How to plan the perfect wedding proposal to make her say “YES!!!”

perfect wedding proposal

With the romantic winter winds comes the season of love each year. December tops the list of best months to plan a perfect wedding proposal for many couples – And no wonder it’s the most romantic month of the year! 

With the cozy weather settling in, you know it’s time to sweep your significant other off their feet.

If you’re wondering how to ensure you get that “Yes!” from your partner, keep reading.. This blog will discuss preparing the perfect proposal to pop the big question!

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Why are proposals important?

Have you ever wondered why people go haywire while preparing proposals? – Here is why.

Proposals are the most crucial romantic gesture and milestone of any relationship. How you decide to ask someone to marry you makes a lot of difference in their reaction. You might have a strong relationship, but a proposal is an excellent way of showing this to your partner.

Your partner may not be the type to want a planned proposal. Maybe they are the type to say yes, even if you propose on a lazy evening in the warmth of your blanket. On the contrary, an unexpected ask might strengthen your relationship a whole lot more!

How to know if it’s the right time to pop the question?

Mostly, whenever you feel it in your gut is the right time to do it. But sometimes, gut feelings are confusing. So, how do you know when it’s the right time?

You listen, observe, and understand.. Listen to their wishes, and whether they include you each time they talk about their future.

Observe their behavior towards your friends and family. When someone wants to make you a part of their life, they usually take extra care of people who are important to you. 

Lastly, understand the difference between intent and attention. If one ‘intends’ to make a relationship last, one will come up with many ways to express it. Intentions are often permanent. Attention, on the other hand, is temporary.

Once you are confident that they look forward to spending their life with you, you can buy that ring!

Here are 7 tips for planning the perfect wedding proposal

1. Make sure you both want it

Before jumping the gun, understand if you want the same things. Having a proper discussion is essential. It’s best to ensure your goals are aligned before taking the next step.

Take time to know whether they want marriage, if they want kids, or if you mutually decide not to have any. Another marker is if your careers are compatible, and so on. These discussions are highly sentimental, and we understand that you should avoid these questions. 

But it’s always better to be prepared than blindsided. And who knows, this might even bring you closer. After all, they say that love conquers all.

2. Chat with close friends and family

Once ready for this, talk with the people closest to your partner. Some people throw traditions out of the window and pop the question directly. Others might appreciate it if you take blessings from family and friends first.

Conversation with their family will give you a better understanding of where your partner stands. It will also help you understand whether they are on the same page as you.

3. Focus on the bling 

Now it’s time for the fun part – The ring!

This is the most crucial step of it all. To start, you can shortlist a few designs and styles that best suit your partner. Once you have your eye set on a type, it becomes easier to choose the ring.

East-west emerald cut eternity bands, and pear-shaped diamonds are ruling the market these days. And no need to worry; we have picked these three pieces only for you! 

Marquise Halo 18k Gold Diamond Ring: This marquise halo diamond ring is just perfect for adventure-loving, free-spirited brides-to-be. With the subtle rounded finish of the side stones and an enormous, multifaceted, boat-shaped center stone, this ring beams in the festive spirit.

Seeing the sparkle in her eyes when you get down on your knee with this ring will make you forget the world exists. 

Pear Shape Halfway Eternity Band: When Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly announced their engagement, everyone was left speechless after seeing the ring! The beautiful ring features two majestic pear-shaped diamonds. And guess what?! – We lo-o-ove it!

Pear-shaped diamonds have ruled the engagement ring market in 2022. This pear shaped eternity band will leave you amazed with its dazzle, and indeed sweep her off her feet with its captivating beauty. This spectacular ring is made from 18k gold and is available in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. 

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: The ring features a square cut center stone, an ideal match for all those ‘edgy’ brides to be out there. Get it?!

Emerald-cut diamond rings are definitely a hit this season. This unique cut adds unmatchable glory and elegance to your fiance’s hand. The blinding shine of this center stone will leave everyone stunned.

A couple full of sparks like yours deserves bling on their big day. So get your hands on this one before it goes out of stock!

4. Pick a special spot

An engagement is a highly sentimental milestone for any couple. Choosing a spot that holds a deep emotional connection will only make it more memorable. We are not saying that your boo may complain if you decide to fly her to Venice… that sounds lovely as well.

A sentimental spot will add depth and meaning to the whole setting. After all, it’s not a good proposal if it doesn’t make her tear up just a tad bit.

5. Word it out

Writing down your speech will make it easier for you to speak your heart out. The pressure at that moment will be enormous, and awkward silence is the last thing you want. So pen it all down before you spit it all out.

6. Create distractions

Here’s what you can do. – Get their friends involved. Get their friends or cousins to take them out on a shopping spree or all set to go out for a fancy dinner, and use it as misdirection. 

This will give your boo a chance to dress up and prepare for the proposal. Trust me, you do not want her to show up in her pajamas while you are in a tux.

7. Hire a photographer 

Plan your budget and invest in a photographer. So many proposals go uncaptured because no one is available to take pictures. Even though it’s an intimate moment and all about you two, it doesn’t hurt to look at beautiful pictures later.

You will only earn extra brownie points by doing so. 


Finally, the whole point of planning a proposal is to show how much your partner matters to you. So throughout the process, ensure your behavior proves your words. 

To keep the stress to a minimum, confide in your close friends and family. Ask for help where you need it. And focus on your and your partner’s comfort over anything else.

Follow these steps, and she will surely reply with a big YES! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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