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How to improve writing skills for exams

Learn how to improve writing skills for exams with these tips and practices shared by online tutoring platform to help students.

Pay attention to the questions & instructions

Even though we might think this is a no-brainer. I have seen many students lose marks in exams because they did not read the instructions properly. You must understand what the exam asks you to do for it to be successful. It doesn’t matter how smart your answer is. If you answer a question that hasn’t been asked you won’t get any points for it.   

Learn from past exam papers

Make sure you go through the past exam papers so that you can try to memorize them. As a result, you will have a much better understanding of the structure of the exam. As well as knowing the type of questions and instructions you may encounter on the exam. Take a look at our past papers to get a complete understanding of the exam structure. Please ensure that you make use of the past exam papers and historical documents. That can found in the archives of your own institution. Last but not least, in order to have a better chance of passing your test. Talk to your friends who have taken similar tests in the past.

Time management

In addition to being a valuable tip for exams. It is also a very important thing to remember for studying for them. The best way in which to maximize your productivity is to determine how to best utilize your available time. 

For the exam preparation

Make the most of your time wisely throughout the upcoming exams by dividing it smartly between all of them. Consider deciding what subject will require the most of your attention. Save the time that your productivity will benefit from being at its best during the day. If you’re having difficulty staying on track with your study schedule during this exam period. It’s best to create a schedule for yourself.

During the exam

Before you begin furiously scribbling your pen to shreds on the exam paper. Take a moment to glance at the whole thing. The simplest way to guarantee those first points. Start with those topics you are familiar with and feel the most confident about. If you are keeping a close eye on the clock. You’ll be able to determine at what point the allotted time for the first rough draft is up. Where and when you should start forming your final responses. 

Befriend the rough draft

There is a rough draft of the article. It’s kind of like avocados when it comes to rough drafts. People either go for it full force or they try to avoid it at all costs. Those of you who have not yet made friends with the rough draft. I strongly urge you to make such friends. There’s no need to complete the essay in its entirety as a draft if you’re doing an essay test in English, but it may prove helpful to structure the essay in your mind. It would be like putting maple syrup on pancakes if, in an essay, it is well structured. The rough draft can be very helpful for you to write down important formulas or side calculations which are exactly the ones that you were clutching on to with all your mental force while taking the exam.

Don’t skip your lectures

You will reduce the amount of time that you must spend studying considerably if you attend your lectures on a regular basis. Generally speaking, I think that what is covered in a test will correspond to the lecture material that you have encountered during the course of the class. If your Art History professor spends the entire first lecture talking about Braque’s work rather than speaking about other Cubists, you may be wise to pay closer attention to this gentleman more than others.

In order to make sure that you do not miss out on anything, listen to lectures, pay attention to the professor’s remarks, and be assured that this may be the focus of your study sessions.

Write leisurely

Getting back your exam and you realize that you got zero points or that you failed because Professor So-and-So could not read your horrible handwriting, well that will make you feel like you didn’t do your best. It is completely avoidable. Be patient while writing so that you can improve your writing skills. Teachers and professors have a lot to do on top of marking hundreds of thousands of exam papers every semester. Having said that, I completely understand why they are not going to be very lenient if they confront handwriting that is close to impossible to read, not to mention how they might not be able to figure out what you meant to say. 

Re-read it all

Most of the time, it appears that either people re-read their exams ferociously or do not re-read at all, suppressing the possible consequences that may result from this. Rereading your exams is very important, as well as checking your spelling, verifying that you didn’t forget any of the multiple-choice questions, and verifying that you didn’t miss any of the statements. Using this strategy will help you identify mistakes at an early stage in your writing and correct them as soon as possible. 

Fuel up properly

In order to study well and write your exam well, don’t study or go to the exam hall when you are hungry. It is imperative that your brain is adequately fuelled to create anything at all. If you wish to maintain your concentration, for the time being, you should eat slow-releasing carbohydrates. There are plenty of carbs that are satiating, including whole-grain bread, oats, and other grains. Having that coupled with some healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, organic peanut butter, etc, will make you a lot more healthy. You can have your waffles and Coco Pops after the exams.

Try not to panic

It’s a good thing you have some classmates who always have a cool look on their faces because that sort of look can be a sign that they feel panic inside as much as they do of confidence. I cannot recommend enough that you do not get caught up in paranoia as everyone else seems to be experiencing a similar situation. There is anxiety everywhere when students are writing exams, and this becomes worse once they get to finals week. It is normal to feel this way.

Just do your best

What else can be said about this? What more can you do if you made sure that you prepared to the best of your abilities and then gave it your all when taking the exam? It’s impossible to do more than what you’re capable of, homework help save time for preparation? Despite how things turn out, what is important is that you go out there and put every ounce of effort into those exams.

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