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How to See the Northern Lights in Alaska

The Northern Lights in Alaska are one of the most mesmeric and hypnotic natural phenomena in the entire world, well-known as the aurora borealis. These twirling waves of colour and light pulsate through the skies in vivacious hues of violet, pink, blue, green and yellow presenting a surreal show for viewers.

This glitzy manifestation in the sky is formed by invigorated constituent part from the sun that reaches a speed of up to 45 million mph as they clang into the Earth’s upper atmosphere. From the time when the planet is sheltered by its magnetic field, the bits are then rechanneled en route to the poles, intermingling with the atmosphere in that progression. It’s this collaboration of energy that generates the fluorescence, forming the aurora borealis.

The best part about northern lights is that it occurs 24×7 a day, 365 days a year, but you need to be at the right place at the right time to witness this beautiful scene preferably in what is well-known as the auroral zone. This place falls within an area that covers a radius of nearly 1,550 miles around the North Pole. The night has to be clear, and it is ideal to view the aurora away from the bright pollution of a city, more likely in a wilderness or dark sky location.

Optimal observing locales for the northern lights consist of destinations in Canada, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden hence you don’t even need to leave the U.S. to the spectator of the demonstration.
Alaska is one of the superlative places on Earth to catch the sight of the aurora borealis. The state is teeming with picturesque termini, nerve-racking excursions and top-notch hotels that offer countless chances to see the northern lights. If this absurd natural sensation is at the top of your bucket list, it’s time to start planning your Alaska adventure. People usually inquire about Ethiopia to London Flight time, well, it takes 8 hours and 15 minutes to fly from Addis Ababa to London, be mindful that there is no direct flight from Ethiopia to London.


Fairbanks, well-known as the Golden Heart of Alaska, takes the weight off your feet at 65 degrees north latitude, marking it an outstanding choice for aurora chasers, particularly first-timers. It’s effortlessly reachable and offers sufficient accommodations, dining, lures and aurora inspecting, including northern lights tours. You can also be outside of Fairbanks within minutes to catch outstanding viewing localities. The city’s holiday business website, Explore Fairbanks, recommends that the best times for grasping the northern lights in this area occur between Aug. 21 and April 21, during the aurora season.

Your chances of seeing the aurora borealis get higher by means of the city sitting where the bustle of the polar lights is strenuous below the ring-shaped zone known as the aurora oval. Native experts say that you would be able to witness the skies light up on clear evenings when the sky is very dark, on an average of four out of five hours of darkness in Fairbanks.


Talkeetna takes a pew around 115 miles north of Anchorage in south-central Alaska, at the base of Denali, the highest elevation peak in North America. With its deep-rooted clapboard buildings, log cabins and roadhouse dating back to 1917, this historic town proposes a lot of open-air winter entertaining away from pursuing the aurora. Main Boulevard is filled with galleries, shops, restaurants and a bar. The individual village, once an anterior mining town, was the muse for the imagined borough of Cicely in the TV show “Northern Exposure.”
If you visit this place in December, do check out the carousing at the month-long Winterfest. This occasion features a hike of fairy lights, a tree lights ritual and the Taste of Talkeetna food fiesta, plus entertaining occasions like the Bachelor Auction and the Wilderness Woman Competition. When it’s time to hunt for the lights in the sky, local aurora trackers vouch for heading out of the city to Christiansen Lake or past the airport on Beaver Road. If you like better to stay nearby, stare north into the sky toward Denali from Talkeetna Riverfront Park.

Denali National Park

Denali National Park is another top destination to sight the northern lights in Alaska, to say nothing of, one of the top tourist attractions in the United States. The National Park Service states virtually all over the place within the park is free from light fumes, so if the conditions are right means when it is pure and dark ample, you would catch the sight of the aurora borealis for sure, especially when looking in the direction of the northern skyline. On the other hand, when winter rolls around from September or October through April it becomes problematic to access parts of the park, even though it’s open perennial. Bear in mind, that the cottages neighbouring the park are shut from mid-September to mid-May.

If you yet want to en route to the park for aurora seeing, think through residing in the adjoining town of Healy at Aurora Denali Lodge which is situated in excess of 15 miles from the Denali National Park entrance, this possession offers annual lodgings equipped with queen-sized beds, smart TVs and private bathrooms. Charges at the hunting lodge consist of a continental breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free car parks and free of charge hot drinks. What’s more, the property states guests can presume plenty of wildlife sightings, such as bears, moose, lynx, owls and snowshoe hares, just exterior your door.

