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How animated videos can be NFT?

Introduction to 3D Animation Nft

3D Animation Nft
3D Animation Nft

NFT or Non-fungible token is a really big thing now and almost everyone knows about it, especially those who know about or deal with cryptocurrencies. It actually means something that is very valuable and unique, and it cannot be exchanged with anything. In the same way when we make an animated video or explainer video animation, then an NFT can be created for the animation video that you have made. The Incredimate 3d animation studio can help you with every service related to 3D Animation Nft.

How does it work?

NFT is not a single thing or object, it is actually a part of a chain Ethereum, a cryptocurrency just like the famous bitcoin. Ethereum is not just a cryptocurrency, it also offers a platform for traders to trade seamlessly.

When spoken frankly, owning an NFT is like owning a real object that is not in physical form and in digital form. You are buying an object but not in a physical form, instead, you get a digital object equal to it. Just like a physical object, you get every right of the object with proper rules and regulations of the ownership.

In simple words, if the Incredimate animation studios make a 3d animation video or 2d animation video about NFT and decide to sell it as an original NFT and you are the one to buy it, then you will be the sole owner of the NFT with all the exclusive rights of the object digitally. FT.

How exactly can an animated video be NFT?

NFTs are a huge chance for designers, artists, and basically, anybody who wants to show their creativity in the digital space. Moreover, NFTs have now become a source of revenue as the digital forms can be sold over and over again once a single design is ready.

So, for individuals searching for an explainer video company India that specializes in animated videos to create NFTs, Incredimate is a perfect choice. We specialize in 2d and 3d animated videos that are uniquely created according to the client’s vision to create a piece of outstanding digital art. Hence, you can tell your ideas to Incredimate and our talented graphic designers, top 3d animators, and editors will join their hands together to create an animated video that you can use as an NFT.

In our age where everything is a copy of everything else, standing out is tough and with NFTs, if you are wanting to make a revenue out of it, it should be unique and stay unique for a long time so that no one can copy it. In other words, the NFT you create should be true to itself. At Incredimate, we boast of highly talented and skilled designers and the best 3d animators who know exactly how to create your design uniquely so as to make it stand out.

Idea Development

Even before the actual process of building an animated video for NFT begins, the idea sparks in the mind. And we are all ears to listen to your brilliant idea that could be built into a high-revenue generating asset for your portfolio. The idea could be anything – a small 3d character animation to start with, an incomplete story, or an environment to start. We can help you complete your idea by consulting with our skilled and experienced creators and animators. The thorough experience in this industry for so many years along with the ideas of the latest 3d animation software, processes, and techniques help us brainstorming an idea that is close to our original vision.

How do we make an animated NFT video?

We choose appropriate software that can build an outstanding NFT. If you have a 2D design already, we can build a 3D design from it. All you need to do is send us the 2D character you want to incorporate in your NFT. Our talented team members turn it into an attractive 3D design that tells a story to your audience. Next, we add color to the 3D character to add life to it just like we do in an explainer video production. Next, we move on to the texturing process in which we use stylish cartoons and elements to bring it to life. However, the difference between us and other studios is that we take notes from you at every step and before choosing every color, element, texture, character to make sure the end result is as close to your vision as possible. Not only this, we also take notes after designing and after every step to modify or edit the creation according to your exact requirements.

NFT team at Incredimate 3d animation company

Our team at Incredimate is an Incredible mate with sound knowledge of both basic software and the latest sophisticated software that turns your dream into reality. We boast highly skilled, professionally trained, and passionate members who utilize the latest industry skills, and software to ensure your design is not lagging behind. Their years of 3D experience in animation and even more rigorous training in fields such as fine arts, NFTs, etc make them the most eligible professionals to take up any project and deliver with the full satisfaction of the client.

In fact, our editors and reviewers are board members that take notes of the exact requirements of the client and minutely observe the creations of our team members at every step and give the best judgment possible. Thus, you can come to us with any animation requirement for your NFT – we can build characters and a real-life within an animated video that talks loads about your story. An abstract art, a real-life place, a fairy-tale environment, anything that you want in your NFT, we are equipped to assist you in every step.  

NFTs that are popular

3D Animation Nft
3D Animation Nft

NFTs have gained the limelight recently for their high revenue-generating potential that represents equally valuable physical or digital objects. For instance, the NBA generates symbolizing images of the most crucial plays in NBA history and then trades them at higher prices. Moreover, they receive a 5% profit from all secondary market transactions which is another way you can earn money as an NFT seller.

CryptoPunks, from Larva Labs, act as tokenized representations of 24-bit avatars in 24×24 dimensions. There are 10,000 CryptoPunks altogether, each being one-of-a-kind and trading at an average cost of $15,000.

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