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Important Features Of The Best Damascus Hunting Knives Collections

The best knives can handle almost any task imaginable. Therefore, knives are important for survival and have a long history of survival. Damascus Hunting Knives Collections are widely featured in shows like The Walking Dead, but when it comes to survival, simplicity is better. It is the well-designed, highly functional knives that matter. They not only protect you from human and animal threats, but also serve as survival tools for building fires, shelters, hunting, trekking, hammering and cooking.

The size of a Damascus Hunting Knives Collections

  1. When it comes to knives, bigger is not always better. 
  2. A small knife can be used for small tasks like cooking or cutting out weapons, while a large knife is too bulky for such tasks.
  3. But if the knife is too small, it cannot perform large tasks such as cutting wood and making fire.
  4. Therefore, the best balance is a blade of 5 inches, a handle of 5 inches and a length of about 10 inches.

The Difference Between Fixed and Foldable Blades

While folding knives are easier to store and less likely to cause accidents, fixed knives provide easier access to weapons and tools when an emergency arises and you need to act quickly. Folding system also prevents situations where a joint breaks or becomes stuck (which can happen from cutting or prying with blunt force).

Survival Situations, a Fixed Blade is the Best Option

  1. Make sure the blade and handle are made of one piece of metal.
  2. It is often referred to as a “full tang”, which simply means that the handle and blade are made from one continuous piece of metal. 
  3. It is also considered to be the strongest knife on the planet, making it the perfect survival knife.
  4. Half tang, rat tail pliers and pusher knives can break if subjected to too much pressure or use, while full tang blades can take more abuse in the long run. 
  5. When using partial tangs, there is a danger of the blade coming off the handle, rendering it ineffective.
  6. A full-bladed knife can be uncomfortable, so it’s best to wrap a cord around it. 
  7. Wrapping the cord around the knife also makes it easier to hold.
  8. Some full tang knives already have a handle for comfort and grip. You can easily see the blade between the handles themselves. If you’re not sure, ask.

Is the point sharp

The sharpness of the point of a knife can make the difference between life and death. It can be used to break hard food, clean small animals, pinch, pry, repair, hunt, etc. In a survival situation, a round, hooked or angled point is not as useful as a pointed point. With this in mind, you can find the perfect knife for you.


Ultimately, using the above guidelines will help you find a survival knife that is both practical and useful. The best Damascus hunting knife for you won’t look like your neighbor’s, as there are many styles on the market.

Final Words

Different decorations, colors, finishes and handle materials are just some of the choices you can make when buying a knife. Remember, your knife is your primary means of survival, so make sure you buy the right knife and protect it with your life.

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