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Is UPSC better for commerce students?

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is India’s apex body in charge of the Civil Services Exam. As one of the most competitive exams in the country, an aspirant may have several concerns and questions about the IAS examination recruitment process.

Commerce is a time-consuming paper to prepare due to the lengthy syllabus. It necessitates extensive reading from a variety of books and sources, which must then be integrated into the context of the syllabus.

But that’s a good thing because the more notes you take from various sources, the more practice you’ll have writing your answers in the main exam. You can also practice with some Test series.

A substantial number of candidates choose commerce as an optional because it is quite technical. Given that both Papers 1 and 2 make use of undergraduate and professional studies, it is an excellent scoring optional and benefits commerce graduates.

Additionally, the fact that accounting and commerce are your standard topics makes preparation much simpler. The majority of the commerce curriculum is static. In terms of preparation and revision time, commerce is a lengthy option.

Table of Content
  • About UPSC Exam for Commerce students
  • Choosing Commerce as an Optional Subject: Pros and Cons
  • Overview of Syllabus
  • How to answer Commerce paper in UPSC
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions


About UPSC Exam for Commerce students

The UPSC IAS exam includes Commerce And Accountancy as one of the subjects on the list of discretionary choices for the Mains exam, which also includes 48 subjects. The UPSC Exam has three stages: two exams and one interview, after which the final merit list of selected candidates is released.

Candidates who choose UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Syllabus as a discretionary subject in the UPSC Mains exam will discover that the syllabus places a strong emphasis on administration-related commerce and accountancy.

  • Every year, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) holds the UPSC exam for candidates who want to work for the Indian government.
  • The UPSC Commerce and Accountancy syllabus for the IAS Exam assesses candidates’ understanding of core concepts as well as their ability to apply commerce and accounting knowledge to issues confronting the government and businesses.
  • This discretionary is ideal for Chartered Accountants, candidates with a business background, and individuals working in finance or fund-related roles.
  • Accounting, taxation, and auditing are among the topics covered in the Commerce UPSC Syllabus, as are financial management, financial institutions and markets, human resource management, and industrial relations.

Choosing Commerce as an Optional Subject: Pros and Cons

Pros of optional commerce

  • If one has a solid understanding of what the topic requires and a strong foundation, commerce is a suitable subject to take as an elective.
  • The study of commerce is fascinating and offers potential candidates the chance to gain knowledge of many financial concepts.

However, it is a fact that an applicant should select an optional only if he or she finds it compelling and manageable through the very end.

Cons of optional commerce

The major challenge an aspirant encounters in this optional is that it necessitates extensive and in-depth reading from a variety of sources. This ultimately results in thorough coverage in both Paper 1 and Paper 2.

But since the UPSC is so unpredictable, there is no denying that it requires a high level of competence.
Overview of Syllabus
Papers 1 and 2 make up the two papers in commerce and accounting.

  • A lot more practical problems are included in Paper 1; with regular practice, one may easily achieve a score of above 200. Because most of the obligatory questions are theory-based only and there have recently been a few current affairs-related questions included, practice is the key to getting higher marks in paper 1.

Practice includes both practical and theoretical questions. The level of Paper 1 is similar to CA Inter or B.Com Hons, thus books of that level are more than enough to complete the entire course, as can be shown by carefully examining the syllabus.

  • Paper 2 of Commerce, on the other hand, is entirely theoretical and presents a challenge to many aspirants due to a lack of good material. Writing practice and the use of relevant examples from current events can help one score higher on paper 2.

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How to answer Commerce paper in UPSC

Long answers should begin with quotations or a general explanation, then be followed by an exact definition. Then, before returning to the main topic, explain it by establishing links with other areas. Pause here, read the question again, and think again.

Diagrams must be correctly used. The conclusion of the answers should always be visionary/positive and solution based, with examples or lines if necessary. Paragraphs and points should be interchangeably used. Wherever possible, examples should be used, but refrain from using the same business repeatedly.


The above article on “Is UPSC better for commerce students” is meant to help candidates who are studying for the exam. Join the PW community right now to boost your preparations!

PW will assist you in preparing for exams by providing efficient notes, live classes, mock tests, test series, practice questions, and doubt-clearing sessions all in one location. Take advantage of the exciting offers currently available on the PW app and prepare for the UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Syllabus!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1. How can a commerce student pass UPSC exams after the 12th grade?

Ans: You cannot take the UPSC exam immediately following your 12th grade. You can graduate in any field, including commerce, arts, and science from a recognized university.

You have three years to graduate. According to the Baswan Committee, UPSC may not have optional subjects. It has not, however, been approved.

Q.2. Is it appropriate for me to prepare for the UPSC as a commerce student?

Ans: Preparing for UPSC requires only your confidence and passion; streams such as science or commerce are rarely relevant.

Q.3. Is it required to include a phone number and an email address on the application form of UPSC?

Ans: Yes, it is critical to include the correct contact information and email address in the application form because the conducting body only communicates electronically and does not communicate via post. Applicants must complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*).

Q.4. For the UPSC exam, which optional subject should I choose?

Ans: Candidates can select from approximately 50 subjects for their optional paper. When choosing the optional paper, keep the following points in mind:

  • Basic understanding of the subject
  • Previous results based on UPSC analysis
  • Academic background and interest
  • External assistance/coaching is readily available for the subject, as is a wide range of study materials.

Q.5. Can I pass the exam without enrolling in a coaching program?

Ans: Yes, you can pass the exam without enrolling in a coaching program. Make sure you have enough study material, books, proper notes, internet access, and time to devote to self-study. A coaching institute can only help you with concepts and topics, provide notes, and familiarize you with the exam pattern.

The key to exam success is hard work and dedication. PW provides comprehensive and exhaustive study material and guidance to excel in the examination to help candidates with their UPSC Preparation.

Q.6. Which subjects are recommended for graduation to pass the UPSC Exam?

Ans: There is no such recommendation for the subject you choose for your graduation that will make it easier to pass the UPSC exam. Though questions based on humanities have a slight advantage over other subjects, being a graduate in it makes little difference.

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