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How to manage a rental property

Rental property

Rental property is a good investment because investors feel it offers huge rewards with low risk. People looking to purchase rental property have many options because it comes in all sizes and shapes, like single houses, apartments, condos, townhouses, and shopping centers. Owning a rental property may sound easy, but managing it is challenging. Rental property management is generally done by property managers who take responsibility for maintenance, security, and repairs. Property owners delegate tasks to the managers; they take care of the property and generate income. Property owners pay a fee to the managers or give them a percentage of rent.

Reasons for owning a rental property

A rental property is a passive income source. Property owners get recurring income, which is additional financial security for the future. Sometimes, people move to another location leaving behind their house. They may not want to sell it, and a vacant home is open to vandalism and squatters. The house may get damaged without any maintenance. Renting the house provides a way to keep the house in good condition. Renting also allows people to hold on to their property and sell it when the price appreciates or at the right time.

Why do people hire property managers?

People who own multiple rental properties find it challenging to manage everything by themselves. They need a property manager for managing the property. Some people may only be interested in owning a rental property and earning money from it. Property managers help them to manage the property.

Tasks that property managers do

  • Screening potential tenants
  • Drafting the lease and renewing it on behalf of the owners
  • Collecting the rent from the tenants
  • Maintaining the property
  • Arranging for repairs
  • Set up a budget for property maintenance

How do property managers keep tenants happy?

Address concerns quickly

The most significant task of the property managers is keeping the tenants happy. All their issues need to be addressed immediately, and the best solutions are given. Tenants must trust that their problems will be solved quickly by the managers. Satisfied tenants prefer to stay in the same place for many years.

Be friendly

Property managers may want to keep the relationship professional with the tenants. However, being friendly with the client and getting to know them strengthens the relationship. They may want to stay in the place for a longer time because they find the managers friendly.

Communicate often

Property managers should always keep the tenants in the loop. All information regarding the house needs to be shared with them soon to prevent inconveniences to the tenants. When managers are friendly and responsive, the tenants are happy and do not look for another place.

Features of rental property


The neighborhood of the rental property plays an essential role in determining the type of tenants it attracts. Students prefer to live near their university, and families would look for safe and peaceful localities.

Property taxes

Property taxes vary from place to place. Nobody likes to spend too much on taxes. A great neighborhood may have high property tax, but it will attract long-term tenants.


Families keep looking for homes that are closer to schools. If there are no good schools nearby, it affects the value of the rental property. Houses with a school in the neighborhood have a higher value and are a good investment.


Nobody wants to live in a place with a record of criminal activity. Before moving into a new neighborhood, people check for crime statistics. Families prefer to live in areas that are safe without any criminal records.


The rental property will attract more people when parks, gyms, and restaurants are nearby. People want the public amenities to be located closer to their houses.

Rental property management plays an essential role in maintaining the property in the best condition. Property owners need not worry about the issues related to managing a place because the property managers will handle it for them. A well-managed property looks good and attracts more clients.

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