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How do I Open an EML File in Outlook for Mac?

Open an EML File in Outlook for Mac by using EML Converter for Mac Solution

Are you nowadays busy searching a method for how to open EML file in Outlook on Mac? If yes, then simply continue with the article providing an appropriate guidance and advance EML Converter for Mac Tool to open EML file in Outlook for Mac easily.

EML is a plain text file format that users can save easily on their device. When a user receives this file type, it become important for them to understand how to properly open EML file. It is a file extension that many email clients use to save single email file of a user account. For e.g. if a user open email in a Gmail account and tries to download it, then the file will be downloaded with .eml extension. Not only Gmail, the file is also supported by Apple Mail, Airmail, Polymail, Thunderbird and many more. But, it does not support Outlook for Mac.

If Outlook for Mac user wants to open an EML file in the application, then an error will surely occur. Because Mac Outlook does not support EML format. It only allow OLM file to be imported and viewed. But, the question is how to open an EML file in Outlook for Mac.

How to Open an EML File in Outlook for Mac?

EML Converter for Mac is all-in-one application that allow users to directly export EML file in Outlook Mac and help users to open an EML file in Outlook on Mac easily. The software has a simple three step procedure and equipped with a friendly GUI. However, technical and novice users can use the application effortlessly and perform the entire process in seconds.

The in-built features in the application allow users to transfer EML file in Outlook for Mac as per requirements. It is a direct procedure that comes with a trial edition and help users to test the process for free.

Steps to Open EML File in Outlook for Mac

Step 1. Run Mac EML to OLM Converter Tool on macOS.

Step 2. Load EML files on the software with the help of Add Files and Add Folder button. Click Next.


Step 3. EML files list will quickly appear on the application pane. Each will be displayed with a checkbox so that users can export selective EML files in Outlook for Mac. Click Next.


Step 4. Choose IMAP Server option by going to Select Saving Option.


Step 5. Enter Outlook for Mac details with IMAP host and port number and click on Export button.

Step 6. EML to Outlook for Mac Live Process will run straightaway and shows the process status that users can track through Live Conversion screen as shown-


The entire conversion will take just 2-3 minutes to complete and will confirm through a message that will show “Conversion Completed”. Now click the OK button and close the message.

What Benefits we can Expect from Mac EML Converter?

There are several benefits of choosing Mac EML Converter and some of them are as discussed:

Batch EML File to Outlook for Mac Conversion

The software possesses Add Folder button that allow users to batch export EML files to Outlook for Mac at once. Users can simply put all the necessary files in a single folder and upload the same with the help of Add Folder button. Tool will read all the files and transfer them to Outlook for Mac in a single time.

Direct Migration will Save Users Time & Efforts

The application includes a direct migration feature. It offers IMAP Server as a saving option which users can choose and export EML files directly. The option will only ask to enter the Outlook for Mac credentials with IMAP Host and Port Number. Once the details are authorised, tool will start the direct migration instantly.

Utilize Dual Options i.e. Add Files and Add Folder

The solution is programmed with dual options i.e. Add Files and Add Folder. With the help of Add Files option, users will be able to add required EML files to the software. And by using the Add Folder button, users will be able to load the entire EML file folder on the application for batch conversion.

EML Data Integrity will be maintained during Process

The software has the ability to perform the migration of EML files to Outlook for Mac smoothly. So, it does not matter if you are exporting a few files or the complete folder, the tool will make sure that the data integrity such as hyperlinks, videos, images, header, etc. remains 100% accurate.

Provides Simple Interface with Three Step Procedure

The application is equipped with a simple GUI and a three-step procedure. Technical and novice users can understand the software process clearly and are able to open EML file in Outlook for Mac without effort. Eve, three operational steps will save users time and help users gain the precise result in less time.

Export EML Files to Outlook for Mac on all Mac OS

With the help of the application, users can export EML files to Outlook for Mac on all the earlier and latest macOS versions. The application is easily manageable on macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, High Sierra, etc.


The blog has provided a secure and safest solution to open EML files in Outlook for Mac email clients directly. The EML to PST Converter has a smart and smooth working GUI with powerful features. Users can download the trial edition first and check the operational steps and advanced options of the tool. It allows exporting 25 EML files to Outlook for Mac for free.

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