Law College In Indore

Best Law College In Indore

#About LLB:

LLB stands for Bachelor of Legislative Law, It is popularly known as Bachelor of Law. LLB is basically a Three year or Five year undergraduate law programme that can be opted either after completion of secondary education or after completion of any other Graduation Degree. Law(LLB) acts as a Foundation Of Law, because it teaches students legal procedures followed in the profession. Find the Best Law College In Indore – Read More

#Subjects mainly covered in LLB:

LLB course subjects are divided into two parts, Core and Elective subjects. The Elective list is based on students interests and career scopes, or future education goals. Whereas Core List is considered as an essential part for the learning of the students.

  • LLB Core Subjects:

  1. Labour Laws and
  2. Administrative Law and
  3. Jurisprudence and
  4. Taxation Law and
  5. Family Law and lastly
  6. Law of Contract
  • LLB Elective Subjects:

  1. Women and Law and
  2. Comparative Laws and
  3. Conflict of Laws and
  4. Trust and Equity and
  5. Election Law and
  6. Law and Media and lastly
  7. Healthcare Law

#Best LAW college in Indore:

IMI stands for Indore Management Institute. Indore Management Institute is the Best College For LLB(hons) in Indore. And IMI designed its three year program in a way to ensure that every student gains sufficient Knowledge and Skills in the fundamental branches of law.

IMI’s top LLB(Hons) course provides an opportunity to develop particular interests and to deepen understanding. Being among the Best LL.B (Hons) Colleges in Indore , IMI imparts the intensive study and training in law subjects to obtain more extensive viewpoints for professionalism.

Duration : Three years(Full Time)
[Best LAW(LLB (hons)) College In Indore]
Program status : Two semesters in each year
Affiliation : Affiliated to Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (D.A.V.V.) Indore
Eligibility : Candidate Seeking Admission To The LLB Degree of IMI must have completed secondary education and 3 Course Of Schooling Recognized By The Educational Authority Of Central Or State Government And Secured Minimum 50% Marks In Aggregate.

#Why LLB(hons) only In IMI?

Reasons to Opt LLB(hons) from IMI :

1. Court Visits of LLB(Hons) students:

According to IMI, visiting the courts is one of the most important things that aspiring students must do. The purpose of the visit is not only to understand the working of a court, but also to know the nature of duties of the judicial officers. In IMI, the process of Court visits is initiated right from the beginning of the first year, as student gets skills and motivation thorough knowledge in respect of the role of court.

2. On Campus Activities for LLB(Hons) Students:

IMI’s aim is to create culturally rich academic environment by conducting activities like Parliamentary
Debate, Moot court, Paper Presentations, Guest Lectures for the further enhancement of students growth.

3. Internships for LLB(Hons) Students:

According to IMI, Internships are an essential part of the best legal education in India. Students have to complete their Internships at college level. Students have to work as a team so that they can learn other soft skills as well. They have to think out of the box to demonstrate legal knowledge gained during their studies.

The key objective of the internship program is the integration of the students within the Organisation from day one of the internship so that they are exposed to real work experience . They offer internship opportunities to their students at the offices of top law firms, corporate, NGOs, and at the offices of judge of High Courts and the Supreme Court .

4. Placement Activities for LLB(Hons):

They have dedicated Placement executives who have regular interface or connection with the legal fraternity. Who attempt to give maximum exposure with the outside world through faculty and institutional contacts along with a Placement Committee comprising of young and enthusiastic learners. The college also aims to provide placements to well-deserved graduating and post-graduating students with the assistance of Placement Committee.

So, This is the reason Why IMI is the Best Law College In Indore and Why a Students Must Persue LLB(hons) from Indore Management Institute.

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