solutions for enterprises that rely on wastewater-generating operations. Eventually, every effort is to meet future obligations. Previous successful effluent treatment projects have established us as one of the leading Effluent Water Treatment Plant suppliers in India. On Comparing to other leading ETP suppliers in India, our Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Plant or Wastewater Treatment System Integration has a distinct advantage.

We have hit a key milestone in terms of delivering wastewater treatment systems and providing 100% client satisfaction. We have created a well-known name in the manufacturing industry, laying a solid basis on which clients may rely. Customers who can best represent our value by sharing their great experiences. We work with complete faith that our company will flourish and establish a trustworthy name in the market. We will continue to endeavour for the improvement of our company approach.


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