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In fact, it has become routine in the purchase journey for the customer to search the internet to compare values, differentials and advantages. This means that your brand needs to have visibility in the web environment to be in the market and have a competitive advantage. SEO helps with this issue.How to do SEO? The 10 most common mistakes when optimizing your website.

But do you know what SEO is and how to do it? SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or Optimization for Search Engines) is the acronym used to talk about page optimization aiming to be highlighted in organic searches. It is one of the digital marketing strategies that helps in the “natural” visibility of your business in search engines like Google, with techniques and mechanisms that aim to improve the positions of a website’s URLs in search results, without the need for additional investment with sponsored links. Lead Generation Tips

It is noteworthy that it is necessary to be careful when developing any SEO action, as, in addition to needing to be relevant, it cannot violate Google’s guidelines. We will address below the most common mistakes made in SEO, which often, even if simple, end up harming an entire digital strategy.

1 – Content without Quality:

Pages with low quality content, not very relevant and without originality do not add any benefit to the user’s search. Let’s agree that there is nothing worse than entering a website looking for information and finding bad, duplicate or irrelevant content, right? Always care about quality. Take the time to produce content that educates or informs your target audience about something that interests them.

Google, for example, always aims for the best user experience. To do this, consider several factors before releasing search results. One of them is the relevance of the content. If I am a retail architecture agency, my website must contain text, images and elements that are related to this theme. Also avoid poorly written texts, with many spelling and concordance errors. Oh, and never copy texts from other sites, even if your page speaks of the same theme. Be original! Searchers recognize copied texts and give preference to “first come”.

2 – Excess or absence of Keywords:

Keywords are the terms people use to do a search in a search engine. Using terms related to your business in your website content is a fundamental step for anyone who wants to know how to do SEO. With the absence of keywords, you will hardly reach good positions on search pages. But be careful! It is not enough to fill the content of a page with keywords and everything is solved. The “robots” of search engines identify an excess of the same terms in the same text. When the same term is repeated several times, the position of your site can be harmed, as it is understood that there is a manipulation of the mechanisms used in searches to increase the view.

Use the many tools available to optimize your keyword strategy and make your content more attractive to the right people. Google Trends, Ubber Suggest and Google Ads’ own keyword planner are great options.

3 – Disregard internal linking:

Creating links that direct your reader to other pages on your site is an excellent way to gain visibility and make your content more relevant. Ignoring this type of SEO action can make you miss many opportunities to get closer to the user. The tip is to use terms relevant to the subject you will address on the redirected page. Just be careful with exaggerations not to be considered a “Web spam”, ok?


4 – Disregard the Responsive Format:

Not having a responsive site can greatly affect the number of hits to your content. Currently, users access the platforms through a variety of devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops. It is very important that your website is visible and easy to navigate to any of them. Google considers user experience to rank organic search results. Having a website optimized for mobile and desktop is a great opportunity to get ahead of your competition.

5 – Having a Slow Website:

Remember that SEO involves content, but it also addresses the technical part of your website. A slow website can hamper the user’s navigation, possibly leaving him due to the bad experience. It is necessary to be very careful at this point, as the search engine algorithm usually gives priority to sites with higher speed. Prefer lightweight image files, HTML text, and practical, responsive layouts.

There is a tool called Page Speed Insights that can help you improve your page. This is a Google tool that allows speed testing of landing pages and sends several suggestions for improvements. Worth a visit!

6 – Not using Tittle Tag and Description Correctly:

The Tittle Tag represents the title of your webpage. The blue title that appears in Google search results, you know? For a good placement in the SEO strategy, this function must be eye-catching and relevant to the content that will be shown after the click. Be creative and think carefully about word composition to attract the user. Being able to use keywords in the title tag is also a great path for SEO.

In search results, the Description is that text that appears right below the Title Tag, which briefly describes what the person will find on that landing page. Write text that calls the user to action in a succinct and pleasant way. Keywords are also welcome here.


7 – Not using the Search Console Correctly:

Search Console is a Google tool that updates you with various reports that help you optimize your website’s SEO. These are information such as CTR rate, position in searches with certain keywords, error page reports, etc. It’s worth using.

8 – Misuse of images:

Using images is very important to enrich your content. In addition to making the text more attractive, the use of correct images can help in the user’s understanding.

A tip: Don’t forget to fill in the alt text so that search engines understand what your image wants to show and help your page’s visibility. Alt Text is used to describe images, graphics, among others, in your website code, although it is not visible on your page, it helps to explain the context of your content.


9 – Use complicated URLs:

Here is one of the most common mistakes in SEO strategies. Many URLs contain codes or numbers that make it unclear what the landing page is about. This also harms the site’s position in search engines.

URLs need to be well structured, objective and with relevant words. Thus, the ranking engines will be able to understand the content and your page will be ranked well in searches. Avoid long URLs. Tips to Disavow Links

10 – Disparaging Local SEO:

Last but not least, we’ll talk about local SEO. If you manage a restaurant, hairdressing salon, for example, it is very interesting that you attract customers from your region. This modality serves this purpose and, therefore, should not be ignored. When used well, it can provide greater visibility for your brand and new business opportunities. A tip is that, if you haven’t already, create a bookmark in Google My Business. This makes it much simpler to attract an audience close to you. If you want to better understand this Google tool, click here and read our article on the topic.

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