How To Keep Your Home Cool And Comfortable This Summer

It is quite easy to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer season. But it is important to choose eco-friendly ways to keep your home cool and comfortable. Many people want to enjoy the summer season by playing beach crickets, dips in the pool, preparing BBQs in the backyard, and many more.

But some days in the hot sweltering summer season are so harsh that you can’t even imagine stepping out of your house. During hot sunny days, sometimes spending time inside your home becomes very difficult. Therefore, it becomes very important to keep your home comfortable so that you can happily spend your hot summer days. Install the latest technology ducted air conditioning Sydney in your house for maintaining a cool and comfortable ambiance. 

While thinking about different ways to keep your home cool and comfortable, you should make sure these ways do not raise utility bills. Here, in this article, we are going to share some tips and tricks to keep your house cool without increasing utility bills:

Keep Your Blinds Closed

You should keep your blinds closed during the summer days. It will not let the sun’s rays fall inside your home. Blocking sun rays will help in significantly reducing the temperature level inside your home. There are different types of curtains available in the market. It is a good idea to invest in black-out curtains to protect your home from the harsh sun rays of summer.

Block The Heat

Just like blinds, you should think about various other ways to block the sun rays inside the home. By stopping the accumulation of heat, you can easily maintain the right temperature inside the home. For example, you can use the awning windows, large potted plants, and various other things to block the sun rays.

Also, plant some trees in front of your house that can block the sun rays and keep your home. The process of planting and growing trees will take some time. But it is one of the best ways to maintain the optimum ambiance inside the home during the summer. You can plant deciduous trees that can cast shade over the house.

 Just 1 Degree C more

When you turn on the air conditioning system, then it is recommended to set the thermostat between 24 to 27 degrees centigrade. And, you can set it as high as you are comfortable with.  If you set the thermostat 1 degree high during the summer season, then it will help in reducing the running cost of your appliance.

When it comes to replacing the old air conditioner with the new one, you should choose an air conditioner with a high star rating. The five-star rating ensures that it will not consume too much energy.

Also, keep your air conditioning system in good condition by calling the professionals like ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors for regular maintenance.

Seal Gaps

Make sure that doors and windows are properly sealed and there are no gaps. Otherwise, it will become difficult to maintain a cool ambiance. The gaps in the doors will let the hot air enter your home and escape the cool air of air conditioning Sydney.

You should keep the doors closed to prevent the escape of cool air from your house. You can call the professionals to check the insulation of the house.

Hang Out In The Evening

Keeping your window closed and staying inside the home may be a good idea for the summer season. But you should go outside in the evening and take some fresh air. Also, open up doors and windows in the evening time to let the cool air enter your home.

You can also start cooking in the backyard to avoid the accumulation of heat inside the four walls of your house. You will enjoy cooking dinner in the backyard and keep your home cool as well.

Change The Lighting Fixtures

If you are facing a problem in cooling your home, then probably your lighting fixtures are responsible for the same. Replace your old incandescent bulbs with LED lighting fixtures to avoid the accumulation of heat inside the home due to old-style light bulbs.

The incandescent bulbs produce too much heat that also consumes a huge amount of energy. The best way to keep your home cool is by switching the old bulbs with new stylish lighting fixtures. These bulbs will not consume too much energy and provide sufficient illumination. Also, they do not produce unwanted heat inside your home.

Final Words

Do you want to know more about the different ways to keep your home cool during the sweltering summer? Well, you need to think creatively and look out for different ways to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer. Make sure your ideas are eco-friendly and do not lead to harm to your ambiance.

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