Is Matchmaking Kundli Significant for Love Marriages?

With the help of kundli matchmaking, many aspects of married life can be predict and problems can be avoid.

Does Matchmaking Kundli for love marriage important? This question has raise almost in everyone’s mind. Have you ever wonder why getting an astrological reading from the World’s best Astrologer is the first and most important step before fixing your marriage? The answer to your question is – families will consider all relevant factors before approving a marriage proposal.

Astrology helps to understand how the presence of a partner affects the other person. Boy and girl horoscopes or birth horoscopes are examine by the best astrologer in India before marriage. And it offers astrological matchmaking base on the Dasha or duration of the planets.

Why is astrology important in matchmaking Kundli?

People recommend astrology to determine their mutual compatibility. Matchmaking kundli enables them to lead a happy life after marriage. Moreover, if the planets of one partner have a negative influence, the favorable placement of the planets of the other will guide them in the right direction under the guidance of the best Vedic astrologer in India.

Since ancient times, kundli pairing has been consider one of the most important elements of Indian marriages. In particular (if many modernists downplay the importance of this ceremony) astrology has a strong basis for supporting the idea that matchmaking is a necessary step before tying the knot.

With the help of kundli matchmaking, many aspects of married life can be predict and problems can be avoid. Vedic astrology strongly recommends matchmaking to avoid any major problems in the future.

What’s happening in Matchmaking Kundli?

Matchmaking kundli is also know as Kundli matching. In order to determine the compatibility of the respective couple on mental as well as physical levels, Kundli matching is a crucial step in matchmaking astrology.

The best Vedic astrologer in India checks the horoscopes of future bride and groom. Through this process, you will know whether your marriage will be fruitful or not. The primary objective of Kundli matchmaker is ashta-koota matching which takes into account 36 points from both horoscopes.

Why is gun matching important?

An expert astrologer in India calculates the eight Guns or Ashtakoots based on the birth specifics or horoscope of the bride and groom. The compatibility of these eight gunas compared to the name and date of birth gives information about the probability of a successful marriage. These attributes are:

guna corresponding in kundli

  • Varna

The first characteristic contrasts with the Varna or caste of the bride and groom. The bride’s varna should be larger than or equal to that of the groom. This aspect also highlights the mental compatibility between the two.

  • Vasya

When comparing traits such as name and date of birth, these traits can be use to predict who will rule and have the most influence.

  • Tara

The stars of the bride and groom are compare to determine their birth nakshatra, which shows how good their relationship is.

  • Yoni

This characteristic can help determine whether two people will be romantically compatible.

  • Gruha Maitri

By comparing the characteristics of domestic friendship, it is possible to reveal the intellectual and intellectual relationship between a potential couple.

  • Ghana

The compatibility of both partners, such as personalities, behaviors and attitudes, is partly determine by this attribute.

  • Bhakoot

After marriage, financial security and family harmony are referring to as Bhakoot guna and it is decided how the career of the groom with the bride will develop after the marriage.

  • Nadi

According to the name and date of birth, this guna gets the highest rating and is the most significant attribute when comparing different Kundli. It deals with the existence of the family after marriage as a whole. This quality also determines birth and reproductive disorders.

The role of astrology in the matchmaking Kundli  process?

By matching your kundli, astrology can greatly help you in finding the right life partner. The kundlis compatibility of the future bride and groom can indicate whether their union will be successful or not. The ideal number of gunas will match when comparing two people who are astrologically compatible.

When comparing two people who are astrologically compatible, the optimal amount of gunas will match. When comparing two horoscopes, the Ashtakoota or eight sides of each kundli is consider. Group, Vashya, Town, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi are the eight aspects mention. Each aspect is assign points or gunas, three and six in total.

Relationship Predictions

A horoscope can predict whether a marriage will be successful or not for the two people involved. Another benefit is that it helps in determining compatibility, which is one of the key elements of a successful marriage. Married couples have depend on these prophecies since ancient times to understand the challenges and rewards of a particular union. This affects whether the couple will treat each other with respect and equality.

Do love marriages require Matchmaking Kundli to play an important role?

When potential spouses are strangers, it is important to check ashta-koota compatibility. The compatibility of their personalities, sexual prowess, attitudes and tendencies are compare as part of Kundli matching to see if they are good mates. When two individuals fall in love, they reunite and spend a lot of time getting to know each other.

Due to the above factors, Kundli matching is rarely necessary once mutual understanding has been achieve. Longevity, the likelihood of divorce, the likelihood of betrayal, and the likelihood of having children are the only factors to consider when comparing horoscopes of romantic partners.

Apart from all these factors, kundli matching hardly makes any sense if both spouses decide to get married despite all obstacles and difficulties.


Kundli matching can help in marriage when all other factors except the horoscope are favorable. Reputable astrologers have specialized answers to these situations, known as upayas in astrological terminology. The negative and harmful effects of mismatch kundli can be mitigate by using specific upayas.

An expert astrologer in India can advise some particular Puja for a blissful and prosperous married life once the Kundali matches. These pujas can also be recommended for Kundli which are harmoniously suited to strengthen the connection. Even after marriage, in later periods like unexpected financial or health problems, kundli are still necessary. In these circumstances, India’s number one astrologer determines whether any unexpected or unwelcome movement of a particular star or planet is creating a bad effect.

Vedic astrology lays great stress on the value of Kundli Milan for a happy and fulfilling married life. Before entering into the long-term institution known as marriage, it is necessary to have the Kundli match making by a renowned and experienced astrologer, as it is believed that one’s character and future can be predicted through their horoscope.

An expert astrologer in India uses these gunas to identify obstacles in marriage and suggest the best course of action to overcome them. Now that you’re aware of this, you’re all going to have a few questions about matchmaking kundli. 

Here are some typical questions and their answers:

Frequently asked questions
What happens when Gun-Milan is low?

Gun Milan represents only 20% of the total number of Kundli Milan. Even though Ashtakoot Milan has a low score, more thorough matching has yet to be done. Numerous marriages have succeeded with low Asthkoot matches and many marriages have failed despite having high Ashtakoot points.

What if the wedding takes place without Kundli Matching?

Let’s assume that the horoscopes were compatible if everything is going well in the marriage. In case of problems, Astroeshop can be sought after marriage. Counselling after marriage helps reconciliation by teaching tips and techniques to escape from a difficult union. If a person cannot provide healing touch on their own, they should be willing to attend a counselling session.

Even if the thorough Kundli Matchmaking says “No”, can the marriage take place and last?

Ideally, the wedding should not take place. However, consent to marriage can be given in specific situations where the partners do not imagine each other’s lives to be in danger. In these situations, the intended couple should apply for full pre-marriage Counseling. The horoscope determines practical karmic procedures, which the engaged couple then learn. Using these strategies increases the likelihood that a marriage will last.

Is Matchmaking Kundli important also for a second marriage?

Yes, even more than for the first marriage, Kundli Milan is essential for future marriages. The native has inevitably activated separation yoga in his horoscope by ending his first or previous marriage. Matchmaking must be done so as not to upset their recently married couple.


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