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Surely you came this far because you are creating your content strategy through guest post or publications as a guest author, undoubtedly the best strategy to position a web page.

In our blog, we write for entrepreneurs, businessmen, business owners, graphic designers, web designers, and everything related to the world of digital entrepreneurship and online business.

So if you are a lover of these topics and you also like to write, we would love to meet you and read more about your ideas.

How to be a guest author on Relief?

It is very easy to collaborate with us, we have prepared a guide with recommendations so that your articles adapt to the themes that our community seeks, so you can have a real engagement with our audience as well as strengthen your SEO strategy.

1.- Topics and approaches

The most important thing for us is that you contribute original and valuable content, our readers belong to the world of business and entrepreneurship.

We are interested in knowing your perspective and that you communicate your ideas clearly and simply so that our community can quickly identify with the concepts you handle.

We want that at the end of the reading, our followers take away that experience that at some point was useful to you and now you share it with us 

2.- Structure and submission of the first draft

The minimum length that we require is 1500 words, you know, what Google likes, but, we ask you not to fill in to meet this requirement, we prefer publications that are around this figure but with direct content and without detours.

What we request is the writing of your publication in a drive document shared with us (projects@relief.com.mx). We ask that you initially only send us the headlines that you are going to use in your publication, to have an overview of the topic you are going to address.

Having accepted your proposal in our writing department, now you will be able to develop the full text.

3.- Images for your publication

Preferably original images or images that have your license or right, we ask you to share these images in a separate folder.

Complement your publication with more images throughout the publication, this enriches the reading and understanding of the article.

4.- Writing and Spelling for Guest Posting

It is worth commenting on it, but we ask you for excellent spelling, some recommendations that a post with good SEO likes is:

  • Do not use too many words in a single paragraph, try to keep paragraphs not so long, remember that reading in a browser or on your cell phone is very different from reading a newspaper or book.
  • Use Bold for the keywords that you want to position, I recommend using these words in your H1 and H2 titles.
  • Keep a good spelling, we will also give it a revised one so that it comes out to 100.
  • Use friendly language, try to do it as a conversation between friends, leaving aside so much technicality, we want even the most novice to understand the ideas that we launch in our publications.
  • Use Story Telling, tell us a story about how the ideas you put forward in your publication served you, this will make you connect faster with our audience.

5.- Guest Author Biography

We require you to share a brief review about yourself, who you are, how you are placed in the entrepreneurial world, what have been your greatest achievements, and what you would like to make known to our audience, we will place this text in the author box.

6.- Links to your website

Try not to force the words and links, use them naturally so that Google identifies that you want to expand the information of a certain concept, we accept up to 2 follow links, in return we ask you to place 2 links to any of our publications, depending on the topic to board.

These links will be permanent (they will never be removed from our website) so we ask that our links are not removed either.

We require an authority domain greater than or equal to 22 to make the agreement or contact us to reach an agreement, we also have space for guest authors.

Remember to create an account in Gravatar to link your profile image to our publications.

Make marketing as a guest author

2020, the beginning of a new decade for everyone, and without a doubt in recent years we have been creators and participants in many transformations that have changed the way we communicate, transport ourselves and now, even share information

Since the industrial revolution entered our lives, the way of producing and trading has required techniques for companies to publicize their products, advertising, previously, they were pamphlets, brochures, publications in the newspaper.

As the media emerged, we went on to commercials on radio and later on television. 

Now we are in an era where in addition to all of the above, we have social networks, digital magazines, YouTube ads, information capsules; but, we also have blogs.

Blog Posts

This type of publication is a tool that allows companies to provide information to their viewers on issues related to it, they give a business an approach to the doubts that their clients may have or simply to know the interests that their followers have. 

However, not only is it enough to make periodic publications on the company’s own blog, you have to dedicate time to its dissemination; But how do you expand your impact beyond your regular customers? Well, this is where we bring you the idea of ​​the Guest post or, in other words, Guest Author. 

What is Guest Post or Guest Author?

What do we mean by this? To be a contributing author, to provide content for someone else’s blog.

As hot mart blog puts it: “A guest post is a text that someone publishes on a blog as a guest author.

In general, there is an exchange of content between the collaborators – that is, each of them sends a post to be published on the other’s blog. ” (Hotmart) 

Not only are you providing varied and valuable content to your audience, or to the audience of the other blog, but those same followers can begin to follow you, that is, you are expanding your visualization, and this will eventually generate that the google algorithm o of any search engine position your blog higher and thus, more people will have your content in a closer reach. 

And that is just one of the advantages that we find, another would be the links and contacts that your company creates, since, when you create content for another blog, they can establish certain connections so that in the future they may have more posts on the other’s blog. , even link your contact with other blogs that may also be interested in collaborating with you. 

Generate more links, that is to say, that when publishing on other platforms, these platforms leave links that immediately link to yours, which is what is known as link building, this is a very important tool for SEO, since these mechanisms serve to Get a good rank in the search engines. 

Benefits of participating as a Guest Author or Guest Post

  • Greater number of visits to your content
  • Expansion of your brand positioning
  • Generate interesting contacts that generate more content
  • Favor your domain authority
  • Strengthen your Link Building strategy
  • Generate organic traffic that is well seen by Google
  • Maintain a dynamic blog with fresh information
  • Help your audience to solve doubts or real problems
  • You drive the growth of new entrepreneurs with your content

For this reason, when making a guest post you can include some links that lead to your page, but you have to be careful with something, as hot mart mentions again, “it is very important to establish rules with your guest post collaborators so that they are included as “Dofollow”, which will allow them to have value for Google.

Avoid “no-follow” links, those that do not influence the ranking of the landing page. ” (Hotmart). 

Since we know some of its advantages,

How can we be an effective guest post?

These are some recommendations so that your participation as a guest author is of many benefits to you and your audience.

  1. Set the goal of your posts as a guest author
  2. According to Antevenio’s blog, the first thing would be to establish the objective of the publications that we would make as a guest author; that is, what are we looking for with this new content.
  3. Look for new blogs with similar content
  4. The next thing would be to start looking for blogs that may have content similar to yours, you also have to consider if you can adapt your writing style to his since as you would be a guest author there are certain criteria that you must respect, but we will talk about that later. 
  5. Check out the blogging community
  6. Once you find the blog you would be interested in collaborating with, verify the existence of a community in relation to it, what do we mean by this? The number of interactions that its users make about it, that is, if they comment or share it, so you can have an idea of ​​the reactions that your publication would have and if it actually serves you or not to achieve your goal.

Since you know all the benefits and some questions that you have to take into account to exploit this digital marketing tool if you are interested in collaborating with us as a guest author, here are some questions you should know about us: 

Topics of our blog

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital marketing
  • Technology
  • Social networks
  • Advertising tools
  • Finance
  • Digital broadcast
  • Advertising
  • SEO tools
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Websites

Requirements to be a Guest Author

We want original content that shows us new perspectives for the world of entrepreneurship, marketing, and advertising, as well as technological innovations, which provide us with new information and new knowledge, therefore, if you want to collaborate with us, consider that your publication contains the following:

  • Topical and useful article.
  • Well structured and easy to read.
  • Focus on one keyword.
  • Use of real examples.
  • Length of at least 1,500 words.

Send us your idea with a draft to us and tell us a little about your interests and the reason why you want to collaborate with us.

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