Is it Better to Repair or Replace a Flat Tire?

Did any morning you were getting late for the work and the moment you stepped out to start the car you noticed a flat tire? Or on the annual day of your child, you didn’t reach the destination because you had a flat tire? Well! We all have someday or the other experienced flat tires when heading to meet a friend, visit a nearby grocery store, or rush to catch an urgent corporate meeting. In most cases, what’s the next thing you do? Put some air in it, try to patch it, or call for a nearby Flat Tire Repair Mechanics in Brampton?

Your decision must completely depend on what you are facing at the moment. For example, the puncture is how large, at what spot it happened, and how quickly you or the driver can spot the damage. It is no doubt, repairing by yourself can save a lot of your money. But, this moment is about the time you can invest to repair or fix the flat tire. Secondly, the safety of you and your people in the car.

There are a few automotive guidelines that allow safe repair of punctures up to 1/4” in diameter. No matter how small the puncture is, if it happens to the tire’s sidewall or shoulder it can be a daunting task to repair by self. Also, if it is larger than 1/4” in diameter, you need an expert to fix this. Long cuts can be a sign that the tire belts are damaged. Thus, responsible for reducing the durability of tires and high chances of accidents.

Nowadays, tires have a different profile, like shorter sidewalls can cause damage if driving under-inflated. Excessive heat generation can break these sidewalls. In this article, we are further going to list common causes of a flat tire.

 Common Causes of a Flat Tire

 Exposure to Sharp Object

One of the most common reasons you would have heard by millions of people. While, driving or on-road, if the tires come in contact with any sharp object, like nails or glass, you may encounter a puncture. There is no permanent solution to this cause, but one can try to drive around debris or in parking lots wherever it is safe.

 Valve Stem Damage or Failure

There is a tiny area on your tires to unscrew and inflate gas known as the valve stem. If due to any reason the driver or mechanic missed out to screw the valve stem or it faced any damage, as a result, you may leak out all the air in the tire, and it will go flat. Dirt-clogged stems can also be another reason for flat tires.

Ripped Tire

A worn tire can be very risky for the drive and its passengers. Whenever you feel that the tires are not in the right state or deeply scuffed or there is uneven wear on the outside areas of the tire, it is best to call for a Flat Tire Repair in Brampton.


Many kids or thieves often practice letting the air out of the tires. However, this can be easily fixed and requires no replacement for the tires. But, it is one of the causes you can get late.

Over-Pumped Tires

Make sure the pump center or the automotive center you visited for maintenance has filled in an appropriate gas in the tires. It is vital that the tire is not over-pumped, or it may blow out. It is necessary that you visit a renowned expert for Tire Repair in Brampton if anything like this happens.

Tire repairs are less expensive, but there are many cases that require replacements. It is better to hire an expert to repair tires as it must be done correctly to protect its nylon and steel cords. Unknown to its functions or areas, you can break the internal cords unknowingly and cause permanent damage. The tire repair experts have years of experience, are well aware of the design, inspect the inside/out for structural damage, and can offer a worth repairing for your tire. Make sure to cross-check the review/ratings for the best Tire Repair near you before investing.

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