Coldfoot Camp

Coldfoot Camp is located near the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge above the Arctic Circle in the Brooks Mountain Range. The far-flung boonies terminus is perfect for aurora viewing as it takes a seat unswervingly below the auroral oval. It’s likewise the perfect area for backcountry snowshoeing, biota viewing and dog mushing.

The Inn at Coldfoot Camp deals with rural lodgings located in promos that once housed Alaskan pipeline workers. The rooms consist of two twin beds and a private bathroom. Visitants can eat dinner at the on-spot Trucker’s Café, which offers breakfast and dinner buffets in the summer months and all-day a-la-carte dining in the wintertime. While you’re all set for a cold-filled activity toward the end of the day, sign in to the Frozen Foot Saloon and order an Alaska-brewed beer. If you like camping out and have your own paraphernalia, you can camp at no cost on the property. Coldfoot Camp also hosts a selection of year-round Arctic adventures and excursions, counting a trip to the village of Wiseman for aurora viewing.


This small village of 12-around-the-clock residents is situated in Alaska’s Brooks Range, around 15 miles north of Coldfoot Camp, 60 miles north of the Arctic Circle and 270 miles from Fairbanks. Wiseman is an off-the-grid boondocks advance. The community sits directly under the auroral oval, marking it one of the best places in Alaska to observe the northern lights. You can anticipate seeing the scene in the sky in Wiseman about 250 nights out of 365 a year, particularly concerning late August and mid-April. Wiseman has extra sledge dogs than people, and there are three chattels to pick out from for lodgings for your visit.

Arctic Hive is a first-rate accommodation option in this faraway destination that’s only accessible by walk, jump to the subdivision on top hotels for seeing the lights to know more about its homely cabins, aurora excursions and yoga atelier. Meanwhile, you can drive to bed-and-breakfast Arctic Getaway, which sits between the middle fork of the Koyukuk River and Wiseman Creek, offering three cabins. While here, you can learn what it’s like to homestead in Alaska above the Arctic Circle and enjoy outdoor activities like dog sledge rides across the vast wilderness, cross-country skiing, pack rafting and flightseeing by bush plane. Boreal Lodge (easy to get to by vehicle) offers a number of rental options, fluctuating from lodge rooms to bigger cottages with sitting rooms and kitchens.


Nome is located in western Alaska overviewing the Norton Sound of the Bering Sea; you can say it is the ending point of the Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race above 1,000 miles, 50 years old.
It had been a home of almost 20,000 residents and an average of 1,000 newcomers arriving daily during the peak season of the gold rush in 1899 so it was the reason why it was declared once the most populated city in Alaska. The aurora borealis is an astounding sight, with its vibrant colours, shimmering and pulsating across the night sky, and Nome is one of the ideal places to witness this enchanting scene. You required to venture a mile or two away from the city for the Northern Lights to come into full view in Nome Alaska.

With a small population of fewer than 4,000 residents, It is a quiet place. Make a reservation at Aurora Inn & suites, if you are in town to chase the lights, a 52-room hotel with soothing views of the Bering Sea. Some of the best spots to have sight of northern lights are about a mile outside of Nome. You can make your way to Nome to behold this lifetime experience. Plan your trip for mid-March to participate in the festivities around town nearby the end of the Iditarod.


Utqiagvik is the northernmost city in the U.S, inhabited on the banks of the Arctic Ocean.
The town was previously know as Barrow, later changed its name in 2016 to Utiqaqvik-the traditional Inupiaq name. This place is only accessible by plane, and Alaska Airlines offer services from both Fairbanks and Anchorage. The hotel named “the Top of the World Hotel” provides the best accommodations; this place was name for its location. The property’s comfy rooms showcase the views of the Arctic Ocean, for a tempting dine-in option you can check in the on-site restaurant “Nihhivikput” (means Our Place to Eat) and enjoy traditional local dishes like reindeer soup. Although this place is one the best places to catch Northern light- and you are there for aurora hunting, you can enjoy exceptional wildlife-viewing opportunities. You may see breaded seals, foxes, caribou, whales, walruses, polar bears, migratory birds and the great snowy owl on the tundra.

There are many Northern Lights tours in Alaska so if you to experience the aurora borealis by joining a group trip, you are good to go. Alaska avowals a variation of tours to pick out from, managed by professional guides and giving way you stress-free access to various of the state’s distant terminuses, frequently with other activities encompassed. (And be aware of the fact, on any tour or excursion, there’s no way to assure that the aurora will be observable.) Well, you can browse on the internet for some of the best tours you can join to see the northern lights in Alaska.

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