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Happy Employee Means Happy Employer: Android Spy app Usage Trick

The topic of employee monitoring app usage in the working sector is a hot topic. As different people have different opinions about it. Some of them who are on the lower level of the food chain think. Some barbarous tool or technology should be eliminated from the earth.

Others consider it some kind of God’s help as these tools are so much beneficial for them. Well, I have been to both of these stages.

When I was an employee our company told us about the use of an employee monitoring app. Of course, those of us who use the company’s time and resources in a bad manner were more anxious.

They even made us all ready to protest against it as well. Later on, a little workshop about its general perspective and usage made us all at ease.  It was an indeed beneficial addition to our workplace.

Fear of an Employee Monitoring App

Now when I am an employer and on the other end of the chain, I can understand why some employees feel more anxious or insecure about this app. If you are an honest and hardworking employee and are dedicated to your work and company you should not be afraid of this app.

American management association states that nearly all

  • web activities
  • emails
  • cellphone activities

of employees working in 80% of the organizations are being monitored with the help of spy apps.

Ogymogy Android Spy App

Android spy app, Mac monitoring, and windows monitoring software all are different options available for the user. The OgyMogy spy app is the one-stop everyone must try. They offer dozens of features that can work best for employers and employees both in multiple ways. Some of the details are as follows.

Get Acknowledged:

What’s best than the feeling when your boss or employer acknowledges your hard work and appreciates it. Well, indeed it is better than many things.

Though a bonus is more magical some appreciation words can be powerful as well. Some features of the OgyMogy android spy app can help you get acknowledged by your boss.

For example screen monitoring and screenshot, features let the user have direct access to the target employee screen activities. That means you can be checked or watched at any given time by your boss.

In case you are working hard on an assigned project. Investing your tears and sweats no worries it is all being recorded and saved with timestamp information.

Equal Division Of Work Assurance:

Short recordings of screen activities and screenshot means each of the individual employee or team members’ progress is recorded by the spy app. These features eliminate any chance of unfair work distribution among the team members.

You can also be saved from being the burdened guy or girl of the group who does most of the work and gets the least credit as all the information is saved with full credentials and date and time.

Safety and Wellbeing:

In case you are an employee who is responsible for outdoor activities like delivery or driving etc then the android spy app like the OgyMog assure your safety and wellbeing.

Your pinpoint real-time location is saved and notified to the user or in other words your boss. In case of an accident or unforeseen situation, you can be tracked and rescued easily thanks to the GPS location tracking feature of the spy app.

Data Storage Facility:

A spy app for android is full fledge data backup source as all the recordings are saved with timestamp information. So use it as a data backup to keep important work-related files and documents.

Hatefree Environment:

Features like camera bug and mic bug feature can ensure a toxic-free environment as any bully can be tracked and punished.

Using old ways of monitoring is not practical anymore. Instead, you can remotely handle much more than that on an economical budget all thanks to the android spy app the OgyMogy.

Invest smartly in a pocket-friendly budget and wisely monitor your employees and business. A happy employee indeed means a flourishing business and a happy and satisfied employer.


I am a full-time blogger and writer with deep knowledge of spying apps and parental control software. I love to write about the safety of teens in the online world and for employers to protect their businesses from bad employees.
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