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Here Are 6 Clever Ways to Manage Your Sweaters and Accessories in Small Closet

Prepare for sweaters season with these clever methods for keeping your knitwear organised.

It doesn’t take long for sweaters to come out of storage once summer ends and pumpkin spice lattes return to cafe menus. And your standard knitwear should be adaptable enough to be worn apple picking or to a holiday party. Having your sweaters neatly stored does more than just make them easier to locate in a hurry; it also helps them last longer.

Folding sweaters before storing them in a drawer or on a shelf is the recommended method. This is because shoulder bumps may form in sweaters when they are hung.

The below sweater storage options are useful whether you have a closet full of sweaters or maybe just few more favourites, whether you like bulky designs or fine cashmere.

metal closet racks for sweaters

Here are four considerations for getting your fall outfit in order

1. How Much Space Do You Have?

You probably came here because you’re trying to get the most out of a limited amount of storage space in your closet. Think about what you can fit in your closet before determining how to arrange its contents.

With just a single shelf unit and a single hanging rod and shelf above it, our closet is hardly spacious. Due to space constraints, we must explore several options for organising our garments.

Determine beforehand where you’ll keep your sweaters. By doing so, you can gauge the available area.

2. How Many Sweaters Do You Have to Store?

There’s a direct correlation between this and the available square footage. There’s also the matter of how many sweaters you’ll need to find a place for.

Even if your closet is on the narrow side, you can still find a way to store all of your sweaters. Clothes that are neatly stored away may free up a surprising amount of room.

3. Think About the Budget You Have

The amount of money you have available is another factor to think about. Your purchasing power is limited by the amount of money you have available.

Amazon, Target, and Walmart all have affordable and long-lasting storage choices.

The Container Store is more pricey but worth it if you need specialised shelving, plastic bins, or anything else stored.

4. Which Supplies, Containers, or Bags Do You Need?

It’s time to establish a strategy for organising your sweaters after you’ve determined how many you have, how much money you have available, and the layout of your closet.

We suggest taking measurements of your storage area before purchasing any baskets, bins, or shelving units.

Once you have a strategy in place, you can go shopping and start clearing clutter.

6 Ideas for Storing Sweaters in Your Wardrobe, Cabinet, and Other Places

1. Use Shelves to Create a Boutique Look

The first impression of any closet, no matter how little, should be a positive one. The clothing is the major attraction, so be sure to properly care for it and showcase some of your favourites. Sweaters may be folded in half lengthwise and then placed flat on open shelves, where they can be easily sorted by either their kind or colour. If you like wearing big sweaters but don’t have the room for them in a drawer, hanging them is one of the finest ways to store them.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t stack clothes more than a foot high on a shelf. This will make it simpler to extract items from the pile and lessen the risk of it tipping over. Inserting shelf dividers in the spaces between the piles is another option for maintaining order.

2. Invest in Drop-Front Boxes

Using boxes to store sweaters has several advantages over just piling them on a shelf. Because they prevent dust from accumulating on their contents, these bags are great for storing high-priced items like cashmere and designer knitwear. Pick a design with a drop front that opens on a hinge so you can quickly slip in and out of your sweaters. Pack your tall closet with many layers of boxes. It’s a great way to keep sweaters neat and out of the way while making the most of your vertical storage space. The fronts of several of the boxes are made of transparent plastic, so you can view the contents without opening them. Arrange the boxes in ascending or descending order of style and colour.

3. Fold into Drawers

Maybe you just don’t have enough shelves to begin with. Make advantage of the space in your drawers as an alternative. Find the deepest drawers in your closet or bedroom dresser. Sweaters, being very cumbersome, need a sizable quantity of storage space, thus a deeper drawer is preferable. When storing sweaters, use the file folding approach. Doing so allows you to view everything at a glance and also conserves room.

4. Tuck Them into a Bench

No more space in your drawers, or difficulty locating what you need Try something different and go for a bench that doubles as a storage unit. A bench, often seen in the bedroom, may also be used to store knitted items. Place one at the foot of your bed or against a wall; it should complement the decor of the room. Fold sweaters vertically instead of horizontally, as you would when storing them in a drawer.

A cedar chest may also be used as a sweater organizer. Moths are often drawn to wool and other natural fibres, but cedar has been shown to keep them away. In order to prevent attracting these pests, however, each time you put clothes inside the chest, it must be entirely clean and dry. To keep sweaters from pilling in cedar, wrap each one in acid-free tissue paper. You may also use a few cedar sachets and a seat made of a different material.

5. Use a Hanging Sweater Cubby

Clothes hangers may be used for a wide range of garments. Sweaters may be neatly stored and take up much less room on the shelf if they are folded horizontally and slipped into the individual cubbies. Although the number of sweaters that may be stored in a given cubby is limited, many of these units have six or more levels. To keep sweaters horizontally while hiding clutter, use a hanging organiser with drawers if you like the file folding approach. If you’re low on closet shelf space but have some spare room on a closet rod, a hanging sweater organiser is a great option.

6. Hang Sweaters Without Damage

You may hang your sweaters in your closet if there is enough space for them. However, care must be taken so that the cloth is not distorted. To begin, fold the sweater in half lengthwise so that the arms meet. Then, insert the hook of a solid suit hanger in the space between the sweater’s sleeves and body. Arrange the sleeves over the torso and lay the garment flat. If you want to make the hanger even more stable, you may tuck the ends into the base. As a last step, hang all of the sweaters in a single section of the closet. This will make it much easier to pick out your favourite.

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