How to Recover Data from Corrupt BKF Files? Perfect Method

Data loss is an unavoidable occurrence, thus we must frequently make a backup of our computer. When data is lost for any reason, a reliable backup file can assist in data restoration. A backup file is, however, susceptible to corruption just like any other computer file. Furthermore, a corrupt BKF file cannot be used to restore any data. We’ll talk about the value of backups, the causes of corruption, and how to access a BKF file in this post. We’ll also learn how to use a professional and manual method to recover data from corrupt BKF files.

Possible Reasons for BKF File Corruption

How to deal with a corrupt BKF file is now the question. But first, let’s investigate the most likely causes of corruption and then discuss how to recover data from corrupt BKF files. Below are a few such examples:

  • Errors in raw data may be detected with the use of a cyclic redundancy check (CRC), a kind of error-detection code. For the CRC to succeed, no data bits may be missing.
  • It’s probable that this might be the cause of corrupt BKF files in certain cases. One’s backup file may be kept on any medium, including internal and external hard drives. It’s possible for the backup to get corrupted if it’s saved to a bad sector, disc, or drive.
  • It’s a widespread problem that affects a wide variety of file formats. The virus is malicious software that may alter your files by erasing or replacing information. No file, not even a backup copy, is safe from viruses.
  • A BKF file might get damaged if you add any illegal stuff to it. Users often don’t pay attention to what they’re putting into the backup file. They risk corrupting the bağcılar escort backup file if they add any incorrect data or a corrupt file.
  • Anything you do poorly has negative effects. Your data is likely to be damaged if you take a backup of it improperly. In the same manner, if you wrongly restore files from backup, the whole backup file may become damaged.
  • Even if you have a backup file, you might lose all of your data if your computer abruptly shuts down for whatever reason. In the event of an unexpected system shutdown during a backup, data damage is possible.

Solution 1: Repair BKF File by Using the Manual Method

  1. To begin, get the file called “NT5backup.cab” from anywhere online. NTBackup.exe, Ntmsapi.dll, and Vssapi.dll are the three components of this .cab file.
  2. In order to proceed, choose “Run as Administrator” from the context menu after right-clicking the NTBackup.exe file.
  3. Eventually, you’ll get a message.
    If you’re ready to use the Backup or Restore Wizard, choose OK.
  4. Just tap the Next button to go on.
  5. Elect one option now and proceed accordingly. Choose to restore your data and preferences.
    To proceed, please click Next.
  6. Select the backup file to restore by clicking the Browse button.
  7. Now on the left pane, expand the backup file and choose the files and folders you need to restore.
    To proceed, please click Next.
  8. To complete this procedure, choose the Advanced tab and enter any extra restoration preferences.
  9. Choose “Alternate location” from the “Restore files to” drop-down menu.
    To set the destination folder, use the Browse… option. Please proceed by selecting Next.
  10. Select the means via which you want to recover previously saved data.
    Click Next to proceed after selecting “Leave current files (Recommended)”.
  11. You may now choose to restore either the system’s security or its specialised data.
    Please proceed by selecting Next.
  12. Finally, you may click Finish to begin the repair.

Solution 2: Recover Data from Corrupt BKF Files by Using Professional Solution

If you’re still unable to recover data from backup, this indicates that there is substantial damage and that no manual fix is possible. In this case, you’ll need a specialised 4n6 BKF Recovery Tool to recover data from corrupt BKF files. If a backup is corrupt, restoring files from it is almost impossible. However, if you use this clever recovery technique, the impossibility becomes attainable. Additionally, to being 100% certain to recover your data in its original format, it can repair BKF files. There are several exceptional capabilities in this BKF Recovery utility that you won’t find in other tools.

Note: If you want to know more about this professional solution and how to use this software then click on this link Restore Data from Inaccessible Windows BKF Files and fix this Backup File Contains Unrecognized Data and Cannot be Used error

Guidance on How to Use This Professional Software

  1. Download this professional software to the official 4n6 websites and then install it.
  2. After that, click on the Open tab and then browse the bkf files on the software panel
  3. Thereafter, click on the Action button, then select the Extract button
  4. Finally, choose the desired location and then hit the save tab
    recover data from corrupt BKF files


The post went through the value of backup and its main flaw. It also outlined the most typical causes of backup file corruption. Anytime a BKF file is corrupted, nothing can be recovered from it. To recover data from corrupt BKF files, you must first fix it. We’ve learned how to achieve it in this essay. Since BKF files cannot be repaired, you must use a specialized BKF Recovery program to extract your data from them.

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